Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Secret Language of Dishes

I looked out the window and it was snowing--big, fat snowflakes whizzed out of the sky. Had to go take a peek.

And add a bit of whimsy, of course.

Gollum sure has big feet.
These footsteps made me think of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, when those hobbits made off with Gollum's precious.

But the big news is: I got a 25% discount on the china, and it's coming home tomorrow. Thanks to all of my fellow Dish Addicts for your support. Now I'm looking for placemats or chargers--or darling napkins....napkin rings! Oh-and some real food to go on those plates.
The lady at the antique mall said that many old pottery and china "sets" are much, much less expensive than paper plates--and it's great for the environment.
So that's how I'm looking at it: I'm saving trees. :-)


  1. Good for you. I'm glad the china is going home with..and to top it off you're saving the Can't wait to see your post once you get the chargers, placemats, napkin rings and real food...hugs ~lynne~

  2. Congratulations on your new addition to the collection. Use them in good health!

  3. Congratulations Mrs Tree Saver! I'm so happy to hear the dishes are coming home with you tomorrow! Now, what are you going to serve on them??? How about potato salad & deviled eggs & whatever else goes with them? Would chess pie look good on them? I was drooling over their descriptions in your book... ♥ Diane

  4. Ohhh...Gollum! Congratulations on the new additions! I'm so glad you decided to let them jump into your trunk. I like the way the saleslady for me! I have never been accused of being a tree-hugger before, but now...hmmm. I like your new header, by the way...Debbie

  5. Ohhhh...I forgot to say that I am so envious that you have snow!...Debbie

  6. Congrats on getting your dishes!!!!

    Donna Marie

  7. Gollum, so you went back for them!
    I'm sure they will show up at the tablescape on a Tuesday. Hey, Susan can't wait for this one.
    The snow is beautiful.

  8. Ah, confessions of a dish addict. Now why do those pretty pieces of china think they're going under your bed? You wouldn't dare!

    Justine :o )

  9. Justification for an addiction! Did the lady at the antique mall say anything that could make me feel a little less indulgent about my shoe addiction?
    Think of all of us when you set that wonderful table Michael!

  10. Good buy on the dishes. Plus they are so pretty I know you would have regretted not buying them.

  11. Oh good! I am so happy you bought the dishes and I love the philosophy, of the lady at the mall. I cannot wait to see the tablescape you put together.

    A package arrived, last night. A sort of heavy package, from Overstock. My daughters are so good to keep me informed about great deals. Yes, there are new dishes at our house, too!

    Thank you for the lovely comment, you left at the Back Porch. Your words encourage me to continue with this little blog hobby of mine.

  12. Saving trees, new dishes, fresh snow - life doesn't get much better, does it?

    Love your new blog header!


  13. GM Gollum I love your save a tree buy a dish instead I have a new excuse to tell Len when I buy another plate..I'll tell him its the Al Gore thing to your new dishes and what a great home they found..and yes can't wait to see the post you do about them..hows that book coming ??? hope you haven't gained too much weights from all the cheese cake..hugs and smiles Gloria

  14. First of all - I love the new changes on your blog. It may not even be "new" cause I've been gone so long. :-) Second, congrats on the newest addition to your dish family. They are coming to a very loving home - lucky critters. I can't wait to see how you put them to use.

  15. Gollum,
    I love that you're so green conscious! :) Oooo, so you probably already know this, BUT, Linens'n'Things is going out of business, and they have everything at least 50% off, including table linens, napkin rings, bedding, etc. I know that here they've only got 9 more days until they close - so things are running out quickly, but if you have one near you, or wanna chance shopping with them online, it may be a good place to find the linens to go with those beautiful new treasures!

  16. A huge storm is heading our way (off the Pacific.) Skiers and snowboarders are ecstatic! This means no mountain pass driving for a while. We "tree huggers" out here in OR appreciate your save the trees gesture and the spirit in which it was given! Enjoy those wonderful plates.

  17. Wow girlfriend... How great for you... I only wish it was me getting some new dishes... No room in Tassie... but watch out when we do decide to settle down again... and get a real house. I have 3 sets still in storage but gave 2 to my daughters... One is holiday dishes... Guess I'll need to get some more... LOL LOL

    Have a wonderful day & congrats on the newly acquired dishes... They have found a good home for sure...


  18. I'm loving this rationalization! I'm feeling SO good about all the trees I've saved! Can't wait to see your new china in a tablescape. laurie

  19. I'm waiting for the snow to melt so I can bring home the booty. Then, back to work (it's not really work, it's too much fun to be called work; I think I shall call it Play. I have to go Play).

    Do youall have any suggestions about colors to put with these plates? Or accessories? I wish Hancocks hadn't gone out of business in our town; I could have made my own placemats and napkins. Oh, the trim!!!

