The Herb Series at Rattlebridge Farm

#1 -- It's About Thyme

All my life, I've been crazy about thyme. It reminds me of a woman who reveals her true self slowly. From a distance, she seems small and delicate, too girly, possibly a wimp. As you get to know her, you'll appreciate her quiet strength. Thyme never overwhelms, never demands center stage. She just wants to do her best and to make your home cooking shine. In her own way, she adds depth to every recipe.

* * *

#2 -- Dill: An Herb with Personality Plus

In the herb world, dill is underrated and misunderstood. It has a reputation for being strong-willed, introverted, and clannish. People automatically assume that dill's one true love is a cucumber, but this is unfair--and wrong. This girly herb has many soul mates. In fact, she's a player.


Dill has been described as having a strong, sour flavor, but that's another unfair description. 

Bite into a sprig.
The first hit is grassy, followed by a pungent dazzle. The sour notes shift into a sweet glimmer, but in a flash, the sweetness turns savory. 
It happens so fast, you might miss the layers as they fly by.
Take another bite.
The flavors bloom, rise to a peak, then instantly fade, settling down into a collected balance.

* * *

#3 -- Rambunctious Rosemary

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."
-- William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Of all the herbs in my garden, rosemary is the most memorable--and audacious. She is stimulating, adventurous, and provocative. Deep in her heart, she thinks she's the top herb, beloved by all. In truth, some people adore her, but others are turned off by her overbearing  personality. You see, Rosie is a bit of a narcissist, and she'll throw you under the bus to get what she wants: world domination.

Oh, what's the problem with rosemary? Is there a problem?
She belongs to the mint family, yet she has a distinct piney smell. She's beautiful, intelligent, and well-spoken. No matter where you find her--in an Elizabethan garden or a wildwood thicket-- she radiates an innocent, lost-in-the-forest vibe. Don't be fooled: this dame is ruthless.
If she had fairy wings, and they didn't work with her outfit, she'd rip them off. If she liked your wings, she'd wait until you fell asleep, then she'd pull out a scalpel.
"It wasn't me," she'd say. "Thyme took your wings."
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#4 -- Oregano: The Unsung Herb
Oregano is like an acting coach who grooms and shapes tomato starlets; she's always in the background, never complaining, thrilled to pieces that she brought out the tomato's finest qualities. 

In the garden, the herbs and vegetables make clucking noises. Poor, old oregano. Doomed to be overlooked and overshadowed by thyme and basil, the rock stars of the herb world. 
Oregano ignores the gossip. She just smiles--and it's a genuine smile. She would hate being a rock star herb. Sure, she has other talents, and she enjoys them for the right reasons.

Oregano's philosophy is simple: 
Do what you love and love what you do, and nothing else matters.
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#5 -- Sage: Alpha Dog

The smell of fresh sage pulls me far away from the here and now, to a pub in foggy Dartmoor. Inside, flames crackle in a fireplace. The air is dense and smoky, redolent of ale and fried chips. Mr. Sage sits at the bar, an elegant, yet rugged chap, all decked out in his Sunday best--suspenders, corduroy suit, tweed hat, a gold pocket watch ticking ominously in his pocket. His grim, poker face softens after he tosses back a shot of whisky. He reaches for another. As he leans closer to the bar, he gives off the faint smell of camphor. Maybe he has rubbed medicinal ointment on his chest --or is he trying to repel the other patrons? Indeed, he keeps to himself. But after a few more shots, he blossoms into a loud, mesmerizing storyteller. Yes, he has seen it all--sirens and mermaids and even Kate Middleton's underpants. 

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  1. Really enjoy the Herb series, I hope you continue that.
    Great blog

  2. Hmm maybe basil or parsley , you have such a gift for the written word, wonderful.