Friday, February 6, 2009

A Trip to a Garden-Decor Shop in Memphis

I live in a town that has greenhouses and florists, and, since I have a notorious black thumb, I seldom visit. However, when I was in Memphis, Julie and I stopped by Le fleur: A Unique Flower Shoppe.

The old, tiered iron table caught my attention, and suddenly I remembered that I had brought my camera, so I started snapping.

I'm sure this "tree" will bloom in a few weeks, but I liked it bare. I didn't get a chance to ask the type of shrub/tree/bush, but maybe Tootsie will know! I could just see these bare branches all strewn with Susan's fireflies, or white lights.

The bench and daffodils reminded me of Jain's garden (Once In A Blue Moon blogspot) on the West Coast.

I do wish I'd planted tulips--we don't have squirrels, so the bulbs might have stood a chance. (I did plant irises.)

Inside the shop, orchids were everywhere.

And the Easter items were everywhere.

A closer look at the egg tree.

What an adorable bunny. And I love the planter on the left.

More Easter items--I'm happy we have chickens, so I won't have to buy eggs....if Dr. G will let me decorate with them (I'm sure he'd prefer an omelet). When he sees me gathering guinea eggs, he just shakes his head and calls it "eggcentric" decor.

This was a cute idea--beads and eggs.

I loved these dishes...but I resisted them.

Everything smelled fresh and lemony.

I have my grandmother's old Fiesta, and these dishes are a newer, hipper version of that colorful pottery (not the reproduction Fiesta).

Bunnies and clay pots

Lemons in an iron wall pocket.

I loved the green Majolica bunny..but resisted!

These faux chocolate bunnies are the only kind that are safe in my house.

Love the fluted egg bowls.

The wispy, paper edges were so whimsical--just the sort of thing my mother would love.

If you've ever looked at the Room Service catalog, then you're familiar with the faux bois dish collection. These look very similar.

I love cloches--and here are more faux bois dishes.

Le Fleur: A Unique Flower Shoppe is located at 4538 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN. 1-800-846-9633.

Finally, here's a photo of our own Laurie, Paul Shipley, Julie Schoerke, and Mary Gay Shipley at That Bookstore in Blytheville. This is the children's section--it's so layered and inspiring.


  1. That store..I would have loved it also..The bunnies are all so cute!

  2. I need to go to Memphis, Le fleur is beautiful, the tiered iron table would make the perfect herb garden, love all the cloches, the bunnies and the clay pots, all the lemony things and I want that bench the tulips were displayed on. you did amazingly to resist :), have a lovely weekend, hugs, Kathy.

  3. Did you buy anything?Everything was fun...Ann

  4. I've been to this store, and I have been able to resist buying anything because my wallet was not as stuffed as I would have needed it to be! You saw some really neat treasures though. In case anybody who doesn't know me is wondering, I am the one who is TALKING with my mouth and hands (unfortunately, this is a normal look for me). laurie

  5. Oh I'm not quite sure how you resisted. There were so many things there that I would have loved. I love all the bunnies and the cloches are gorgeous. They would have been hard to walk away from. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip. They are the best kind for my budget. Hugs, Marty

  6. No, I didn't buy a thing. That said, Dr. G and I went to the PO this morning, and we stopped by my favorite antique place. I bought 4 solid pink/red heart plates, 2 faux chocolate bunnies, a bunny, & 2 birdhouses -- all for under $ 25.

    My brownies are baking....

  7. I'm so happy that we got to see Part II of the shopping trip. Loved all the treasures that shop had to offer. The lemony vignette reminds me of the wonderful Welsh Cabinet of Rue's. I keep telling her that I want it... she's just so darned territorial. Thanks for taking us along on your virtual shopping trip.
    I love that Room Service Catalog. Pure eye candy!
    Have a great weekend~

  8. Looking through the flowershop with you, I knew you had to be in East Memphis (my hometown) and then the bookstore in Blytheville (my grandparents home)... thanks for taking me back to my home places... loved the visit.

  9. Gee Gollum,

    I went shopping in my attic and didn't spent a $ up there. LOL.. Do you remember Leggs Eggs? When they were popular I painted and decorated them. I haven't come across them in years, now it's like having something new again.
    Enjoyed the tour of the shop, so many nice things. I love cloches too, I must get out to some of the antique stores around here and look for some.


