Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dishspotting Alert and a New Teacup (with a little recipe for soothing tea)

A burned arm can stop a person from doing many things--but shopping isn't one of them. "Armed" with my camera, I headed down to the antique mall, and to Big Lots.
First stop, Big Lots.

My mother calls this an "ice cream table." When we lived in New Orleans, she had a bigger one. I love the floral design in these chairs. They were heavy, too.

This $10 shelf had items for less than $10. Fun!

Just look at these adorable martini glasses. Last year, I went to a party that had a "mashed potato bar." The mashed potatoes were served in martini glasses, and you could build your own concoction--a great idea for a graduation party or Mother's Day.

These Gibson dishes would make a darling tropical tablescape. They'd also be beautiful with the white Gibson dishes for a mix 'n match. If you don't have a Big Lots nearby, try Googling "Gibson dishes."

$9 for a 16-piece set? The last time I bought plastic cups, they were almost this much!

More white dishes--check out the details. 32 pieces!!

You can go online at and sign up for coupons.

Here's the Easter clearance shelf.

I didn't buy anything, due to epic storage problems, but that didn't stop me from swinging by the antique mall.

I can't figure out why this butterfly dish is $95. It's Hull, it's cute, but .... I think I'd rather have those white embossed dishes at Big Lots and call it a day. (Post hoc: I am just now seeing the markdown on the teacup. Bad Gollum! Bad! Take your reading glasses next time. Huh. This picture was snapped a week ago...the cute cup is gone, Gollum, gone.)

Okay, I couldn't resist the bug cup/saucer. I carried it to the counter immediately.

The Easter booth had so many adorable things.

These beautiful Hitchcock chairs caught my attention. I have four that my mother and dad brought back from a Florida junk shop.

The Shabby Chic booth always has great chairs--and vintage white dishes.

Cute ideas for picnic "tablescapes."

An adorable elephant jug....for roughly the same as the Big Lots dishes. Hmmm...

Blues and greens

Well, I came home with my teacup. It's too cute.

Tazo green tea tastes so much better in a cute bug cup.

The saucer has oodles of details.

To make my tea medicinal, I added a teaspoon of honey and a generous squirt of lemon, with a lime slice. :-)

Gollum’s Soothing Feel Better Tea
1 teabag Tazo green tea (or Lipton’s Peach tea or (insert favorite tea here)
*1 slice lime
*1 generous tablespoon honey
*1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Steep tea. Stir in honey and lemon juice. Add lime. Sip slowly in your favorite teacup—preferably one that has “bugs” in the pattern. Repeat as needed.

The cup/saucer was made by Royal Crown, with a fitting name, "Spring Time."

I love it when a $5.99 cup brings this much pleasure.


  1. Thanks for sharing the trip through Big Lots and the Mall -- love love love your cup and saucer -- so pretty for spring -- so pretty for the garden!

  2. What a find! I love the cup & saucer, but I also love the spoon you photographed with it! Beautiful floral detail at the base of the handle.

    I think I need to take a trip to Big Lots. I'm off to find one!

  3. That teacup is adorable! I love the little butterflies. I must go have some tea now! What a great post! I love your blog! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  4. What fun, I am stuck at home on a lazy rainy day trying to keep my great grandson from dragging every toy he owns outside to get wet and here you come with a wonderful shopping trip. I love your butterfly cup and yes I am sure tea would taste better in it.

    The Raggedy Girl

  5. The Antique Mall is awesome. i could easily spend a lot of time there, maybe have to break it up over days and weeks! I don't know how you can pass by so many things that I would lunge for!! But I love your teacup, just beautiful!

    Happy Sunday! :-D


  6. * GREAAAAT BLOG, Gigig!!! And $5.99 for that most wunnaful-a-wunnaful teacup & saucer? Reeeeally? Would you accept $9.99 & I'll pay for the shipping & "handling", girlfriend??? I LOVE that!!! (Yeah, n' N*O*W you see why I n*e*v*e*r "find" a "bargain", huh?!?! Buuuut, "when ya loves it, ya loves it", I guess!!!)...

    Sooo happy to see you are "oot n' aboot" shopping now, & I assume, without pain in your burnt arm~~~ think there will be a scar/scars? And how is DR.G recovering? And yer "Mom"? It's been a buuuusy time there, I know!!!

    DEEEELIGHTFUL blog to read, especially after being laid up myself for several days, verrrry sick (ick!)~~~

    Biggest n' healthiest of hugs to all,
    Love, Linda *

  7. You really cheered me up on this dreary day. I love the handle and the little feet on the cup. I was reading yesterday that putting lemon in your tea helps you take advantage of all the benefits. I say - "Sipping from a lovely teacup" makes it even better.

    As always, thank you for sharing such lovely things. I did sign up at Big Lots like you suggested. I can't wait for my coupons!


  8. Love the cup and saucer! So pretty.

  9. You picked the best set to take home, Gollum!...Christine

  10. Your Big Lots is so full of neat things. Ours looks like they got everything from the dump and it's displayed the same way. So sad. I love the tea cup. Just precious. Thanks for the fun tour. Hugs, Marty

  11. That is about the cutest cup I have ever seen! I love all the bugs and strawberries and I'm crazy about the handle! Who needs Herend when you can have this! :-) Susan

  12. I love your shopping trips! But, believe me, the only thing you would get in Big Lots here is... dirty hands.
    It has nothing like you show us...
    But that's ok, I really, really don't need any more..:)
    Hope you are feeling better, pretty cup to enjoy your tea!