    I looked on Ebay for napkins and found nothing. I shall try Linens and Things online and see what they have, thank you , Artie. I am afraid to buy chargers online because I think this color could be tricky...although white/cream, as Susan suggested, would work with everything.

    I DO have some gold, very nice plastic chargers. I bought them years ago at the Hobby Lobby in my mother's town. Although something tells me that the gold isn't as complimentary with the gray-blue, that it needs something cooler.

    Okay, gollum. Stop having major Dish Addict fun and go PLAY.


  20. I am SO PROUD OF YOU FOR GOING GREEN!!! I'm going to have to remember to use that one in 2 days when I'm on my next Mastercard cycle & I order those Fitz & Floyd plates I've been wanting! But, I guess it's not "going green" if they're new, is it??? :O) Have a great weekend!

  21. You're a fun one Gollum! Good for you for doing your part on 'going green' with the dishes. I have a friend that absolutely goes nutso when people buy paper plates and disposable stuff. I actually prefer to wash things myself. I am off soon to go visit in the land of cold, snow, freezing waether and GRANDCHILDREN! Yaay!! I wish you and all your wonderful readers the Happiest of Holidays, Hugs from Jan (jjlmnaz)

  22. oh blinking hell!! I was on my way to the airport to go get them dishes for myself!!.

    Have a look at these in Silver, I think they would look lovely with your new dishes, with crisp white napkins.

    or this table cloth and napkins

    These are so pretty

    ops gotta go, still loads to do, have fun playing and congrats on your beautiful new dishes.

  23. Kathy, I just left you a note. Thanks so much for the links.

  24. 'atta girl, Gollum! Am just THRILLED you were soooooo kind and thoughtful... saving trees is verrrry important, you know!!! Now just shop til your heart's content, gf!!! You, more than most of us, have "opportunities" to explore EVERYWHERE because of your booksigning committments (and you can EXPLORE w/ the PROS, too!)... cant WAIT to se what you find! Yep, and I suggest you try to wrangle "overnighters" out of as many as possible, to accomplish mission #2 (mission #1 being to be there for your fans who want your books, and #2 "for the thrill of the hunt" for wonnnnderful things with which one can "play house", so to speak!!!)--- OH, how DELIGHTFUL! Hugs, Linda

  25. Oh I'm so happy you got the dishes!! And we will very happily engage in enabling you again when you want something else! LOL!!

    I'm so jealous of your snow...waaaaah! :-) L~

  26. OMGosh Gollum, that sounded scary, you have such beautiful hair, so I am guessing and hoping that there was not to much damage, still made me gasp!. I went really dark once, almost black, big mistake I am far to fair skinned ops.

    I am a closet placemat/tablecloth/napkin/rings/runners collector, I simply cannot walk out of a shop without buying at least one set of those items, but they really are in my closet, my linen closet haha.

    Have a lovely weekend, we have so much still to do ugh..

  27. Whoohoo! I KNEW you'd get 'em, like you needed our arm twistin'! lol! Can't wait to see them in your house!

    Merrry Christmas to you! :)

  28. I think you need silver or pewter I think, rather than gold. How about a navy or cadet blue? Your more of an expert at this than I am, but I am envisioning a pewter napkin ring and and a more "sturdy" wine and water goblet. ~ Robyn

  29. saving the planet during the winter!! It's freezing here and I NEED that global warming!!!

  30. well if it is saving trees...then you absolutely should do this! It is your duty to save the environment any way you can....and now that I have that excuse...I am going to go and buy that set that I have been looking at! thanks for the idea!
    I wonder if they sell someone to tablescape for

  31. Gollum - just wanted to add that I have a great collection of cotton kitchen towels that I like to use as napkins. I love the waffle designs, etc. They are oversized and fold really pretty. I like to fold them longways and place between the salad plate and plate. Just a thought... :-)

  32. Hi Gollum...Thanks for visiting my nativity scene. Ohhh...I love Languedoc! Have you been? Carcassonne is my absolute favorite in that region. There is nothing to compare here. Toulouse has a wonderfully different church if you need a break from all of the gothic architecture. France has so much history crammed into all of its corners! I hope you get to go soon!...Debbie

  33. I love that you are saving the environment by buying that set of dishes. I am so using that line with Mr. Bird Nest next time I buy a box of dishes.

    Good one!


  34. Oh Gollum, thank you for confirming my rationaliztion on my last purchase. I was having 20 girlfriends for dinner and just couldn't bear not having everything to match. So, I found these great soup bowls, dinner plates and salad plates at Homegoods. I debated and debated, then finally convinced myself that if I just have all of those girls over 4 or 5 times this year the dishes will pay for themselves - well almost! Now how is that for rationalizing a $200 purchase all the while being on a great big budget this year? Some days I think I am hopeless. Jeanette (jfell)