Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Renovation Update

 If you've been following the ranchburger saga, then you know that several projects are going on. I've been dithering over a paint color that matches the cedar shake siding. I came thisclose to choosing BM Plymouth Brown. But first, I needed to see how the color behaved in brighter areas, like the garage. 

It looked like a good choice until we had to match Plymouth Brown to a gutter color. 
Photo: Field shot by Medana and DonDon

Photo: Field shot by Medana and DonDon

While I mulled that over, we had to find a stain for the wood columns on each wing. The painter, Don-Don, took some shake with him to the paint store and returned with the perfect stain. 
Photo: Field shot by Medana H.

It was so much more elegant than any color I'd found.

Photo: Field shot by Medana H.

We couldn't the stain over the painted brick, so Don-Don found a color that matched the stain--Coconut Grove. It's the swatch on the bottom--perfect in all kinds of light. (For reference, Plymouth Brown is on top.) But I wasn't finished with color-picking. I had to choose a finish for the gutters. Below, Medana modeled the colors for us--Cocoa on the bottom was one choice. 

My friend Allison pointed out that white gutters would create too many white lines on the shake.
With all of the elements going on--shake, crisp white trim, painted brick, black wrought iron fences/gates/balcony, stone, copper--everyone thought it was wise to see a larger sample. On Monday, my GC will bring three whole gutters to try: Royal Brown (brown/bronze/purple) and Cocoa (light tan). . . 

and a faux copper gutter.

It was time to move to the next project--the guest bath. I'd bought two black lacquered mirrors:

I found black-lacquered sconces that were perfect--matchy but not too formal. Unfortunately, they were too big for the space; Don-Don held them up in the hall (an area that needed sconces, anyway). Everyone liked them. (But where in the world did I store the shades? :-))

Now I'm hunting for bathroom sconces, and it's a challenge because they can't be wider than 9-inches.

Then it was time to think about interior paint for the "man cave." The walls were a deep green-gray. This room (the whole house, actually) was styled by a Nashville designer in 2007. The room had been difficult to pull together, thanks to the long, bowling alley effect, the low walls/high ceiling, and different light exposures, thanks to many windows, including skylights. I have absolutely NO idea what I'll do with this space, except to try and divide it into zones, using rugs and floating sofas/furniture to define each "zone."
Note: The pool table and the bar came with the house, which sent my DH over the moon. The draperies sent me over the moon. I tried to buy the lovely bar stools, as they coordinated with the draperies, but I never got an answer, and they vanished before closing. 
Note to Zap, my decorator/Yorkshire Terrier: please look for bar stools.

I tested colors for months and months, mainly because this room wasn't at the top of the re-do list, so I had plenty of time to dither.

I had the cutest, four-legged interior designer in the world: Zap.

Finally, I chose SW Moderate White, which was recommended by my friend Allison. It's on the left--a warm white that worked with the draperies and existing trim (which I seriously didn't want to repaint).

The drapery brackets wouldn't be removed, and each drapery panel was labeled, wrapped in plastic, and number-matched to a specific window. The windows got Post-It Notes, too. This will make rehanging the draperies a whole lot easier.

The primer went up today. I'm loving Moderate White. The room feels bright and airy, and the 8 foot walls seem higher. (Below, you can read why I really chose off-white colors for the interior.)
Through the side window, you can glimpse the screened-in porch--it will get a very Southern "Haint Blue" ceiling.

The upstairs hall and bedrooms were elegant and beautifully decorated, but dark.

 A peek at the guest room.
In both spaces, the gorgeous draperies and rods stayed.
The carpet was replaced by hardwood flooring.

Bandy's room was painted White Dove, at his request (he isn't wild about dark colors).
He has the best view in the house from his second-story window.

The view from every window is the main reason that I opted for off-white walls.

I wanted the bucolic Tennessee hills to be the focal point, not a gorgeous paint color. Also, I've wanted white walls forevs, and I always chickened out at the last minute. It was now or never.

The Jack' n Jill bath got a mini-makeover, too. (I'll share that another time.)

The Master Bath is shaping up, too. 
Here's where we began:

We added a white oak floor (it's stained, covered with paper) and crema marfil subway tiles.  It took a while to find a paint color that didn't turn pink with the crema marfil. The very last color that I tried--Pale Almond--worked.

The old tub (my GC is taking it to Habitat for Humanity) was removed, along with the tile platform and step. Beadboard was added to the lower wall. Coming soon: a vintage, free-standing tub.

 Below: My cobbled-together inspiration photo. 

You may also remember that I painted the interior and exterior doors glossy black. In some places the color transformed the hollow-core doors. But not in the bathroom.

Now the doors are a soothing White Dove.

But we kept the black on all of the paneled interior doors. I love how the dark paint added a stately feel. 

I even painted the double doors in the garage! They still have another coat to go.

