Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early Spring Tablescape with "Birdhouse" dishes

Winter is like a mean-spirited visitor who hates your cooking yet eats every last crumb. Winter is a guest who has given too little and stayed too long.
For the first time in weeks, I awoke to blazing sunlight and knew for sure that spring wasn't far away. After breakfast I began hauling china to the new dish room. When I found these cute birdhouse dishes in a bombe' chest, I knew they'd be perfect for a Saturday tablescape.

A red king-sized bedspread served as a make-shift tablecloth.

The salad and dinner plates have the same design. If you look close, you will see a sign that says "Keep Off the Grass!" The topiary is cute, too.

The dishes are called "Birdhouse," and they are a discontinued pattern by Thomson Pottery.

The dinner plates have a lot of wear-and-tear (grazing is the term, I think).

The mugs have patterns on the front and back.

The "Birdhouse" dishes can be found in the DBG Etsy Shop. Yes, I'm Etsy-fied. The epic household organization is responsible for this (actually my friend Susan at BNOTP gave me the idea). Plus, Dr. Gollum will not relinquish his side of the library for dishes.
Bandwidth has volunteered to take care of the shipping, bless him.

We have 4 dinner plates--due to the "crazing," they are $3 each.
We also have:
8 soup bowls
7 salad plates
7 mugs

The rooster deviled egg tray has been added to the "Dishy" Etsy Shop.

Back to sorting dishes...I hope it's spring-like wherever you are.


  1. Hi Dear Gollum Michael Lee! Oh, look at your wonderful table! I love it. Now I'm coveting your wondrous Rooster in the center. Your sweet little dishes are so cute! So you're selling off stuff, huh? That's a great idea. Wish I lived closer I'd just pop over and help you out!
    Glad you're having a sun shiny day! We had lots of sun today and Mr. Precious and I had a play day! You should pop over - I found the cutest little Rooster/chicken canisters ever!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. This makes for a fun table! I keep thinking I want to etsy too...but, wonder about finding more time in my day to do so! I don't have a Bandwidth!

  3. I'm loving that beautiful red sheet turned, can't imagine sleeping on that. Love the table...the rooster is absolutely FAB.

  4. I love this tablescape and if I didn't just promise to stop buying dishes I would be all over those. But, who knows, maybe I'll cave in! LOL

    Love that rooster too. Where did you get it?


  5. Joanne, I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Mr. Rooster. I bought it a few years ago at a local discount store. The rooster sat in the window--but the store stayed closed for weeks. I checked every single day. One Saturday, my husband and I were running errands and we drove by the store. It was open. I brought the rooster home in my lap! The store never got another rooster. Eventually it closed.

  6. What a pretty setting - Who would not like to sit there for meal or even just a cup of coffee. Spring is trying to gear up around here also - I am ready! I was outside for some time today, doing Winter cleanup and soaking up some Vitamin D.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Hi there! Spring is a little slower coming to the high desert ... my grandson skied all day! As a birdhouse collector, I adore your dishes. Enjoy your weekend Gollum.

  8. Your table setting is just gorgeous I would love that rooster he is so beautiful.

  9. Love your tablescape, the linens and that rooster is one of my all time favorite. Your birdhouse dishes are just wonderful. I havn't seen those before, but they are super. Great table. Hugs, Marty

  10. I love these dishes and I do have to tell you that I am now so sorry that I did not buy the whole set. Where you ask? You are not going to believe it but at Salvation Army for 99 cents a piece!! I could really kick myself now after seeing your beautiful tablescape!!

  11. Hello! Everything is as lovely as always. I'm interested in your Etsy store. I'll have to start checking it out...but that could really be dangerous to my wallet!

  12. Your table setting is gorgeous, I love anything that has a rooster. You are so creative....:-)


  13. I love the beautiful dishes, I also had promised to stop buying dishes, "not a big promise" I do love those and I adore the huge white rooster, he is a stunner, I should be dish sorting as well, but I will get there soon, they are in the garage closets and it is still kind of cold out there...come for a visit..Phyllis

  14. Beautiful table! These dishes are adorable, but the rooster is fabulous. I'm excited that you are starting an Etsy store. