Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekend Ranch Round Up: A Little Dreaming

A week ago, some of our furniture was moved to the ranchburger. I haven't yet seen it in person. But I'm looking at Bandwidth's photos and dreaming. 

The round table was perfect in the Georgian, but I'm thinking it may look better somewhere else. Maybe the dining room? It has the same chandelier (below) and neutral backdrop. That table is pretty; it just needs the right spot--plus a past, its own history. You know, a rip roaring game of Monopoly, Risk, or Scrabble. And a memorable dinner party.

I'm thinking my old breakfast table needs to be auditioned in the burger's breakfast room. In my dream, the old table (with the bench) looks just right. But that's a lot of moving, and already I can hear Bandy sighing. :-) We'll bring it over one chair at a time, Bandy.

It just says, "You're home." I do love the trendy RH table, but the girl who bought it has changed in her old age. She's a whole different girl. Memories and comfort mean a lot--sometimes a "heart piece" just looks better than anything else in the world.

You may remember the black counter stools from the Georgian.

I'm not opposed to painting them. 

Looking forward to getting well and cooking in the kitchen. 

It doesn't feel like home, but I know something that will help. 
Where should Mr. Rooster go?

The movers brought the beds, and I think Medana must have added the linen, bless her.

I don't have any idea what to do with the guest room.

I don't have a headboard, and the old night-tables need a little revamping; but I still have an idea or two for the Master. Not going to worry about draperies because plantation shutters will be here soon.

Why not try holiday-inspired bedding? I love that idea.

The rattan chairs are waiting for me on the screened porch, sitting on the blue rug pad, trying not to feel lost. They won't be lonely for long. I have two more chairs, and I know they'd be happy together. 

Formerly, these chairs were very happy in the Georgian's breakfast room. Though you can't see the table, it's an old gateleg that my mother and father found at an estate sale. That sweet table can go many places--maybe behind the blue sofa? Or used as a wonderful desk?

Speaking of which . . . the sofa made it to the man cave, though I, in my puny state, have not. Just looking at the photos, I think the blue may act like a neutral. (The rug behind the sofa goes on the screened porch, btw). The dark table on the right wall has been in several houses. The TV will go on the table, which means the sofa and chairs will need to be pushed back. 

I'm still going to try a splash of navy. 

 Christmas pillows will be fun!

After one year of waiting, it's so good to finally have a place to sit and dream.

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  1. Love seeing the progress...and love seeing the kitchen. Actually I love seeing both kitchens! Hope you are feeling better each day.

  2. Looks like the moving date is fast approaching. The kitchen, the hardwood floors, the wonderful spaces - all gorgeous, Michael Lee. Rest up and get better soon so you can dream in the Ranch. '-)

  3. Whoo hoo! Looking very homey and awesome!

    GET BETTER, girl! (hugs)

  4. It is like playing with a doll house. I love that you are taking your time and trying things out. Such pretty pieces and each will find it's place.

  5. Oh this is all so gorgeous. Can't wait to see you put your touches on everything. Get Well!!!!!!!!

  6. Seeing images of your kitchen makes me excited! When I saw the wicker chairs I wondered if the round table from RH would look good out there with them? Not sure of the height is right but the texture of it seemed like it might make a good companion. Those pieces in the "man cave" look wonderful. I didn't know what to expect but I like them. You've got a lot to look forward to. In due time it will feel like a home. Get better :-)

  7. Oh bless your heart, I'm sorry you're still not feeling 100%. Wish I lived close by I would sure step in to help , your new home is going to be fabulous, even in your puny state I know you're excited. Take care of you, sitting on the sofa dreaming will come soon enough. fondly ~Lynne~

  8. Feel better soon!! Love all the beautiful pictures.

  9. Things are starting to take shape and looking good. Take care of your self so you don't end up back in the hospital.

  10. Looking good! I like the bar chairs in black! Black is a great neutral, especially with white and your marble. All of your furniture pieces are they should be able to find a place in your new home. Feel better, and soon! Sheila

  11. Evidently I missed the posts that you were under the weather...I had to go back and read those posts. Glad you are feeling better. I see you are starting to move in...wonderful! Anxious to see I'm sure you are as well! ;)

  12. See, it's all coming together! "After one year of waiting, it's so good to finally have a place to sit and dream." And you more than deserve it!

  13. Its going to be beautiful. So much to look forward to.

  14. Beautiful dreaming!
    Feel better soon!

  15. Hi Michael Lee! I'm sorry you're just not up to par but how exciting that things seem to be moving along beautifully. You'll be whipping up something good in that beautiful kitchen before you know it! Take care of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hurry up and feel 100%. Know you are ready. Can't wait for your move and the finished project. I'm getting excited so I know you are.

  17. You will soon be dreaming a lot in your beautiful ,long awaited, revamped space. Looks and sounds like the holidays will boost your spirits!

  18. Wow. Everything is looking amazing. Especially that kitchen! I would be super excited about in there too! I hope you get to feeling better! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

  19. Michael Lee Your home is just beautiful. Love the view from the windows. Love both tables. I'm sure you will fine the Perfect Place for each one. No help here.

  20. It's all going to be wonderful, Michael Lee, because you are following your heart. Get better soon so that you can cook up a storm, with your pretty white rooster in sight, in your fabulous kitchen.

  21. Isn't fun to dream on how you want everything to look. I so hope that you are getting better and can move to your new beautiful home soon. The views you have a simply stunning. Once you get there everything will fall into place. Please take care and have a wonderful week.

  22. Hi Michael,

    Do you mind sharing the brand of appliances you are using? I see you have a Wolf range, but can't tell about the others. Thanks!

  23. It must be so hard to not be able to see it in person~ that kitchen is to die for!!! Don't rush yourself, get better so you can enjoy~