  10. What a unique and pretty shop! I'm in serious love with those gray-blue dishes...reminds me of the ones you bought recently. :-)
    I've only been to Memphis once (and stayed at the Peabody too!), and loved it's rich culture and history. Looks like you really had a good time! L~

  11. gosh i loved that tour, you are spot on with me and the bench, when i saw you thought of me, i thought how transparent am i! i adore them both, and the wire rack and and and... who am i kidding, these are my kinda stores!

    eggcentric~ how cute is he!

    how could you leave those fluted egg bowls? didn't the chickens ask you to bring something home for the holiday?

    such a treat that you share your experiences, the internet can be such a kind and generous place~

    hope your brownies went better then my cake mix... was day dreaming and instead of 1.5 cups of water i did OIL~ as it hit the batter i woke up horrified... i baked it anyway, husband just ate it, i will wait and see if he has a severe reaction later... i am back to square one for vday!

    show us your latest purchases, my kind of pricing!

  12. GREAT virtual shopping trip...thanks!!! Have no idea HOW you resisted all the beauties, but just read about your trip to the antique place so you did make up for it!!!!:):) Thanks for sharing!!! Pinky

  13. Gollum, That is my kind of store! I love those dishes from Room Service! I also bought several of the faux chocolate bunnies. Today I bought a cast iron bunny - thank goodness Jacob was with me to carry it! ~ Robyn

  14. That shop looks like so much fun and temptation. Oh my I would have gone nuts. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  15. Gollum, it's so neat to know you were right here in my hometown! I have lived here all my life and live in Germantown now! I have not seen this garden shop! I'm trying to figure out where on Poplar it would be! I'll have to check this one out too! Lauralu

  16. Gollum, I loved shopping with you at Le fleur. As you know I love garden shops. This was a very unique garden shoppe. We have some beautiful garden shops around here. But, they don't carry pretty dishes. You don't have a black thumb. LOL You have a beautiful yard. Hugs, Terrie

  17. Miss Laura, you could Mapquest it--or call them. The phone number is 901-683-4313.

    Le Fleur
    4538 Poplar

    It's a few doors down from Davis-Kidd Booksellers.

  18. Mmmmmm! My kind of heaven!
    Spring can't get here fast enough!
    xo Isa

  19. Yep! My kind of store - so much eye candy. Love stores like that, and thanks for the tour. :)

  20. Hi Gollum! Oh what fun! I'm getting the urge to buy bunnies and they surely did have some really cute ones! I don't think we have a place like that near here...need to check! Have a great week...Debbie

  21. What a lovely shop .. I would use it for 'therapy' when I was feeling blue...does Laura look as much like Former First Lady Laura Bush in person as she does in photos?

  22. THANK YOU, GG! Everything was absolutely ENCHANTING! IMHO, EVERY single pic was just "wunnnnaful-a-wunnnaful"~~~ what an array of fab & NOT the typical "run-of-the-mill" offerings! And ALL those BUNNIES there were sooooo precious! I mentioned recently that I felt my old "bunny addiction" was returning, and NOW, w/ THIS posting, there's NO doubt ABOUT it~~~ I am sooo hooked yet once again on those precious lil beings/smile-makers/heart-warmers! (Am I the ONLY one, or do OTHERS see a bunny & just want to cuddle them & softly pet the non-bridges of their noses???) ~~~ I MUST get my patootie to Tennessee!!!~~~ Wanna shop til we drop, (enjoy a great lunch~), spend to the end and buy til we die? (And do you have a cute lil' "doggie-purse so MISTER can join us?)~~~ I say we ALLLLLL meet at that store! XO

  23. I love LeFleur...shopped there many times and usually stopped in for lunch at the Davis Kidd bookstore--great stores in Memphis!

  24. I just love garden shops like that of course I would have to check out the live plants too.

  25. I would love that store. Laurie is so cute! Love the visit today.

  26. That's my kind of store, I could get lost for hours. :)

    Thank you so much for taking us along, all the Spring eye candy is quite a treat on a winter day!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I live here in Memphis & Le Fleur is one of my favorite places! I recently got a fabulous arrangement from a customer!

    Glad you enjoyed one of our hidden treasures!

  29. Hey!!!!!

    what a fun giving store is that i love all these ,typically my kind of store.

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