Thursday, March 5, 2009

Post-It Note for Foodie Friday

I'm sticking up this Post-It Note for Foodie Friday. Mr. Linky will be up and running a little early tonight, around 8 PM central, just until I feel more comfortable with "him." :-)

Remember, this is a Rule Free Zone.
No rules. No pressure.
No photographs if you'd rather use words.
No visitin' for 2,000 hours when you need to be vacuuming.

While the Potluck is every Friday, you don't have to actually cook on Friday (you can blog about a dish you cooked anytime). If you have food questions, this is a great time, as some great cooks will be able to answer.

Even if you don't submit a recipe, you can still enjoy the potluck. You will find inspiration and recipes across Blogland.

The door prize is sea salt from France, and can't wait to see who wins it. If you are a foodie, your heart is speeding up. When it comes to cooking, sea salt lends a milder flavor than table salt (which is rather potent).


  1. Oh poo..where did the week go? I don't have my post for Foodie worries.. I will have something ready (I hope)


  2. Lovely scented candle. Can't wait until tomorrow to see all the need Foodie Friday Fun Food!

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow, or rather tonight, oh shoot girlfriend.. you know what I mean, I hugs ~lynne~

  4. I love sea salt and the container is beautiful.

    Have a great day, Denise

  5. Morning, Dear Gollum! I'll be there will bells on! ;)
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;0

  6. I like your no pressure claus. Even if I don't have anything to share I always love seeing what other women love to eat.

  7. I can't wait! I am showing an original recipe my family loves!

  8. I love using sea salt ... I purchase my French Fleur De Sel Sea Salt from Penzeys!! Someone is going to love winning this.

    See you tomorrow for the Potluck!

  9. Hi there Gollum,I 'm actually entering tonite.I Ill be back...Ann

  10. Right off the bat you answered a question that anyone with lots of cooking experience would know. I always wondered the difference between sea salt and table salt. Well..I mean besides table salt being finer. It bits of information like this that help make blogging fun..not to MENTION the prettys and great receipes. I watch but don't join in the Foodie Friday..just not comfortable enough yet..or..can't think of anything worth sharing?

  11. I'll definitely want that sea salt in my pantry. I hope I win. I'll wait until midnight my time to post, but I'll be there!