Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reporting from the Trenches: Ranch Rehab Diary

The dormer saga isn't quite over. . . but you knew that all along, right? :-) The other day, I received an email from my friend Liz, author of the delightful blog Infuse with Liz, and she knew I had a nagging uncertainty about the dormers.

She found photographs of two dormers that were similar to mine, and the moment I saw them (I don't have the image source--trust me, they were gorgeous--and the secret ingredient was more white trim), I knew the dormers had the potential to look better. My GC had wanted to add more white trim from the get-go, and I persuaded him to go with a 2.5"strip on the test dormer. The white trim looked better, for sure, but it needed tweaking. And I was all tweaked out.

I sent Liz's photos to my GC and asked him if he was game to try larger trim. Just a little while ago, I received photos of Practice Dormer #2. (The center dormer hasn't been tinkered with.)

I'd love to hear your opinion.

Bigger trim on the far left.
Thinner trim on the right.
Nothing in the middle--just house wrap.

Medana also sent photos of the rear elevation. 
It started out like this, with tan-painted doors and brown-trimmed windows. 

Now everything looks fresh, crisp, and consistent with BM White Dove. (It doesn't look extra white in person.)

And here's another shot that shows the tan doors.

When the stone is reworked, I'm hoping that we can add a bit more trim around the windows in the sun room.

What's your vote--more trim or less?


  1. Thicker!!! The smaller gets lost, kinda like an over-plunked eyebrow.

  2. Wider white trim looks amazing! That's the answer. I had the same nagging feeling about the dormers with the narrow white trim, but didn't know what the answer was. I've been following this amazing journey you are on. I LOVE what you are doing with your Ranch Home.

  3. This is so much fun! I'm with Teri - thicker trim! I'm loving seeing your home getting all fixed up!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Definitely the one on the left. The wider trim looks much more to scale. Thumbs up!
    Glad the pictures offered some inspiration!

  5. Like the thicker trim - looks so much better. Love how the house is coming along.

  6. Ditto for the wider trim as IMHO they are more in keeping with the sizing of the lower window and door trim plus the vertical batten trim (?) between the dormer window panes themselves. (Note key word is 'trim' .... ☺.) Looooking good! -Brenda-

  7. I'll chime in too. The one on the left with the wider trim stands out more. Good move! Kudos to Liz for finding some inspiration photos. '-)
    Amazing to me to watch this process through your remodel journaling. You've done a fantastic job with every step. I admire the way you test out different looks with trims, paint colors, etc. You've made me realize that we should approach our projects with more experimentation.

  8. Go Liz, love the wide trim, it really ties everything together!

  9. Definitely the thicker trim. The size is appropriate when visually comparing it to the doors and the other trim. I think you have this problem solved........hooray!

  10. Oh, the more and wider, the better...just like inside...the wider the crown molding , the better....same rule, I think.
    What a drop dead gorgeous house....

  11. Definitely more. Looks much better.

  12. One of the left with more trim. Makes the dormers pop!

  13. Definitely the more and wider the better.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  14. More. Ties in better with the house trim.

  15. Chunkier trim looks awesome!

  16. More trim/heavier trim makes it work! sheila

  17. Without a doubt - MORE TRIM!!! Love everything you have done so far. I have been agonizing for months over gray paint for my kitchen, so I am in total awe of all the decisions you have had to make with this house. You are amazing!

  18. I'm with everyone else. The wider trim is a better scale, in perfect agreement with the other trim and in proportion to the overall elevation of the house. All the white trim looks wonderful married to the cedar shakes - it's such a classic look.

    I agree with you, more present looking trim around you sunroom windows will bring them into visual alignment with the overall emerging design. The stone mistake may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I hope you can see and know that your home is becoming a real beauty.

  19. Yay Liz with the inspiration photos! The wider trim is so handsome. :)

  20. That shake is just awesome! Love everything you are doing! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!