Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dishspotting Alert #2

I went back for the black pottery, $15, service for 4.

But they were cracked, so I had to return the box. Meanwhile, I went dishspotting. Dr. Gollum was, as always, with me, as a preventive measure. He wanted me to show you all this rabbit. He has picked it up each time we've stopped at BL. It's a little bank, perfect for a child as an Easter gift.

Brown footed goblets...

Candlesticks..I'm a Bad Dishspotter, I couldn't find prices.

These were too cute for a beachy tablescape--little, individual vases?

These figurines are $3. They are heavy. Wouldn't they make gorgeous napkin rings?

Flatware to shake things up.

Helen, they have oodles of cake stands. This one is mod, yet traditional.

A condiment server for omelet or taco fixings, or whatever. Even something non-kitcheny, like, desk supplies, make up, herb/plant stand.

For $10,this would make a beautiful Christmas gift...or a neat element of a tablescape (drinks in front of a roaring fire....?)

72-piece dish set. I love the embossed lines. $26, includes 8 glasses
and flatware for 8.

They'd look wonderful mixed with the dishes I bought last week (and I know at least ONE of my Dishy Friends bought a set, too, lol). :-) I still haven't opened the box, but my friend reports that it comes with napkin rings, salt and pepper shakers. Check it out! O! Big Lots, hire us to be your Dish Mavens. LOL We will accept payment in pottery and cookies.

As promised, I checked out the cooking oils. $3.50.

These bunny compotes have no price, therefore, BL must be giving them away.

Dr. Gollum is starting to love these excursions. He even bought something: wee chickens in a wire basket. They have rabbits, too.

Check out the Easter baskets in the background. The empty ones would make great storage for going up/down basement stairs.
I bought one of the lime green bunnies. $3. Too adorable for Jelly Bellies.

Door or fence decor...with sprigs of faux forsythias blooming all over the store.

Until next time....


  1. This post makes me want to go to BL right this very minute!! Except that it is absolutely pouring rain. LOL

    I'll have to wait until another day.

    Have a great day, Denise

  2. Great finds. I love all the wonderful spring items. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Good morning! What a fun post!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have had to privatize my blog. If you would like me to add you to my readership, please send me an email! Thank you!

  4. I am starting to get the whole dish thing. I am looking at them in a new way. I need to get over to Big Lots soon! My poor husband. ;D

  5. Your killing me with these post...I have to go now, heading to big lots!

  6. Ok, your BL is certainly different than mine, but maybe I need to just go dig a little further. You have found some really great things. Hugs, Marty

  7. I have become leery of dishes made in China because of possible lead or other contamination. This is not a good thing because I am a dishaholic.
    This morning I saw online some adorable dishes from Neiman Marcus. The small plates had roosters and the larger were white with a red & white gingham border. Too cute. Not sure where they were made, but under the description it said "Contains lead". Now, what does that mean...not to be used for food ????

  8. I am putting a Big Lot run on my list for tomorrow. I hope I find some cute things too!

  9. I saw the same chickens and rabbits in a wire cage yesterday at Marshals. They are mighty cute!

  10. On the hunt again. I love the napkin ring idea. I have used the white gibson dishes and they are wondeful. I had neighbors over last week and then last nite we have some friends over that we go to the car cruise in with. I paired the dishes with green salad plates and it was beautiful. I don't have my camera back yet until tomorrow becase I left it at my mothers and my sister is bring it home. You will be happy with the white gibson dishes they are so lovely pairing with other items you have. And not a lot of money.

  11. You're just killing here! Now I REALLY have to go to Big Lots! I have no more room - what's a dishaholic to do?!?

    Dr G is right about the bunny bank! It's so whimsical & just plain ole stinkin' cute! He's getting into this dish shopping, huh?!?