And, the patio got a few updates.

Shake was installed on the front of the pool house. 
Until now, no one had noticed that the windows were different sizes--a charming quirk. We decided to order window boxes.

On the rear patio, stacked stone is going up on the round sun room.

At first, I had thought to shake the entire rear elevation, but I changed my mind. The wall area is small, and wider shake would look "toothy." Also, it may have been overwhelming. While the rear elevation has a lot of stuff going on, architecturally speaking, stacked stone will add texture, repeat the house's existing stone accents, and break up the ambient brown.

I'll be back with more updates.
Coming Up:
Choosing new carpet for the basement Dish Room, along with a gutter decision, a quick fix for the Motel 6 balcony, outdoor clean-up, and many more details. 

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  1. Everything is moving along beautifully! I've always loved the look of shake, it adds such charm and character. You will have earned a PhD in paint color and design when your renovation is through :) Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  2. Michael Lee, your home is magnificent! Thank you for sharing all the gorgeous photos with us! Wishing you a beautiful, blissful weekend!

  3. I'm blown away with the size of the man cave I've never seen it before- it's like a grand ball room! The room was very handsomely done by the previous owner. The new color will definitely brighten it up. Did the pool table stay? The stain Don-Don found is perfect! I'm not sure what style you're looking for regarding the bathroom sconces but we discovered a high quality brand made here in the U.S. By Framburg Lighting. They offer many finish options and various styles. I'm dropping a link here to the bathroom sconce line- if that link doesn't work just go to also

    1. Oh, I love Framburg. Thanks for the link! The whole house had been decorated by a Nashville designer, and the art and furnishings were gorgeous. The pool table stayed. DH and Bandy were over the moon.

  4. I have to agree, the white paint in the man cave is a big improvement. It's amazing how much it opens up the room. Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Everything Is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it all done. Your choices are perfect.

  6. Woozers! Everything is coming together beautifully! Love your paint colors and your new home will be so grand. Now when you get hubby's man cave together, just for fun, you can push all of the furniture to the walls, roll up the carpets and have a dance hall! :) That's a huge space! :) So glad for you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I call it "the bowling alley." It will take me forever to figure out a plan for that room--you know how that stuff scares me to pieces. LOL

  7. Your home is my dream home! You are a very lucky lady :) Enjoy it all for me,lol ;)

  8. Everything is looking so nice. I know you will be thrilled to wrap it all up and move into your new TN home. I love the stacked stone for the sunroom exterior. I would stack stone on everything if I were left unsupervised. Ha! I liked the darker paint in the man cave. It had a certain moodiness in your pics. But the white does open up the expanses. I know you will have it looking elegant and comfortable in no time!

  9. You are making excellent progress. Looking good!!! I can't wait to see the mast bath all finished. I so want a standing tub. If we stay in our home and add the elevator, there is a possibility we can redo our master bath so I can have my standing tub. Yippee!

    1. We're almost finished with that room, and I should have an update in a week or so.

  10. You are great at renovation! Everything is looking great. I admire your ability to go on with life and accomplish so much with workers and decisions. I just went through a kitchen redo and it was exhausting.

    1. I know you're happy it's in your rear view. . . That reminds me--I've got to gather up the kitchen knobs and figure out what goes where.

  11. In lieu of the shakes, IMHO I feel that you made an excellent choice regarding the stack stone on the Sunroom as it will also accent its architecture and as you said, tie it in with the house. Loooooooking good! -Brenda-
    P.S: Glad that you are keeping the majority of window coverings as from the photos they appear to be luscious. (Yes I am a fabric junkie .... ☺ .... and appreciate quality yard goods.)

    1. You have a keen eye! The draperies were a wonderful bonus. Even the porch has them! You know how slow and gun shy I am about decorating, and when I found out that the house came with draperies, I was thrilled. Now, I only need drapes for the Master (the PO reserved them, a lovely trellis fabric that went with her bedding and furniture). The woven blinds were gorgeous, too, and we're using them, also. Thanks for the positive words. I'm really getting nervous and scared at this point. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't, I guess. :-0

  12. gorgeous house I think I'm moving to Tenn. great design choices.

  13. That stain for the outside wood trim matches the shakes so well, Michael Lee! Oh my, so many decisions!! Aye yi yi! I'm so glad that you painted the bathroom doors the white color...yes, so soothing. Love the black stately doors. I'll bet you're so anxious to get finished and move into your wonderful home!!

  14. Your commitment to every last detail is so impressive Michael Lee, I would have thrown in the towel by now! The man cave is such an incredible space with great light, it is going to offer up a world of decorating possibilities!

  15. Wow! Everything seems to moving at high speed. Pretty soon, all of this will be a distant memory and you'll be sitting on your porch, drinking sweet tea before you know it :)


  16. The Moderate White looks great! I've been out of town and came over to catch up. You'll be moving before you know it.