Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Remodeling Adventures of a Sissy Girl

 Top 10 Remodeling Headaches for Sissy Girls
1. I lost a knob, heaven knows where.

2. Subway tile was installed too tightly. I, a sissy girl, failed to notice, but the owner of the tile store wasn't happy with his installer's work.

For reference, more grout should show, so it's  not so "bathroomy."

The tile came down, then went back up.
I can't tell that much difference, but Medana (who took this photo for me) says it looks a lot better. The tile is perfectly straight, but the range isn't level. A rep from Ferguson's is coming out tomorrow to fix that.
At the end of a project, the home owner always makes a punch list--things to tweak or fix. But my GC is fixing them when a problem crops up.

3. In the guest bath, if mirrors align over the faucets, the sconces won't line up. If we move the vanity, then the center sconce will be misaligned. We're going with the lesser of two design evils--we're probably going to eliminate the center sconce, depending on the lighting conditions in this space.

These are the sconces I found at Lowes.

4. Stacked stone (faux) was ordered for the rear elevation, with warm-colored stones. This is a photo that my husband found (now he's looking for metal shake roofing).

The wrong stone was delivered and installed--grouted.

My GC was aghast. Warm-toned stones were supposed to be mixed in. My husband lost sleep over this one; he kept waking me up, and each time, he'd say, "Another thing about that stone . . . ."
The stone man took a  picture of the stacked stone in his office, and everyone likes it, so he's putting up a sample.

5. My husband's favorite mirror, the one he hand-picked, arrived shattered. That means 7 years bad luck for someone. 
(And I think it's too small, but DH loves it, so I'm looking for sconces (they can only be 6-inches wide, though). The top light...not sure how that got there, but I can't find an overhead sconce that works with this style.

6. I forgot to buy enough knobs and pulls for the kitchen. But I bought plenty of the wrong knobs.
We had to do some fancy footwork.
Below, the white porcelain knobs looked pretty good.

I had a bail pull, too.

Oh, what was the problem? I couldn't pull the trigger.

I had four antiqued brass bail pulls for a chest that I'm refinishing, and they happened to be in my hardware box. My cabinet maker, Jimmy, went straight for them.

And what to put on the two pull-out spice drawers?  I had two large and two small pulls, but no knobs. Jimmy said I needed to think of practicality, that I didn't want to deal with a knob when I'm busy cooking--a pull would be more convenient. But which size? They are almost the same, really.

I opted for the smaller pull. But it looks strange.

I'm sure I won't notice this later on. Right now, I'm suffering from 
Decision Overload
and I have lost perspective.

Top pull opens a cutting board, and it has a hole in the center that is directly over the trash can. The bottom pull opens the trash drawer. I will love having pulls for these much-used drawers. (Note: I bought these pulls for the Georgian's kitchen, then decided the space needed ORB. Back then, I had the decorating heebie-jeebies, too.)

We didn't have enough hardware, so we figured it out as best we could. 

The cupboard had the potential for hardware overload, so we put our heads together and worked out a configuration.

I had forgotten to order knobs for the laundry room, but I had a billion white and brass pumpkin knobs. On they went! (I bought most of these knobs 3 years ago for the Georgian, and I hoarded them.)

Little bloopers seem so large at this stage. But they are easily fixed.

7. Finding a gutter color that worked with the shake and stone wasn't easy. First, I looked at
a faux copper gutter sample. My GC hated it. The faux copper is on the rooftops of several businesses, and it really does look orange. Which is great if you are a UT Vols fan (I am), and this is Big Orange Country for sure.

Next, we looked at bronze-toned gutters. They were purple, gray, black, blue black, and tan. Nothing really worked with the shake, painted brick, copper accents, stone, and white trim.

The sub who installed our shake found another faux copper gutter. He brought a K-style to show me the color, but it is available in half rounds--and it even has those cute, decorative "rain" collection boxes. The plus side: they cost the same as the other gutters. Downside: they are backordered and won't arrive for 3 weeks.

