Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Along the Path

I've been meaning to paint inside the She Shed, but it's just too hot. Still, there's plenty to do outside the little house. Want to join me for a brainstorming session?

Oh, good. It's pouring rain, so grab an umbrella. You'll be hard put to find one that's not dog themed.

We're headed to a path next to the She Shed. It's just beyond the gate.

When we remodeled, we had to pick and choose where to put the cedar shake; we chose to add it to the front of the pool house/She Shed.

We painted the rest of the house. This week, I'm brainstorming about this wall. I want to use things I already have--pumpkins, potted flowers, an old bench, and accessories.

A little path runs in front of the wall, leading to a gate. To keep the walkway unobstructed, I will need to consider the depth of objects. It looks as if I have plenty of room. 

As we move around the yard, I make notes.
I'll ask Bandwidth to help me move the old bench. I think it may be a nice focal point for the wall, and it'll provide a cozy place to sit. When the temperature drops, I can add a few pillows and a soft throw.

Potted flowers will add color. 

 And pumpkins, of course. 

I can forage in the backyard for vines and branches, too.
When the rain stops, I'll roll up my sleeves and joyfully start nesting.


  1. What fun days to come around the She Shed!


  2. Oh, it was relaxing to take this stroll with you. I so envy you your home out in the country! And I love your ideas.

  3. I love that entry...absolutely love it.

    A long time ago I saw a wall like yours with a bench in the middle and an arbor around it which allowed a boxwood or something similar to grow up and around it, creating a little alcove of sorts. It's what immediately came to mind when I saw your wall of possibilities.... Can't wait to read all the ideas and can't wait to see what you do. Am loving your little shed so much...

    And that entry, the dark blue... I can't stop looking at it!

  4. I really enjoyed my walk in the rain. I love when it's raining, I also like to walk around my small back yard. Your walk way is perfect and putting the bench up against the wall will look look. Great place to sit and look out at your garden and close to the She Shed. Anxious to see what you have come up with.


  5. Your wall is a wonderful blank canvas, so many possibilities. I love the idea of your bench and maybe a garden trellis or espaliered vines. Fun umbrella and cane collections too. Have fun planning! ♥

  6. Oh I love an empty space with decorating possibilities just waiting to happen! You knocked it out of the park with your styling of the She Shed, I can't wait to see what you do here!