Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ranch Renovation Update -- Mid October

 I haven't given you an update in a while, mainly because of the flooring problem.. Not much to see, really, since the house was filled with plastic sheets and humidifiers. But the floors were repaired last week, and now we're waiting for the plumber and electricians.
The kitchen will get a good cleaning this weekend, hopefully. 
While I was packing, I found four small, colorful paintings that may work on either side of the hood. Still looking for counter stools, but in a lackluster, ho hum way. 

I  love the subway tile backsplash. I decided to keep the tile behind the range, rather than running it along the walls.

 The staircase is incomplete, mostly because Women are from Venus (Venus wants a simple wooden rail and spindles) and Men are from Uranus (Uranus wants an iron rail and spindles). Venus lost. Uranus is meeting with a railing guy soon.

 The draperies that came with the house will be rehung.

 The laundry room got a makeover, too. Now, it's a combination laundry/pantry. After all of my adventures in stone yards, I developed "granite fatigue," and I opted for walnut butcher's block counters. I'm crazy about them.

I didn't hesitate one bit to install open shelves. I've had them in two previous homes, and I'm hooked, even with the dust. Kenneth, our plumber, is installing the faucet tomorrow.

My current laundry room is so tiny, I have to lean back when I open the dryer door, so I'm
excited to have all of this space. 

Update: Medana just sent a photo of the Master tub. It's adorable.

Whenever you build or remodel, problems crop up. 
We're still looking at options for the sconces and mirrors in Tyler's bathroom. To save money, an existing electrical outlet was used for the sconces. The measurements were off, and we were left with a tight space for the mirrors, which are right on top of the backsplash. 
I sat on this dilemma for a couple of months, hoping it would go away, or I'd stop being nitpicky. To change it will require electricians, drywall folks, and painters. Medana suggested flipping the fixture, which was a smart idea, but Bandwidth thought it looked weird, and after a while, I had to agree mainly because #2 gives more light where it's most needed. Raising the sconces shouldn't be a problem unless the wiring needs to be extended. So we may end up flipping the sconces, after all. 
I'm also unhappy with the clunky cabinet. It's very nice on the inside, with pull out drawers and plenty of storage, but overall, it's way too deep. I'd expected it to be smaller. I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do about it.

In the man cave, we need a mantel, and hopefully we'll get one by Christmas. It looks as if the fireplace had a mantel at one time--you can see marks in the stones. Isn't that just how remodeling goes? One person's rustic wooden mantel is another's mantle-pause.

 I love the bird and twig mirrors in the master bath, but they are too small for the space. The mirror is almost the right height but needs to be wider. Love the sconces. Right now, I just don't have the grit to hunt for new mirrors, so the plan is to look through my old dishes and saucers and hang a few above each mirror. They may add enough visual weight . . . or they may look cluttered. Still, it's worth trying.  I've hung plates on the wall all my life, and they just say, "You're home."
Update: see Liz's great idea about the mirror in the comments.

We have brand new gutters, and they've already filled with leaves. The pool is choking on them. 
I can tell that this house is going to be a leaf magnet. But I'm still eager to move.


  1. You're getting there, slow, steady and nicely! So excited, it's really coming along. Yay! Such a gorgeous home- your tastes and changes are AWESOME! Hugs.

  2. Your new home is looking fantastic. Having gone through a remodel once I know the ups and downs. In the end you'll love all this when its done. Before long the entail scars of all these struggles will be forgotten. I wonder if a frame was made to go on the wall around the bird mirrors could offer a little more detail and make the mirrors have more presence. Leave 8" to 10" or so width from the mirrors.

    1. Those mirrors are just lovely. This suggestion might help "save" them!"

    2. (mental scars not "entail" scars LOL)

  3. The more I see, the more excited I get for you. Everything is really coming together. I need to go to school on your kitchen and butler's pantry. I'm facing a major remodel next summer and while I look forward to the results, I start to itch thinking of the headaches. Your built-in washer and dryer look great and I know you will love all of the space. We did the same thing in our condo several years ago and the idea spread like wild fire. All of a sudden everyone in the building had their version of my laundry room / butler's pantry.

  4. Michael Lee, it's all looking great. I love the color of the wood floors. The bird and twig mirror has been a favorite for me since you first showed it. If it doesn't work in the master, you must find a spot for this mirror. It's too wonderful to let go of. Your laundry room is going to be a nice change if your current one is small. I basically have a closet in the master hall for my laundry room. It's actually very efficient, especially since there are just two of us.
    We have the battle of the leaves going on currently. The trees here are always dropping something. '-)
    Thanks for the update. Good luck with the packing.

  5. I've often wondered where you're living while you renovate. I LOVE the wood counters. That's what I'd have chosen!

  6. Things are looking just wonderful. Sounds like the million issues, question and "To Do" lists are wearing you out. Don't forget to take however much time you need and do something fun!

  7. Your new home is SO beautiful. I love the huge kitchen...and am envious of the pantry/laundry room with all those open shelves for storage! I agree with you that granite gets tiring - therefore, I adore the butcher block.

  8. It's looking so good and I just love your kitchen!

  9. You have made some great choices and everything looks wonderful. i know that you will be so happy to move into your beautiful new home. Hang in there, your almost there.
    Have a great Fall weelend.

  10. First, I love how your kitchen is shaping up! Also love the wood countertops in the laundry... Reminds me of my childhood home as that's what we had in the laundry, I remember coming home from the wood supplier with the wood sticking out of our sunroof because we didn't rent a truck or van to haul it! I sight I'll never forget. Anywho, as for those bird mirrors, if you don't keep them in the bathroom you must use them elsewhere because they are so stinking cute you cannot get rid of them!

  11. I never understand why builders/architects never find it important to allow for needed room like the laundry room. I love yours.

  12. All I can say is all that you have done....Every room is a work of art!

  13. Everything is looking gorgeous! We clearly have similar tastes. :)

  14. Wow, the updates are awesome! Sometimes we have to lose the battle to Uranus in order to win the war later. ;)

  15. Love, love your blog. I'm so excited to follow your journey. We have moved, renovated and built many homes, yours reminds me of our NJ renovation 4 years ago. You have such a beautiful home and that die for. Thanks for sharing!