  13. Love the cup and saucer, so springy! I see another trip to Big Lots in my future!


  14. Hi Gollum,

    I always love to find a good deal! I am drawn to white dishes for some reason. I always add honey and lemon to my tea, too. I makes it taste yummy!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. But, I do understand. My son had asthma years ago and when we actually found out what it was after a week at Arnold Palmer Hospital - I began to search for safer alternatives for cleaning and pest control. I am constantly learning more about this subject and blog about it as I do. I don't use ANY chemical cleaners now and I make my own laundry soap. My son is amazingly better. I had bought into the whole "If I don't use a chemical, it's not working" thing that advertisers hope for. I never cease to be amamzed that not only do the natural things I've been using work, they work better. But, like I said, I'm still learning myself.

    My favorite all-purpose cleaner is a 50/50 solution of distilled water and vinegar. Add a dash of lemon or Castile soap. This works for windows, floors, counter tops...

    If you'd like to learn with me - click on the TIPS label on the left side of my blog. I also recommend a book that you may find very helpful.

    I hope this helps you a little. Glad to have met you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail. I'll do my best to answer with what I've learned.

    XO, Pam

  15. Pretty cup!

    You do find lovely things at Big Lots, too!

  16. Big Lots has become one of my favorite stops lately. There's always something interesting -- and reasonable -- there. Love the teacup and saucer...reminds me of the Herend that I've just begun collecting. Love the strawberries on there too.

    Hope you have a great week!

  17. That is one beautiful teacup/saucer set you got! I will have to check out my Big Lots for those dishes. I'm normally not into Gibson, but never hurts to check those out, right?

    Thanks for posting your great finds!

  18. G... you've got a good eye for a great bargain girl! That teacup is beautiful.. and you're right... a wonderful cup of tea is made even better when you drink it from a favorite teacup...

    have a wonderful week! Dixie

  19. Oh G, I LOOOVE your new cup and is so sweet, pretty, charming and I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now a soothing cup of tea sounds wonderful. We had our best friends for dinner today, they just left and I am tired. I think I might just go brew a cup of tea. Unfortunately, I don't have YOUR cup BUT I do have some very prety tea cups and saucers to choose from.... Beautiful post (as usual)! Love, Pinky

  20. Love that teacup! It is wonderful for an few dollars can bring such joy!!! :D Jewel

  21. I would have arm wrestled you for that teacup. Just darling! Glad you're up and around again.

  22. What a perfect and beautiful cup and saucer for tea. Is that all you bought? I saw some very pretty things that I wouldn't have been able to resist!

  23. I enjoyed you tour of the antique mall and the little cup and saucer is such a fun find...I hope the tea made you feel better..

  24. OH, Dear Gollum! Did you hurt your arm? I hope your little tea cup helped immensely! I never see a tea cup and saucer any more unless it costs at least $15! You did good, but shoot! There you go tempting me with Big Lots! Our Big Lots is back and it's up and running again!
    Be a sweetie and feel better,
    Shelia ;)

  25. That tea cup is sooo pretty! And what a perfect time of the year to sip tea from a cup with bugs, butterflies, and strawberries on it! I'm envious of the great shopping you have available. I hope your arm is getting better. laurie

  26. I just love Big Lots! I was in my local one today. I have been especially excited lately because the Echo Point collection is at 70% off. A couple weeks ago I got some of their placemats for $3 a piece. I am now longing after their robin's egg blue plates and have asked for them for Mother's Day. We'll see if I get them or not. It's beautiful stuff.

    Love that teacup! It's so unique. I also like peach tea since I got some in a prize basket recently. I drink mine with honey too.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!


  27. Not much better than "tea and sympathy"...well, maybe retail therapy! Thanks for the shopping trip...I love the cup and saucer...hope your arm is better!

  28. You are so right, when we can have pleasure with little things, one is a fool not too. Thanks

  29. It's the details on the little tea cup and saucer that drew you in.
    Tea is better when served in a detailed cup. Lovely

  30. Beautiful teacup! I'll have to try to find one like it on eBay. My granddaughter loves butterflies & I give her a teacup set every year for her birthday...thsi one would be perfect!

    Thansk for your kind comment on the loss of my Gizzy. He will be missed forever but Rudy is helping me to deal w/ it.

  31. I wish I was with you, you found wonderful items....and, thanks for the tea recipe. I love a good cup of tea.

  32. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. Like you cup and saucer.

  33. That cute cup and saucer sure found a good home.. I hope you are feeling better soon Miss "G".


  34. I'm all for ladybugs. Good for my garden. Cute cup. I went into Big Lots yesterday briefly. But my husband was waiting, so I didn't dawdle. I'll have to go back when I'm alone and can dawdle!

  35. I am going to have to make a special trip to Big Lots about 10 -12 miles from where we live. I've only been in there several times and it looked like a junk store. Will have to check it out to see if these same dishes(SpringTime)are there, and if there are any reduced Easter stuff that I can put away to use for next Easter.

  36. It is a herendi cup !Herend porcelain makes a perfect Hungarian Gift.