Top: Royal "Copper"
Middle: "Cocoa"
Bottom: "Bronze"

It looked good with the soon-to-be-painted brick (we chose the bottom color).
My GC's loyal sub searched until he found a copper-like gutter that worked with the paint and shake.

And it looked good with the shake. Me, I like a gutter to just blend in on a shake house.
This one is beyond perfect.

8. Ripped carpet in the dish room meant I had to go to the flooring store and
make another freaking decision!

First, I looked at commercial carpet samples.

Then I looked at linoleum.

Back to the carpet.

Light colored carpeting was the obvious choice, but in my family, it soon becomes a thing of horror.

Wait, let's walk on the wild side.

 Oh, this would be fun.
But it's out of my budget for this space.  But later on, I'd love a leopard rug in my closet.

I decided on a dark patterned commercial carpet, but I think it'll be perfect, especially with the white walls and black-painted doors. 

Here's how the sample looks on the cut-up carpet in the dish room.The dark carpet will abut brown wood tile, and who cares. Argh.
It's going to be fine, just fine.

9. The cabinet for Tyler's bath looks like an oddling. It's too big and bulky. Maybe art will help tone down the Five-Head look.

10. Carefully considered paint choices turned out to be wronger than wrong.

But fixed in a jiffy!

I'm off to paint sconces, then I will drink a daiquiri.

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  1. WOW! So many decisions! Your head must be reeling at this point. It reminds me when we first moved into our new home. Everything was monumental - today I don't even notice all the things that once drove me crazy. Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Yes, I have a headache just thinking about all these decisions. I don't envy you having to make all these selections and decisions, but you certainly are going to have a beautiful new home. Kudos to you for all this decision making, ML!

  3. Hi Michael Lee! Oh, honey, my tiny head is spinning! So many decisions but looks like you're getting there. Your home will be so beautiful. Look at that stove! Look at that special fridge! Look at your dish room! Your bathroom! Gorgeousness just abounds! Sit down and take it easy now.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I could see how you definitely have decision fatigue! While it seems like you are focusing on the things that have gone wrong, don't forget to look at things that have gone right. Your new kitchen is looking fabulous - I have been eyeing that same fridge for my future house some day, reviews will be needed! That new hutch looks fantastic, the outside of the house is looking refreshed and renewed, the bathroom looks so nice. Y'all need a break, go have a nice get away weekend!

  5. You are a much stronger person than I am - I would have thrown up my hands before now. :-D
    Your new home is gong to be beautiful!!

  6. WOW, I got a headache reading all the problems you are having. But, everything is looking great. Have a drink, put feet up and relax.

  7. The final finishing details seem endless don't they. It is all looking so pretty

  8. It's going to be so beautiful! We've only built a house once and I remember how stressful it was. I'm hoping as things come together you can enjoy the process a little more. Again- it's going to be SO beautiful!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  9. Aye,yi, head is spinning and I'm not having to make any decisions!! You sure need that daiquiri, Michael Lee! Just think, before too long, it'll all be finished!!

  10. Yep, remodeling isn't for sissies! Keep calm and carry on :)

  11. You are amazing, Michael Lee! I would never have the patience to make new home décor choices like this!

  12. You deserve a drink! I think I need one after reading all of this lol

    Hang in there!


    1. I never got that daiquiri. :-) I'm still painting. Slow as molasses!

  13. Bless your heart! And I mean that with all sincerity. That daiquiri...take a break and have one! Ha! Sad to say...but I have been where you are. We have built three houses...and it seems that things just go nutty after the 4th turn in the racetrack. At some point one just makes decisions to get it done! I agree building/remodeling isn't for sissies. And you are not one! You go the slogan that comes to mind. Remember...warm fragrant bath with cool icy beverage!
    All will be gorgeous in the end...and only you with see any quirks. It makes a great story of survival! Hugs...Sheila E

  14. Bless your heart! And I mean that with all sincerity. That daiquiri...take a break and have one! Ha! Sad to say...but I have been where you are. We have built three houses...and it seems that things just go nutty after the 4th turn in the racetrack. At some point one just makes decisions to get it done! I agree building/remodeling isn't for sissies. And you are not one! You go the slogan that comes to mind. Remember...warm fragrant bath with cool icy beverage!
    All will be gorgeous in the end...and only you with see any quirks. It makes a great story of survival! Hugs...Sheila E

  15. Heavens, I'm tired from all that decision-making. I think that would give me nightmares! I have never moved anywhere yet that knobs and things were LINED UP the way they're supposed to be! And it's a real pet peeve of mine.