    Great post, but now I need to go shopping! ☺♥☺

  12. I'm going to have to get in the car and high tail it to BL. You apparently have an eye for reasonably priced fun.

  13. I am a basic white dishaholic who owns the Gibson set. I purchased them from an Olde Time Pottery store for $14.99. My addiction is purchasing accessory pieces to complement them.
    Gollum, I just love your posts. I entered blogland officially with my first post last week. I have much to learn and need to get organized so I can start posting some of MY decorating photos.
    Mr. Sullivan begs to accompany me to our local BL. LOL In fact,if we are out and about, he always asks if we need to stop for anything from there. Is he trained, or what? ~ Sue

  14. Oh Gollum...I'm just LOVING Dr. Gollum getting into the swing of things, because so is my Mr. fact, I sometimes have to make him quit adding to the cart...What a wonderful shopping excursion we can share with our boys, huh? ;-) Bo

  15. Oh Gollum...What a great dishspotter you are! I am heading to my local BL! And how fun that Dr. G bought himself some little chickies!! I'm working on something Irish for Friday! I hope you had a great weekend..hugs...Debbie

  16. I love your Big Lots tours. The dish set was a really great deal. Just like a pioneer I get to go to the big city at the end of the month and I am finding the Big Lots store.

    Have a wonderful Sunday
    from Roberta Anne

  17. THAT'S IT !!!!!! I've been in the house all day and must go shopping. Since I have no BL ~ maybe a TM (tuesday morning) or back to the antique/junk barn in the neighboring city? Cake stands are calling my name, Helen, Helen, Helen. Gollum .. are preventive measures the same as preventive medicine?

  18. I hope Big Lots is paying you! LOL!
    Hey Gollum! I know you don't know me but I just had to tell you...I haven't been to BL in a couple of years! Then you did that first post and there just happens to be one between me and my mothers' so of course I had to take a little detour! Let's see...I bought some silver chargers...forgotten now how much they were but they were on clearance. A box of 6 for not very much! Did you happen to see the blue etched stemware they had? The day I went that whole line of home decor was half price. I love butterflies and the stemware was etched with vines and leaves and butterflies and they're such a beautiful blue color..I'm going to use them on a tablescape Thursday for sure! A friend was looking at my blog and then visited yours. She saw my goodies from Old Time Pottery and your goodies from Big Lots and planned a shopping trip right away!Thank you for sharing your shopping trips! They inspire us all! God Bless! Lauralu

  19. Oh, I wish they'd pay me. Me, or Dr. gollum. We are going back to buy an Easter basket for Bandwith (one with a Frisbee).

    And thanks to our tablescaping guru, Susan (Between Naps on the Porch), for telling me about the Easter cookies for 10 cents. I bought 8 for "presents" to set out for our Easter dinner.

    When I returned my broken dish, they were very sweet about it.
    While I was standing in line (sans camera), I saw a 5 tiered black iron stand for $11. The lady in front of me was buying it for plants. It would also be GORGEOUS used for desserts, tarts, appetizers. If your Big Lots has one, it is a buy.

    Ok, I'm off to vacuum my very dusty house.

  20. I actually love Big Lots lol. They have some really cute things and I don't feel bad after going there because it's so affordable. Thanks for sharing, I might just go check that out now.

    All the best,

  21. Now, Dear Gollum - you have got to stop this! You're helping create a monster here! I will not go to Big Lots again...I will, I will not go to Big Lots again! :)
    See what you're doing to me!:)
    I do love all of this stuff! Pray for me! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  22. I went to BL near us after your first post, but even your selections of flatware are better. I want that 45 piece with a swirl. It's cute!

    Your BL have a lot more than what I've seen, so I guess there's only one thing to do! Go back! :-)

    Great pics!

  23. Oh my goodness, you are such a faithful enabler!!

    Well, our nearest BL is about a 1/2an hour drive. J has a Dr appt tomorrow, perhaps I can ride along and talk him into a little detour, on the way home.

  24. I always trek on over to our Big Lots after reading the great finds of others, and all I can figure is people must be standing at the truck as they unload because I never find any good stuff at our store! I'm so jealous!!

  25. It's so cute how Dr. Gollum is really getting into this! Did I mention that our Big Lots was nothing like yours. It was more like a junky hardware store - almost like a dollar store. We didn't have furniture or dishes or gardening things. It didn't last long. Did I mention that I am jealous? ~ Robyn

  26. Michael, your BL must be MUCH better than mine!!!??? I went on Fri. after your first post and they didn't have all of the things you have found. I did but the Fake cookie "ornaments" and you eill be seeing them in a future TT post from me!!!! I am finally joining this coming Thurs and am very excited about it! I also am going to go BACK to BL tomorrow and see if I missed something:):) Now, you have me hooked! Love, Pinky

  27. I just love this! The chick in the basket is too cute! I love all those eggs On the wire rabbit! The rabbit dish is so cute! I love the dishes! I spent way more than what the whole set cost in the last week. I should have went South! Thank you and Dr. G. for these post for I just love it. I am going back to look some more. PS I love you hid your dishes behind the curtians! I want to get an Alpaca, do you have any? I want one so much!

  28. I think you are converting Dr. G to a shopping expert! You are such a busy lady. I can't even keep up with your posts! You're shopping, hanging drapes, and posting twice a day. What kind of vitamins do you take? I've got to get some! laurie

  29. Hi,
    I live in saskatchewan,canada and I have never been to a biglots,we don't have them anywhere near me if there are any in Canada at all.I've heard alot about them so I really enjoyed the little tour.Thanks

  30. Those pink bunnies in the last photo was too cute. I can see it outside on my little front patio.

  31. Yeah!!!!! Another Big Lot's bargain hunter! I just love popping in to see what kind of magic/mischief you've been creating, and when I spotted that all too familiar orange and black price tag on these items you showcased, I knew immediately where you were shopping before I even read the captions. I am a mega fan of BigLots, having furnished our 2 bdrm/2 bath vacation golf villa, almost entirely with their Ashley furniture line, table wear, small appliances, TV's, grill, wall decor, $3/roll wallpaper, throw pillows, valances, bath towels, $2.50 chunky curtain rods, $5 finial sets, $10/box faux slate tile, you name it! Our builder offered to completly furnish our unit for $30,000, but with the help of Big Lots and a few other discount stores, we did it "soup-to-nuts" for under $10k. If you aren't already a member of the "Buzz Club", sign up and get 20% off coupons for your entire purchase! I even got a Dyson Vacuum for $230!!! If you haven't yet tried the garlic infused olive oil by Tuscan Sun...OMG, you have to stock up on it! Hubby uses it to make low carb grilled asparagus that's to die for!!! Sorry for rambling on and on, but just can't say enough about Big Lots! I'm a fan for life. I'm there so often, it won't be long 'till they give my my own designated parking space! Also, the quality of their products is guaranteed, and it only looks like you spent a fortune, without breaking the bank! Thanks for sharing your "Big Lot's Big Day Out with Dr. G", loved the treasures you stumbled upon!
    P.S. Let's swap some low carb recipes; after 3 years following a low carb lifestyle, with the same ol' recipes, it's nice to shake things up a bit!!!

  32. I love your shopping trips..
    I used my Gibson white in last week's Tablescape Thursday...The cups and bowls are esp pretty..
    Open yours and check, I had to go back twice with take a look at yours!

  33. I'm getting such a kick out of Dr. Gollum going to BL and helping you spot items to point out.

    I've got Mr. Bird Nest on the look-out all the time for blog ideas.

    It's great to have such supportive husbands.


  34. Thanks for the heads up on Big Lots..I will have to search for one in my area.. Such lovely things you brought home...

  35. Only one of my most favorite stores!!! My favorite items to pick up at BL are dishes and tea!

    Beautiful Blog!

    Smiles, Lilly