Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Underporch: Part 2

The Underporch has a story to tell. Like most tales, this one has a beginning and a middle, but thankfully, it lacks an ending. After all, this is a decorating story, and we don't want closure, with the room stuck in Autumn. The room looks forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It may even look forward to winter.

 But now, we're deep into September, that in-between time when the mercury hits 92 degrees, but the leaves haven't started to fall in great heaps. It's a wonderful time when scarecrows and hydrangeas coexist.

Autumn is also a time of weeds, and many of them will end up on the Underporch, used as wild floral decor. Long ago I made peace with weeds. I like them very much when they're not in the ground and I get to stick them in vases or on shelves. 

Weeds and underporches are a winning combination.

Wait, you say. You were talking about the Underporch. What is this place? We have a second story screened porch, and a stone carport is beneath. I call this area the "Underporch." It's under a porch, so the term fits. But I have a feeling it may turn out to be so much more.

Decades ago, the Underporch held a car, then it became a place for firewood, a motorcycle, a grill, and a trash can. I think a cat lived there, too.

While it is literally a porch beneath a porch, it may have a bit of magic, too.

There are a few more porch tales to tell, maybe with a little backstory, like the saga of my father's drop leaf table.

The table experienced a tumultuous time, and it almost gave up; then it found its true love; a free-standing shelf.

You can imagine this part of the story. It involves paint and sandpaper, but we'll talk about that later. In fact, I really need your opinion.

I invite you to return Monday for Part III.

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  1. I love your room. It's like your playhouse where you can play as the seasons change. I look forward to Part 111.

  2. This is such a wonderful space, glad you're using it to it's full potential. can't wait to see more!

  3. OH i love this area. How fun and can't wait for part 3

  4. What an enchanting spot. Love the hydrangeas.

  5. Love the scarecrow and weeds, it's already telling a story-

  6. Maybe if I had an underporch I could make peace with weeds. Hmm....regardless, you sure bring out the best in both home and garden nooks and crannies.

  7. Such a beautiful place to be! Love the entire space and how you so beautiful decorated and furnished it...

  8. CAn hardly wait for part 3. I love this underporch, it is so neat.

    Have a great week - love the green furniture.


  9. What a fun creative space you've turned this into! Love the free standing shelf- the new green color adds a lot of personality! Looks like you've found a nice area to be artistic!

  10. Looking forward to hearing about the green paint.