Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Lots: Dr. Gollum and I Go Shopping

Are you ready for another Big Lots adventure?
Let's grab a shopping cart.
When Dr. Gollum saw the baskets, I thought he was going to run out of the store. I have tortured that poor man with my basket frenzy...and yes, I did buy one (but I let Dr. G pick the color).
He selected blue -- it was really more of a shallow tray than a storage basket...but check out the price. Wow!
This darling candle set was $5.

Swirly stainless, $15

A whole set of International stainless, $25

Knives, $20

This cupcake stand was adorable...$10
Bandwith would have liked this--he sees cooling racks on Food Network and wonders why, in our kitchen, I cool stuff in the pan. :-) $7
This set looks very British and reminds me of the Emma Bridgewater pottery. $10

I am not into thread counts, but Dr. Gollum says 300 is good. He put them into our cart--a first for him! King size sheet set, $25. (And I'd looked at a king set, unknown count, at K-Mart that were $40.00.)O, Big Lots, Dr. Gollum wants to be your spokesperson. :-

Bandwith needed sheets, too. Queen set, $20.
Assorted stuff...couldn't find a price.
I rounded a corner and saw white dishes. 32-piece set, $40. Dr. Gollum had to take my pulse.

Plastic glasses, $3 each.
The floor lamps were on sale...I have no idea how much or how little; but I do know they retailed for almost $300 (I checked the "original" price tag. I couldn't find the tag for Big Lots.). Dr. Gollum steered me away from the lamps (but my goodness, they're so handsome), into the food aisle.
Assorted salad dressing , $2 bottle

Spices and herbs for Foodie Fridays ...

And olive oil, $3 to $5.

I came home with the blue basket tray, sheets, four plastic glasses,

olive oil, herbs, votive candles (a huge box, complete with glass holders, $5) and a cookie sheet set.
For coupons (and online shopping), check out their website.


  1. ... and did the lovely Miss Annabel accompany the shoppers?

    Wonderful loot you carried home,
    Dr. and Mrs. Gollum...

  2. Love all those that are in your Big Lots! How lucky are you? In the one near us, probably only a portion of that as we don't get to go often. Any tips on when we should go? We can't go on Sundays, it's our busiest day...

    Thanks for taking us to Big Lots today. I love those lamps, too!

  3. I see a trip to BL in the very near future. I wish ours was a little more organized and in a better part of town. Oh, well. A bargain, is a bargain! LOL


  4. Amazing!
    What good prices and selections Big Lots has.

    I adore the lamps...:)

  5. Girl, you get me in so much trouble! Lately, Big Lots has been one of my favorite places to shop...and the Dollar Tree! I'm loving that 32-piece set. I'll have to check it out. And Dr. Gollum is such a sweetie to accompany you on these Big Lots scavenger hunts. Mr. Maison and I usually go on Wednesdays, on the way to our favorite sushi restaurant.

    And, hey, I hear ya on the cooling racks! I *only* cool things right in the pan.

  6. I was just at Big Lots and they didn't have any of these things that you saw. However ours is never merchandised or straightened, it always looks like a dump, just stuff everywhere. Yours looks great and some fantastic bargains. Love your treasures. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Gollum,
    I haven't been to Big Lots in a while...your pictures are inticing me!
    :) Diane

  8. I checked and there is a big lots not far from here, Vanni has a day off tomorrow so guess where you will find us lol, I love your side patio :-) Kathy.

  9. I just looove Big Lots! I wish I had gone there today what great things!

    All the best,

  10. Ooooooh! Michael Lee! I feel a trip to Big Lots coming on! Those baskets look great for storage...tablescape closet, maybe??? I also saw that Miss Annabel went fun! The first time my grandson went, the people at the trout pond gutted his catch. When he saw them headless in the sink, he petted them and said..."They look so happy!" lol lol They tasted happy, too! Have a great week...hugs...Debbie

  11. Gollum, you always manage to find the best deals at Big Lots! Your Big Lots has the neatest things. What a haul! I love that Dr. G shops with you. That is a man after my own heart! If only he would give pep talks to Mr. Magpie.

    Loved going to Big Lots with you. I'm still on the prowl for dishes. I need to check here now that I'm home.

    All the best...


    Sheila :-)

  12. You're not into thread counts... how can this be???? One of life's simple pleasures is climbing into a bed fitted with wonderful, high thread count sheets!!! :)

    Thanks for this post. I have a Big Lots in my town, but I have only been there once. I'll have to go back again soon.

  13. Great buys. I started to go by Big Lots the other day, but had second thoughts. I am trying to be good. :)

  14. Love your new blog do!

    Ya know, Big Lots should pay you & Dr G for all the advertising you do for them... Now I need to go to Big Lots! ☺ Diane

  15. Miss "G" you really do have a really nice Big Lots. It looks organized, well stocked and clean. The one in my area is none of the above. Great finds!

    ~Really Rainey~

  16. Your new look is fabulous!!

    Wonderful post! Great photos! I love Big Lots!

  17. You always find the best bargains. Our BL is not nearly this nice, or well stocked, but you can still find some bargains if you "dig". I love those plastic glasses for summers on the patio! Kathy

  18. I really must stop in our Big Lots again. You find the best deals!

  19. Gollum, I am so glad to see someone else enjoys BL as much as I do. Check out the Louisiana Supreme chicken wing sauce on the pic with the vegetable and olive oils. It is awesome! I have gotten ALOT of people to try it and they all love it! I cook up some chicken tenderloins, with olive oil and some fun spices, then cut them up throw them on a flour tortilla with lettuce, shredded cheese and some of that yummy sauce and a great meal is had in a chicken wrap, YUM, give it a try and let me know! Sue

  20. I llove your tours of Big Lots. They should put you on the payroll! Thanks as always for sharing your "wonderfulness".


  21. Hey you! Big Lots is truly a hit or miss for me. Either my cart is over flowing or I find nothing to bring home. I haven't been there for a while , but looks like it's time to hit it again. Your blog looks all summery... like a little girl dressed in her pretty!

  22. You must have the best Big Lots in the nation. Ours is mostly sad but I did get "your" dishes and then three days later found another set of white dishes for $25 at a thrift store so now I have white dishes!

    The Raggedy Girl

  23. what a wonderful shopping trip. Lots of good prices!

  24. I, too, LOVE your new summery look. So light and airy..makes me want to redecorate, too. (I am always so scared...whatever would I do if I lost all my blog..makes me ill to think about it!)

    I live just 10 1/2 blocks from one of our Big Lots so I go about every 3 to 4 days. Sometimes, I hit the jackpot..other days, not much.
    I just love it when you take us shopping in YOUR make all the every day things sound just wonderful. Now, I see things in there and think, Now Gollum liked this..I WANT IT.! :o)
    hUGS, bj

  25. I used to find great stuff at BigLots all of the time, but now it's more touch and go - with a lot of go, not so much touching! ;) Great find with the basket and cups. ;)

  26. Good morning G! I see a trip to BL is in store for me. I used to get BL updates in an email when they purchased "big lots" from another store, but have not gotten those lately. hmm.....

    I loved all your goodies, but am quite imnpressed that Dr G would accompany you and not make a social scene b/c you were taking so ling and he was missing his golf game. Oh - nevermind - thats Mr Grits! LOL

    Love, love, love your new blog dress and header. Those cuppies make my mouth water. I saw those pretty seashell wrapper a while back and almost ordered them. Now I know I will have to.... :-)

    Hugs, B

  27. Great buys; we where there over the week-end. And my husband was so surprised that I came out of there without anything. Not like me!

  28. Do you know... I've never been to Big Lots?? Guess where I'm going tonight?? ;)

    You found some great treasures!! Wow!

  29. Sounds like you and the Doc had a fun-filled time in BL.

    BTW I love the new look of your blog -- very summery.

    I looked at the wallpaper site, but I decided I am too computer-inept to do it!


  30. I must check out Big Lots on my next trip to "The City". Your granddaughter is adorable - loved the Barbie fishing pole. Now that even my granddaughter is older, I miss the trips to the "pink" aisle at Wal-Mart!! Have a great week. Sally

  31. My husband is probably gonna divorce me over Big Lots! LOL! If I am ever missing, they look for me there! :) I purchased the same sheets two weeks ago in light teal'ish blue! Love them, ...hope you enjoy yours!

    Oh, and by the way, your Big Lots lots a little more interesting than mine, but I love it nonetheless! :) Rhonda

  32. Hi, I love the cupcake stands!

    The Great Gathering Dishes, I bought two of the 32 piece sets about a month ago! I was waiting to show them soon as hubby gets my chest drawer fixed! I just might go ahead and post them! lol

  33. A woman with a good eye and a wise purse...a great combination!

  34. I truly believe you have the BEST BL in the US!!! Ours is NOT as great as yours, I, too, find it is either hit or MISS BIG!:):) Love all your treasures AND the fact that Dr. goes with you! Happy favorite activity:):) Hugs, xoxoxo, Pinky

  35. Wow...great deal on that basket! I don't think I've ever seen such deep discounts at my BL. I love those darling polka dot glasses!

  36. Love those shopping trips! I have enough baskets to supply a hoard of snake charmers..hard to part with them...I just might need it!
    Hope you are all healed...

  37. * Whoa! How did I MISS this?!?!?! And BTW, I W-E-N-T to our BL~ and it's NOTHING like YOURS!!! It's just plain old, pretty much "yukky", and yours appears to be MUCH neater, cleaner and have better things! Oh, the joys of "Tucson"~~~ (argh)!!!!!!!

  38. OMG, you went home without the white dishes? Are you okay? LOL

    My Big Lots is sooooooooooo disgusting compared to yours. Never had pretty stuff like that and it's filthy!

    Justine :o )

  39. I have a very strict rule. Never pass a Big Lots without stopping in another city! They have the best treasures!

  40. I've always wanted to go to Big Lots, heard so much about it! Thanks for the trip, lol that Dr Gollum had to take your pulse over the 32piece white dish set!

  41. You have been a posting maniac, and I've missed a lot! Love those polka dot glasses. laurie

  42. I Love, love, love Big Lots. It's so affordable. It's where I go when I'm itching to buy something but don't want to spend a lot. It's like a treasure hunt for adults! wooohooo