Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mister Gives an Update

Hello, dear bloggers, it's me,
reporting from the Farm Hospital.
Big Momma writes about me
so I figured I could write about her.
While she is looking at a Ballards Design catalog,
I am taking this opportunity to write yall.
Firstly, Big Momma says yall prayed for me and I wanted to give yall many kisses for doing that. I was On The Brink, and your prayers got me through it.
Secondly, I would like to report on the food.
Big Momma is no longer serving me the dry-as-dirt, prescription weight loss formula.
She is giving me Human Food
and she herself is eating the weight loss nuggets.
She needs it worser than me.
I specially love the chicken and rice she fixes me. But I would so love a cupcake when I am better.
Normally she is the Food Police and fusses at Biggest Daddy and them
for sneaking me fattening stuff.
Big Momma loves all her furkids, but she is obsessed with me because I can decorate. I hold all the keys to her decorating questions.
She types right much on a typewriter, but she can't even do that without me.
I have to be on her feet.
When she isn't typing, she makes pictures of me.
I don't think that is normal, but don't tell her.
This is Big Momma 2 from a few New Years ago, when she and Big Momma 1 were cooking up a storm.
Big Momma 2 is doing much better.
She likes ice cream and sneaks and feeds it to her dog. The Food Police says that's bad, but Big Momma 2 just laughs.

I am signing off now, as I need Peas & Quiet. Also, Big Momma is going to the kitchen.

I will report back.




  1. Dear Mister,
    We are so glad to hear from you and to know that you are well and on the way to perfect health. A cupcake waiting in the wings will do it every time. People food is the best.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. Feel better soon Mister! Your Momma needs to you to get all better okay. You are a cutie. :)

  3. FUNNY!!! :):) I eat ice cream. At least it doesn't go to big Mama's behind! She looks terrific!! OH to be slender like that!

  4. Cute post! Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. I can't stop smiling ~ and chuckling out loud. This is way too cute! And you/Mister caused me to remember how my mother used to fix her three little poodles (Mia, Hans, Hugo) chicken and rice ~ I MUST tell you she did it quite often. Now, Mister don't be too jealous!

  6. I'm so happy everyone at the Gollum Infirmary is doing better...and Mister, thanks for the update!!!
    Zoe sends puppy kisses!!!

  7. Thanks goodness Mister that you can type and pose and eat and dress up for hallaween etc. We are so happy that you are doing well and at least up and about and letting us know what's going on at the farm. Gollum thank you for allowing Mister the opportunity to get on the blog and give us a personal update. So cute........that little Mr. Mister.
    Have a good evening and we'll catch up with you later.

  8. Hi Mister... How sweet of you to give us a update on how your doing... We in Blogland were all so worried for you and your momma whom we love so dearly... Take care of yourself little sweet one.


  9. Thank Goodness all is going well there, Mister. I have to visit my doctor this afternoon cuz I have an ear infection. I hate taking those pills and I love to give my Big Momma a hard time taking them. If you hang in there you get all kinds of good treats while the humans try to give the pills to you. Last week I had, peanut butter, cheese, Redi-Wip, hot dogs and chip dip. Yep, I said chip dip - that's the best! ~ Miles

  10. Oh, dear handsome little Mister! I'm so relieved you are feeling better and have given us such a good report. I'm still praying for you and Big Mama 2 and hope that you will feel like having that cupcake soon and that Big Mama 2 will soon feel like dancing. Speaking of which, I'm doing the happy dance that our prayers were answered, and I'm sending much love to you and your family (fur and otherwise)...


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. Sneak me one of those cupcakes while you're at it. I'm on a restricted diet and am starving down here in Florida!

  11. Dear Mister,

    We are so happy to see you feel well enough to take over the keyboard for Mama. That frees her up to do some other things, like cook you some more chicken and rice and order new toys.

    We are the Yorkie furkids at The Sewing Loft. Andy is over 10 years now, and Jillie is 4 months today. We are not allowed on the keyboard much as one time Mama caught us emailing YorkieTalk. Our pictures are on Mama's blog if you ever want to surf over to see us.

    You take care and we are hoping you get some extra treats today.

    Jillie and Andy
    Yorkies at The Sewing Loft

  12. Hey there Mister...boy not only can you decorate but now you can blog....I'm so glad you are feeling better little guy so you can get back to work guarding your Mama 1 and 2...Hugs and rubs...Gl♥ria

  13. Mister, I'm so happy to hear you're on the mend ~ your adorable post just tickles my heart! xo

  14. Dear Mister,
    So glad you are doing better. It is wonderful that you are also allowed to eat real food. Take care. Enjoyed the post. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  15. Good to hear from you, Mister! I'm glad you are better.

    XXDenise and Spikey!

  16. So glad to hear your better.....thanks for sharing this great post today...Pat H

  17. Mister, I am sooo happy you are feeling better!! Now, a note to your Mom.. I very, very highly reccomend Wellness dog food made by Old Mother Hubbard. It is made with human quality ingredients. Their cat food literally saved my cat's life. She was extremely thin and would not eat but a bit of food and walk away. When given the canned Wellness she ate the entire can. This food is wonderful!! I even tasted it since they use human standards. Actually it isn't bad. Its only sold in pet stores or online at Old Mother Hubberd. Good luck with Mister, he's gorgeous!! My sister also has a little male. Sweet little dogs.

  18. P.S. I'm not affiliated with Wellness in any way. Just very grateful for their products! Oh, and the dog trats come in different flavors. My daughter's dog loves the peanut butter.

  19. Well great. That would be dog treats not trats. sorry

  20. I'm glad he's better and that your Mother is doing well. I loved your post. Give his ears a scratch for me.

  21. Mister, You had us scared half to death. I'm so glad that you're doing well. Big Momma was really worried about you. You'd better give her a few extra licky kisses and maybe she'll give you a cupcake. Give Big Momma2 some kisses, as well.


  22. *Dearest SIR MISTER:

    I couldn't find my glasses(!), so my Mom read your note to me, and I'm sooo peelighted U R doing sooo well in your recovery!!!

    We've ALL been worried sick for you here at OUR house. MY Mom kept me posted on you, tho, and she keeps kissin' & huggin' on ME, & telling me how much she loves me & wouldn't want ME to be sick, either. I know she has prayed for you, AND yer Mom, cuz she's been worried about HER worrying about YOU!!!

    Between you n' me (don't TELL anybody, ok?), since she's "that way", I'm lettin' her spoil me~ rotten!!! Yup, I'm playing it up to the hilt!!! (You'd be sooo PROUD of me!!! Now SHE won't leave MY side!!! Kinda gross, yeah, BUT she IS giving me more treats than usual, so it's worth putting up with her!)~

    I think it's SOOOO COOL that your Mother is actually COOKING for you, too~~~ somehow I don't see MINE E*V*E*R going quite THAT far & I KNOW she loves & adores me to pieces... there's just SUMPIN' about that thing with the red knobs that makes her gag!!!)~

    So, as SAD as I am that you were SICK, I am SOOO HAPPY you are on the road to recovery!!! (And, there's a hydrant on our street with YOUR NAME on it, when yer feelin' up to travelling!!)...

    Lotsa get well hugs & licks,
    "The Belle-Girl" in AZ

  23. Mister, thanks so much for the update. If Big Momma 1 is going to the kitchen, she is surely whipping up something good for you, so you had better keep an eye on her.

    And I personally think Big Momma 2 has the right idea about ice cream. Lucy likes a little "ice cream sundae" herself once in a while with vanilla ice cream, cantaloupe and bananas. Speaking of Lucy, she says she's glad you're feeling better because you are definitely a stud muffin!

  24. HI there Mister!!!! SOOOO glad you are well enough to come here and type for your Mama while she cooks you some GOODIES!!! I hope someone sneaks you that cupcake too! We have all been SO worried about you but now can finally BREATHE a small sigh of RELIEF that you are on the mend! Be good, and get TOTALLY well soon!!! Love, hugs,& smootches, Pinky

  25. Mister continues to improve.

    The picture of my mother aka Big Momma 2, is an old one. She's unable to cook just yet.

  26. Dear Mister, I'm typing this on the qt while mom is getting more coffee - what's in that stuff anyway? Just need to know, how sick do you have to be to get some ice cream without sneaking it? Really, this is an important question, I LOVE ice cream! Mom works for a vet and won't let me have ANY people food. Glad to hear that you are better. Answer me soon. Sax the cat.

  27. Dear Mister, So sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I'm getting up in years so I kind of have to patch whatevers broken at the moment. Right now I have another ear infection, rats! The only good thing is that our Mom's fix us special meals and the dog food is given away to neighbor dogs! Eat your chicken and rice Good Buddy, I'll be checking on you later...
    Ben the Dog at GrannyMountain

  28. Dear Mister,
    This is too cute!
    Soooo glad you're doing better.
    Blessings from HomeHaven,

  29. I'm so happy that Mister is doing so well and is able to post.



  30. keyboard happy... way 2 go.. thanx for update


  31. Mister-Take care of Big Momma now. Stay right on her feet and give her lots of love--She's had a rough time lately. ps--milk this for all it's worth :)

  32. Aw Mister, I haven't been by in a while and I'm none too happy to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you get allllllllllll better soon!

    Justine :o )

  33. I'm so glad Mister is better Michael...that's wonderful!

  34. So glad you are better, Mister! And how beautiful is that mosaic of photos!?

  35. Mister,

    So glad you are feeling better.


  36. O, so glad to hear Mister is doing so much better.
    Your mom looks amazing!!
    xo bj

  37. What a cute, fun post! Mister is so clever! Almost as clever as his mother! So glad everyone at the Gollum household is improving. laurie

  38. Been away from all the fun blogs lately, going through a few "foggy", not-so-fun things, but I'm feeling better and today when linking to Foodie Friday, I scrolled down and saw this! Oh my holy cow, I would have been freaking out had I known. I'm saying extra prayers for tiny Mister and thanking God above that the little Sweetie is okay. Smooches to Mister.
    All Things Heart and Home

  39. Oh, Mister your Mommy's picture of you two is precious! You get well soon, for I know your Mommy needs you! You, eat all the goodies and take your medicine and you and Mommy get to celebrate with a cupcake. I have one too, to celebrate your recovery! Take care of Mommy! Big Mommy looks like she is doing better and ready to help cook you your favorite goodies!

  40. Hi Mister, the picture of you and Mommy are just darling. I'm so glad to read you're doing much better these days, now don't sneak around and get any of those goodies you aren't suppose to have...I'm sure glad to hear Big Momma 2 is improving as well. And Dr. Gollum how is he doing? I hope this finds him doing better too... thanks for the update Mister.. hugs to all ~lynne~