Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annabel Goes Fishing

The menfolk decided it was a perfect day to take Annabel fishing.
Uncle Jim bought her a Barbie fishing pole.
Then we headed down to the pond. For the last three years, we've been slowly stocking it. When the men go fishing in the Big Pond, their catch comes here. Once or twice, we've bought stock at the Co-op when the fish man stops by.
Father and daughter discuss the finer points of fishin'.
We could see big circles in the water, and a turtle showed up to see what was going on. Annabel was convinced that a mermaid would surface.
Now we wait....
Keep your eye on the little red float...I think it's twitching. Maybe you've got a bite, Annabel.
She does! Time to reel it in, baby.
Looks like a humongous catfish--didn't know we had one in the pond.
Catch 'n release.
But first, let's look at Annabel's first fish.
"We catched fish and talked, and we took a swim now and then to keep off sleepiness. It was kind of solemn, drifting down the big, still river, laying on our backs
looking up at the stars. . . ."
-- Mark Twain
"Heaven's net is indeed vast.
Though its meshes are wide, it misses nothing."
-- Lao-tzu
The men went to the lake and brought back 12 more bass.
"That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet."
-- No. 1741, Emily Dickinson


  1. Your pictures are so awesome and Uncle Jim rocks with the Barbie fishing pole gift. What a wonderful day - thanks for sharing it with us! ♥ Diane

  2. Beautiful pictures! What fun for Annabel!

  3. What a beautiful post. Annabel is adorable, what a lovely way to while away the day. Love the quotations, particularly the Dickinson. And the last photo of the clouds reflected in the water is just beautiful. Kathy

  4. I love your post! The barbie fishing pole is adorable!

  5. Beautiful post today....thanks for sharing....Pat H

  6. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  7. First of all, that Annabel is the cutest thing ever! Oh, what a little doll! Enjoyed going fishing with her on her first fishing adventure! So cute!

    Love the new summer look of your blog, Gollum. I thought I had gone to the wrong place when I first clicked. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing with us. Such a wonderful time in Anabel's life and yours!


    Sheila :-)

  8. What a perfect day. Love your new look. I had to keep going back and checking to see if it was really you. I thought I was on someone else's blog. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

  9. What a lovely post and a whole different look at Gollum, the grandmother. What a sweet girl.

    The Raggedy Girl

  10. Thank you all so much for your comments, ladies! Your sweet words about Annabel brightened my day. Their vacation ended, and they are on their way home. I had NO idea just how empty and quite a house could be. Glad yall like the "summer" clothes for the blog!

  11. What a sweet post! I love your new blog design too.... so pretty... I'm so happy summer is here!
    ~Really Rainey~

  12. We used to love taking our girls fishing, they had so much fun... Glad she had a good day. Now she has fish stories to tell!!! LOL

  13. A Barbie Fishing Pole-- That is almost as cute as sweet Annabel. Looks like a great day for all. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I like the new look!
    Nice relaxing day fishing. When I was little my dad took me fishing a lot. That is some of my happiest memories.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sweet memories were made of a sweet day! Love your new look! ~ Robyn

  16. Love, love, love your banner change! This little Annabel is such a charmer .... everyone is under her spell ~ even the fishies!

  17. This is the sweetest post! What a beautiful day. Annabelle is so adorable fishin'...

  18. Beautiful new look Gollum and beautiful post making sweet memories with your gorgeous granddaughter and family, Annabel must just love her visits to the farm, you all must love it too, it is always so hard to see them leave, I told everyone it was just to quiet here after my daughter went back to the UK and she is 29. loved all the photgraphs and the pretty pink fishing rod, hugs, Kathy.

  19. Ahhhh thats so sweet. She is having a great fishing day with dad and the guys..*s*. I remember last year my son Geoff bought a pink Barbie fishing pole for his daughter too. Thats a great place to fish...nice catch too.
    hope you are having a lovely weekend

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  21. I love the look of your blog, so fresh ...did the baby catch anything? I can not wait to be a granny. This coming up Jan.!!!

  22. Summer's official start is nearly upon us and everyone seems ready for a little change! I love your blog's new 'summer clothes'! And love your story of Annabel's first fishing foray! What a sweet little girl. Love your photos, too - they're beautiful!

  23. Those Barbie fishing poles have had their use with our little people. They not only catch fish, they catch the most wonderful memories you can imagine.

    Thanks for shsaring.


  24. I can't believe she is growing up so much! She's precious, and your lake looks so idylic. laurie

  25. Smooches to that precious Anabel!
    And your blog looks deeeelightful!
    Happy writing next week!
    All Things Heart and Home

  26. Awwwhhh -- this reminds me of when I was a little girl and would go fishing with my Daddy and Granddaddy -- I had a little red fishing pole - but mostly I would play with the worms.

  27. Love the new summer frock, Gollum! It's all so fresh and airy. That little Annabel I could eat with a spoon. What memories you made and how sweet that visit must have been. Your pictures are unbelievable and the reflection of the clouds in the "pond" are just glorious. I know you're probably sad without your own little Mermaid around. I'm sorry. This week will always stay in your heart.... and hers!

  28. Good evening G!!! First of all your new "wallpaper" is delightful! LOVE the new look! Annabel is the sweetest thing and I am SOOOO happy she caught a fish! That Barbie pole must be something great! What memories.....for you and HER! I wish I had grandbabies......... Hugs, Pinky

  29. * Oh, to have that BLESSED LITTLE ANGEL share your home for a few days, and to experience the JOY of this wee one come running up, jumping up on the bed in the morning and squealing "Gwama, Gwampa, wake UP!"~~~~ It doesn't GET any better than that, does it? Talk about being BLESSED in life, huh girlfriend???

    The "new frock" for the blog is like a breath of fresh air~~~ just like your Annabel~~~ Yes, life is good dear pal!

    Linda *

  30. What a great memory to grow up with for Annabel! And great that she caught a fish with her first fishing pole. How cute!

  31. Annabel is too sweet! Ahhh, I can't wait to have a little grandbaby. Hope you're enjoying your time together and I hope that precious baby gets to see her mermaid!

  32. Catfish was the week's catch.
    Check out the 5 lbs channel cat my daughter caught friday night.
    These little ones are so darn cute when they fish.

  33. Hi Michael...what a fun, fun day! Annabel is precious! I know you guys will never forget this day!
    BTW, I like your damask background. I used this one when I first switched to stretch minima a few days ago...then I switched to all white because I'm not much of a blue fan...wish they made this in a green damask. Then I switched back when I got tired of staring at white. LOL They have such a limited selection for the stretch template. I think I like the blue better on your blog than on mine. :-)

  34. Hey, that's pretty impressive for a first fish!!!!
    Can you/do you ever eat what comes out of that pond?

    Justine :o )