  16. OMG! You have a dish room. I am so jealous. I have 4 china cabinets and I need more room. I am glad you mentioned the Georgian. I thought there was one in your life and wondered what I had missed when I saw that you were in the ranch. Must be a story I missed. I was out of the loop for quite some time. It was a beauty too.

    Be careful of the wood grain linoleum. I had it put in downstairs when I had a pipe break and had to replace the carpet. I have to put little coasters under all the feet of my tables, chairs cabinets, settees etc. Everything puts holes in the linoleum it is maddening.


  17. Oh my, reading this reminds me of our remodel frustrations...I am so thankful and so very glad it's over!!! Keep your eye on the prize, it will be so worth it!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  18. After reading this I have a headache and I am not even the one making the decisions!

  19. I must say that all of the things you have been dealing with, you have definitely maintained your sense of humor. I can only imagine how difficult it is to make so many decisions and then on top of that deal with the mishaps...I have to commend you and say that you are not a "Sissy" as sissies would run!!....and you have not. I am so loving your home and its progress....

  20. You are far from a sissy to have accomplished this major remodeling project, I agree with Shirley. Thank goodness you've maintained a sense of humor through this. Honestly it's the only way to get through most of life's difficulties anyway. Remember, this was a huge project for you. It reminds me of a house we built for us in the islands in another country. When we flew over I didn't recognize it from the air - the house I saw had a brown roof. I said to my husband it looks like someone else has built a house right near us with a brown roof. Turns out it was our house, but with the wrong roof. We asked our builder what happened and I will never forget what he said - "it surprised me too." It surprised you? Where were you when the roof was being installed. Probably not there or sleeping under a tree. There were many, many other details that were wrong too. In the islands things move slowly and everything is almost twice as expensive as it is in the States, so not much of what was wrong got fixed. Amazingly we got used to it and had fun telling the story of the brown roof. You are fortunate your contractor is competent and can fix things and you have a great assistant at your side. Hang in there, change what needs to be changed and before you know it, it will be over.

  21. I feel your anguish; we are renovating 4 rooms. Haven't seen our GC for 4 days. but he has been so good. They are waiting for new cabinet doors for closets upstairs. That's the last major thing. Almost finished! CAN"T WAIT! Go VOLS! Can't help it. I am one of 1000's alumni.

  22. Looking on the bright side of things Michael Lee, at least the tiled wall and the hardwood floor is straight and its only your stove .... :) ... unlike when doing window coverings for my daughter's first home many years ago; when in her not so old Town Home the floor's grade was about six inches out in the Master Bedroom. (Application of a false hem on one panel solved the problem.) That said, I think you have made terrific progress and speaking namely for myself (an old girl) I am learning through your experience. Who says, you can't teach an old dog new tricks .... ;) . -Brenda-

    1. P.S: Re a 4" to 6" sconce. Have you tried Circa Lighting? There is one there that is called the Bryant which may be the right size and what you are looking for. (i.e: Comes in four finishes one being: Hand rubbed Antique Brass. Ht. 14 1/4" Width 5 1/2" Back Plate 4" Round etc.) -Brenda-

    2. Oh, Brenda, it's perfect! Thank you so much!

    3. You are more than welcome Michael Lee and am happy that I was able to assist .... ☺ ☺ ☺. -Brenda-

  23. I feel for you - and will join you with a daiquiri! So many decisions! I have had a few setbacks as well over here. Overall, your house does look like it's coming along and I know it will end up being beautiful! Hang in there! You have great taste and your home will look amazing in no time!
    Cheers! Shelley

  24. How nice it will all be when you get it done though! It is looking so pretty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  25. You just have to keep thinking it will be over looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty