Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easy Oven Lamb Stew Plus Sugar Free Cheesecake

I've been busy in the kitchen, whipping up edible "prototypes." In other words, this is a practice run for the St.Patrick's party, and also, I love to putter in the kitchen.
Publix had tiny lamb chops. Here they are before cooking.

Easy Spring Stew
Pour olive oil into a dish and coat chops on both sides. Salt and pepper chops, dust heavily with paprika, and roll in breadcrumbs.
Peel 2 carrots and 2 potato; cube. And a tiny handful of chopped celery. Drizzle with olive oil; salt and pepper. Add canned beef broth, not a lot, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan.
Tuck foil around the pan. Bake 350 degrees for 50 minutes. Remove foil for last 15 minutes.

I know that's a long time for lamb, but it worked. If you like your lamb less "done," precook your vegetables and add lamb later. If your veggies need more cooking, replace foil and keep an eye on the lamb.
Garnish with Italian parsley. Serve with rice and French bread. I used canned bread (brushed with butter,sprinkle with parsley).

Sugar Free Cheesecake
I'm still tinkering with this recipe, so if you bake this, proceed with caution.
  • 2 tubs whipped cream cheese (not low fat)
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • Real vanilla flavoring
  • Many packets of Splenda, like, 25. You can use granulated Splenda, too. :-)
  • <

    Place into bowl of Kitchen Aid and beat on medium speed.

    The Crust:

    Meanwhile, find a spring form pan or cupcake pans (I used a skillet), and make a crust.

    • chopped pecans
    • chopped almonds
    • melted butter
    • many packets of Splenda, maybe 10, maybe more

    Mix and press into a pan.Pour in cheesecake mixture. Bake at 350 for an hour, or until firm. Chill. Serve with whipped cream. Canned whipped cream has very few carbs. Just make sure it's extra creamy, not "lite." Lite = carbs.

    Or you can make your own.

    Pour heavy whipping cream into the bowl of your Kitchen Aid (or use a hand mixer), add Splenda to taste and a touch of vanilla. Whip.

    This is going fast. After it's gone, I'm going to experiment with key lime, fruit, and sugar free chocolate. It looks wonky, but that's what happens with edible prototypes ...I'm too busy hacking to cut a decent slice.

    Back to the kitchen.


    1. Sugar free cheesecake!? Cool! I LOVE cheesecake but I've got to be real with myself about how bad it is for me lol. This recipe is great because I won't feel as bad about eating it! Thanks!

      All the best,

    2. I love lamb, and will definitely fix this! We haven't had it in a while, so hubby will be pleased. The cheesecake looks yummy too.

    3. The lamb stew..looks perfect with the small chops..Looks like you will be very well prepared for St Pats!

    4. Yummy, I could just taste the lamp chops and the cheese cake. How wonderful this looks. I wish I had more time to tinker in the kitchen. Your dishes are always so delicious looking makes one want to pull it though the computer and eat it!

    5. Lamb stew looks and sounds delicious!


    6. I'd love a slice of that cheesecake please... My kiddos already voted on Lemon Cheesecake from the kids' cookbook we got from one of their school book fairs. I can't wait! I'm also tinkering with a few recipes for next Friday!

      Happy Tuesday!

    7. I am not a fan of lamb .. but the cheesecake ~ yes! Thank you so much for sharing the efforts of your considerable puttering.

    8. It all looks yummy. I'm not real crazy about lamb, but if that was put in front of me, I would have to try it as it looks so good.

    9. You just answered my "what's for dinner tonight?" question. Thank you for sharing!

    10. Using little lamb chops in stew is a great idea. Talk about dressing up the dish. And it looks delicious as well.

    11. I think I have had lamb once. I will try this one because it's looks delicious and it's a stew my husband will eat! The breadcrumbs, are they regular or Italian and how many pounds of meat is that? Thanks!

    12. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing

    13. I didn't know that lite = carbs! I have never eaten lamb. It looks good!

    14. The lamb stew looks so good. I used to make a recipe with Catalina salad dressing in it... hmm wonder where is "squirreled" it away.

      Roberta Anne

    15. We love lamb, will definitely fix this soon...thanks for sharing...Pat H

    16. I love stew and cheesecake, so thanks for the new recipes!

    17. I bought 9 small lamb chops (poundage is not much help with calculating how much Young Bandwith will eat). I used plain breadcrumbs.

      For those who are "iffy" about lamb, try this: after you season the chops in salt, pepper, and paprika (lends a hint of smoke), dredge the chops in flour and pan fry in BACON drippings. Just brown them lightly. Now, add your carrots and potatoes, with celery. Sautee until they aren't quite so "raw." :-0 Put the chops and vegetables into a baking pan, including the delicious "scrapings" that will doubtlessly occur; and add beef stock, just cover the bottom of the pan. Bake about 15 minutes at 350. Bake longer if the vegetables need more time.

    18. The stew looks wonderful. I think I can handle that recipe! I love lamb and those little chops are so tender. Thanks, Michael!!

    19. Thank you for answering my questions! ;D

    20. I've never had lamb, but you make it look good! I could do this! The cheesecake I've had before. When my Dad had his quad by-pass we went through a diabetic cooking phase (South Beach Diet suggested by his MD). I should look for that recipe - it was easy and delish! He and Jacob lost some weight, my Mom and I - not so much. Our glycemic index was not as high as theirs. (Which wasn't high either) We all poked our fingers and tested with my Dad's meter and our numbers were low. I think I lost about 6 pounds total.

    21. Afternoon, Dear Gollum. Oh, my goodness, sugar free cheesecake!? I've never heard of this before. I adore cheesecake! Yours looks so pretty!
      Now the lamb chops look so good too. I've never prepared any before and Mr.Precious loves his lamb chops. Maybe I should bite the bullet and try this.
      Thanks for all the wonderful eating and cooking inspiration!
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

    22. Okay, I won't eat lamb because dammit, they're just too cute. But I will eat that cheesecake and happily! Now all you have to do is refine it a little so I know the ACTUAL measurements! What SIZE tubs of cream cheese?

      Justine :o )

    23. I have never bought any lamb as I grew up on it and didn't particularly like it. Yours looks so good, so guess I need to try it again. Thanks for the nudge!! Sally

    24. Alright Gollum! Don't you know that cheesecake is sacred? I would NEVER in a million years mess with not putting sugar in it! I mean, holy cow... what's the point if it's not going to give me a sugar high and go straight to my thighs? So, that being said, let me know if it truly is as wonderful as the picture looks. I feel a need to fire up the Kitchenaid!

    25. You DO know I am on a "diet"...well, MY version of a diet...LOL! Seeing all this food is making me hungry and I JUST had dinner!!!!:):) I will try both of these recipes...thank so much for sharing! I, too, wish I had more time to tinker in the kitchen. Love ya girl, Pinky

    26. Maybe if you called it "sheep stew" I could eat it, but lamb as in "mary had a little..??? LOL Count me in on the cheesecake and whatever key lime concoction you come up with!

    27. you have been busy, your recipe looks great, i will have to try next time i hit costco.

      finally made key lime bars, i have had fl on my mind too long~ i wanted to pretend for st pattys, but they were gone in less then 24 hours... opps!

    28. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, doesn't all that look good!!! This Mick loves her stew! Oh who am I trying to kid...this girl loves her food! ;)

      m ^..^

    29. That looks delicious..not like the leg of lamb we had in our Irish house when we were growing up..and the leftovers...oh, I can't tell you how much I disliked it!
      And your cake looks sinful, even if it isn't!

    30. Ooooh...this looks so delicious, Gollum!!! Your stew came out perfect...ummm, I can smell it clear throught my screen...hehe! Ohhh my, sugar-free cheesecake, it looks scrumptious...I'd love to try this recipe! Best wishes to you and yours for your St. Patrick's Day feast!

      Warmest wishes,