Wednesday, August 23, 2017

10 End-of-Summer Meal Ideas

August gives us a chance to savor the very best of summer. Seasonal produce is vibrant and abundant, calling out from gardens and roadside stands. Soon enough, we'll be knee deep in cinnamon and root vegetables, but until then, we can enjoy recipes that will take us into September.

1. When the humidity leaves you frazzled, cool down with Minty Watermelon Lemonade.

2. Assembled in minutes, Farm Stand Salad is fresh and light. Add crusty bread and wine.

3. The flavors in Grilled Berry-and-Arugula Pizza remind me of music. A hint of smoke, the savory bite of nuts and pancetta, the smooth, milky cheese, the wild notes of arugula, and a burst of sweet and sour.

4. Chipotle pairs well with so many things, doesn't it?  Chipotle + mayonnaise + lime. Chipotle + avocado + cilantro. How about Pineapple-Raspberry Chipotle Sauce?

5. For a memorable meal, serve  Crab Cakes with Black-Eyed Pea Salsa. If you're feeling energetic, add cole slaw and hush puppies. 

6. Never miss an opportunity to add flavor is my motto. Imagine Angel Hair Pasta that's been infused with basil and garlic, then tossed lightly in Bandy's tomato sauce. This dish is packed with flavor: roasted heirloom tomatoes, pancetta, a dusting of Parmesan and garlic-shallot breadcrumbs.

7. Peach season is the perfect time to make a Grilled Dessert Pizza.

8. Easy Berry Cake can be assembled in minutes. Start with a store-bought cake, whipped topping, and cartons of berries.

9.  Lemon Ice Box Pie Trifle pairs beautifully with barbecued chicken, a tangy mayonnaise slaw, and buttery yeast rolls. But if you are hot and bothered, find a huge spoon and eat trifle for supper.

10. Red Velvet Berry Crumble pairs well with baby back ribs, grilled vine tomatoes, Texas baked beans, red potato salad, cornbread sticks, and buttermilk pie. Of course, anything red velvet will work, too.

Do you have a favorite end of summer recipe? Or are you ready for cozy autumn fare?


  1. Michael Lee, what a great round-up of delicious summer food! So many great dishes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Everything looks so wonderful. I can hardly wait for Fall and all the good food that Fall brings.


    1. To me, fall has a clearly defined cuisine, and August food is like the end of summer. I'm looking forward to visiting an orchard this Autumn!

  3. Where can you print these receipes

    1. I haven't added all recipes to Google Site, but you can find a few here:

  4. Everything looks wonderful. I'm ready to be done with summer and move on to some cold weather food too.

  5. OMGoodness, thank you! I am OUT of ideas for summer meals right now! You are a gem!!! XO

  6. Why do I always zero in on the desserts? Probably because I'm trying to cut back on sugar! Sometimes (cutting back) it works and sometimes it doesn't. ;) Excuse me, I'm off to check out that lemon trifle!