Thursday, June 25, 2009

Former Foodie Fridays & A Tip From Chef Trey

Today is Dr. Gollum's birthday. Bandwith and I are staying up late, working out details for the menu.

So, for this week's FF, I'm sharing a mosaic of former Foodie Fridays.

With deadlines looming, I rely on easy meals (for lunch, I'm happy with a bowl of low-carb ice cream and strawberries...actually, truth be told, I'm happy with a lot of things, like, Slim Jims, but I digress).
If I'm feeling slightly energetic, I'll put together whipped cream bites (the shells can be bought at Publix, and they're low cal, low carb). If I have even more time, I will "pimp" storebought food. Bakery cookies are specially fun. Here, I've gussied them up with chocolate.

And some FF posts were just plain fun (and edible).
I am so looking forward to having more time to cook, blog, and play.

Chef Trey offers a tip. When you are chopping tomatoes for salsa or bruschetta (as he was doing here), use a bread knife. The juice will somehow, mostly, stay in the tomato--keeping all that great taste in your recipe. Try it! It really works.

Love this tip, Trey!

No juice! Amazing!

For all of the great cooks who will be joining Foodie Friday, type in your name and permalink to your Foodie Friday post. Thanks to everyone for your generosity, tireless energy, and great recipes!


  1. L loved your mosaics. I hope the doctor has his best birthday ever. Thanks you for making this event possible. Your time and effort are appreciated. Blessings...Mary

  2. These photos are so scrumptious! I've always loved the one of the chocolate dipped cookie...that says something about my sweet tooth I think!
    I was kinda happy to see that you ate sweets for lunch sometimes...I can live days on microwave s'mores or vanilla wafers,peanut butter and marshmallow cream!!!
    Here's to your deadline!
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. Beautiful mosaics...and don't we all eat ice cream for lunch sometimes?
    Birthday wishes for Dr. Gollum...

  4. Happy Birthday to Dr. G...Your mosaic is just lovely, as always. Hope to see a mosaic of the birthday feast... Nancy

  5. What a feast for the eyes this morning. Your photos are so mouth-watering, I feel as though I could just reach through my computer screen and take a bite of each!

    One of my guilty pleasures is that once a month I buy my favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's and eat the whole thing in one sitting! (Luckily, I prefer their frozen yogurt, so I don't feel too guilty.)

  6. Some of my favorite pics are here. I love the birdie bisquits. Your photography is always wonderful. I know you are havin' fun with the meal planning. I love to host parties too. Tell Dr. Gollum HB from me and many more~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  7. I loved looking at all the pictures of your past FFs. Ya know it's just not fair that I have no talent for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and here you are, hogging up all kinds of talent. Food prep, tablescaping, decorating, writing, photography. Ya know, if I sit here and think about it much more I'm not going to like you anymore! LOL

    Justine :o )

  8. I just love how you make store bought look so wonderful. I love the chocolate dipped cookie,and another favorite is your umbrella sandwiches. Thanks for the tip on the Tomatoes. I love Slim Jims too!

  9. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Dr.
    Happy Birthay to you.
    Enjoy all that wonderful food
    that Gollum makes for you and the
    wonderful atmosphere and presentation that she does with her
    food. Both of you have a wonderful day today and great week-end.

  10. Happy Birthday to Dr. Gollum! Can't wait to see what you and Bandwith have cooked up for his birthday.

    That's a great tip from Chef Trey. I'm definitely going to try it.

    I love your mosaics of past Foodie Fridays. You definitely make food look like art. Have a great weekend!

  11. What a wonderful variety of treats you have chosen for these mosaics. I have to say if I could reach in and grab one it would be the ganache brownies with fresh raspberries!

    I hope Dr. G has a wonderful birthday and knowing you - it will be a wonderful celebration.

  12. Happy Birthday, Dr.G.! Please help yourself to a big virtual piece of Strawberry Coconut Cake. :)

  13. I am now entirely hungry. Thanks for the tomato slicing tip. Good to know!

  14. Happy Birthday to Dr G. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the yummies with us!

    Happy Birthday Dr. G!

  16. First off, HB to the lucky man who lives with you! I do love the quick and easy but these would have never popped into my brain. Everytime I come to visit I come away with new ideas that I call "my own!" haha

  17. Thanks for the tomato tip. I will give that a try. Your pictures are all wonderful. Can't wait to see what you cook up for the birthday boy:)

  18. Happy Birthday Dr. Gollum... hope it's the best birthday ever. Love, love, love the mosiacs..thanks for the tip on the knife with tomatoes.. hugs ~lynne~

  19. Thanks for the tip about using a serranted knife to cut the tomatoes. It always seems like such a waste when all that nice pulp goes down the drain!

  20. Hope you're doing something cool and refreshing for the big birthday celebration. They just said heat index here of 107 and temp of 98 -that's beyond HOT!
    Cheers and Happy Twirls

  21. Happy B-day to Dr. G. Ice cream for lunch? What a great idea. I have a tomato knife that I love. It has a serrated edge like a bread knife. Works great.


  22. Happy Birthday to the Dr.!!! Your mosaics looks so yummy! I think your next book should be a cookbook!

    I joined in on your party today!

  23. Great tip! Please tell bandwidth thank you. You lucky you are to have a chef in the family :)

    Luscious mosaics and now my stomach is growling!

  24. Oh, I am sooo hungry now...must have food! :-) Gorgeous pics of scrumptious food! Tell Chef Trey we appreciate that great tip! Happy FF!

  25. All the photos are just beautiful and make my ole country mouth just water...
    Thanks for hosting once've made Fridays even better with your great meme...
    xo bj

  26. I really appreciate the time that you put into your beautiful blog. The mosaic is great and I like the tomato tip! Happy BD DR G....

  27. Your mosaic is simply delicious! I love that tip about slicing tomatoes and Happy bday to you, Dr. G!

  28. We eat a ton of tomatoes. Thanks for this tip. And I just posted Friday's Feasts over at Momtrends. Here's the link:

  29. I would have paid money for this hint! Anything to keep juice IN a tomato is a very good thing.

    Thanks for always providing a great place for fab recipes, Gollum. Happy Birthday to the Dr.

    Gollum, would you please delete entry # 42. Somehow I messed that up and had to redo. Thanks! :)


  30. Happy Birthday, Dear Dr. Gollllluuuuuum, Happy Birthday to you!

    Loved seeing these mosaics and hope all is going well for you! I appreciate Trey's tip. I normally squash the dickens out of tomatoes so this will be a help!

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  31. Happy Birthday to Dr. Gollum, May he have many more.

    I love the tip for the tomatoes. Thank you!

  32. Great mosaics & love all your foodie ideas. Thank you Trey! No more tomato juice all over the place. ☺ Diane

  33. All of my Favs are featured - even the little chick biscuits. Wish Dr Gollum a Happy Birthday from me (& Jacob, too). Thanks for the tomato tip. ~ Robyn

  34. I love getting to review your Foodie Fridays of the past. Your creativity is so inpiring! I love it!

  35. Oh yes, a serrated knife is definitely the way to go when chopping tomatoes, but I'd say you'll get juice results if you have juice tomatoes.... the ones pictured are Roma tomatoes, which have less juice than traditional tomatoes. Serrated knives are excellent for cutting soft cheeses too (fresh mozzarella).


    Thanks for the tip re cutting tomatoes. The Mosaics are a delight for the tastebuds.

  37. Hi Gollum.

    My granddaughter, Olivia, shares a June 26th birthday with your husband. Belated Happy Birthday to him. June is a BIG bithday month for us, 23rd-granddaughter, Devan, 25th-son, Rick, 27th,twin siblings, Joyce & Joe, that's only birthdays, and the next two months have almost as many.


  38. Gollum,

    What a great tip about the shells from Publix! When it's so very hot, that would be the perfect dessert even with a berry on top for decoration.

    Thanks Trey for your ideas too.


  39. I always gain 10lbs looking at your wonderful photos!

  40. Beautiful mosaics and beautiful food! Your imagination and talents amaze me! laurie

  41. Too many yummy looking goodies.

  42. Oh my goodness! Your wonderful pictures are making me SO hungry!

    I look forward to viewing all of the yummy posts this week!

    Thank you for orgainzing this fun event every Friday!