Monday, March 28, 2016

Potting Shed Goals and Ideas

I've had all winter to think about the potting shed. How would it function? How could I prevent my husband from using it as a storage room hoarding spot? Would whimsical touches get pushed aside by twisted sacks and seed spreaders? 

Now that spring has almost arrived, I figured it was time to stop worrying and nail down a plan.

Perhaps we can use old bricks to create steps. 
As for landscaping, we'll be DIY-ing. A few days ago, I tried to dig a "test" hole, and I quickly realized that the concrete and poor soil would present challenges. For this summer, I'm strongly considering container gardens.

Inside, the shed has a door and 7 walls. 6 are half brick and half lattice (with Plexiglas "windows"). The 7th wall is brick doesn't have a window.

A typical "half wall."

I'd planned to hang tools on the "solid" wall. 

The choices are a cute hanging rack or nails. I'm in favor of nails just to keep the tools from falling over (and to encourage HSB--Human Saint Bernards--to be just a little organized).

Behind the door, I've hidden a few gardening items. Tractor Farm Supply sells small galvanized trash cans, which would be great for potting soil. I can make a small shelf by using boards and old bricks

We had been storing tools in the lower screened porch, but the shed is much closer to the vegetable garden. It just makes sense to keep supplies in the shed.

Goal for the Potting Shed:
To create a shed inside/out that is somewhere between utilitarian and whimsical.

Ideas for the Full Wall:
1. Hang tools
2. Place tools in a large basket or bucket and decorate the wall to my heart's content.

Ideas for the half walls:
1. open shelves (bricks/board) or old bookcases to stack pots, small tools, gloves.
2. open spaces for seed spreader and wheelbarrow.
3. a potting bench or old table
4. shelves in front of windows

I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Love your shed and can't wait to see how you transform it.

  2. What an attractive potting shed, very sophisticated too. I know with your green thumb, plus a Master Gardener that you'll put it to very good use.

  3. You're off to a great start. Can't wait to see how this goes!

  4. Looks like you could make that really cute! And functional!

  5. I would get a perfect height for you table or bench for potting. Love the idea of bookshelves for the pots, perhaps a step back style? A boot scraper outside the door would look charming and be practical (can you tell I am looking for one?) I think you already have a lot of wonderful ideas to make it your own charming potting shed. Have fun creating your space.

  6. Good luck with this! I know that our soon-to-be-built shed will be mostly storage. In our old house we had a gazebo that I could use and we may have to build a second little structure here as well.

  7. I have such potting shed envy!! We are not allowed to build any outside buildings:( I would have a potting shed NOW if I could! Yours will be so wonderful, I am sure, so I will live vicariously through you and Mary at Home is where the boat is. Have you seen her potting shed??? OMG!

    1. Adore Mary's shed. I need to ask her for help!

  8. As you already have a covered porch "gardener's area" near the house, for ME if only in my wildest dreams.......that space screams AFTERNOON TEA PARTY room - a small round table and pretty mismatched chairs and make it all girlie. But that's me. I am always dreaming of a perfect shady place to take tea with my dearest lady friends. : - )

  9. Hi Michael Lee, It's so exciting to plan how to outfit your potting shed! My shed is a wreck right now with way too much stuff and in need of a good spring cleaning. I need a couple of warm dry days in a row so I can pull everything out and move around.

    I wonder if you could save your solid wall for some shelves of some sort where you could store or display pots, watering cans etc. and place your potting table below it? I found some old barn wood boards that my hubby cut down and I painted with a light watered down wash of green paint that the gray wood soaked up immediately and used some black metal scroll brackets I picked up at Lowe's to hang them. I like the idea of galvanized trash cans to hold soil and even one for your tools corralled together? I have an old vintage spraying can that's about as tall as a garbage can to hold my shovels etc. Or could you utilize the holes in your lattice with some hooks to hang tools on a side that's not as visible? Potting bench/table shopping sounds like fun. I've seen several things recently that would be perfectly shabby but still functional for your space. Is there a way to hang to things from your wonderfully pitched ceiling, maybe functional and fun? Hang an old ladder horizontally that you can use the rungs to hang from and a candle-lier that you could use flameless candles with a remote to turn them on and off? ...Potting Shed Dreaming with you. ♥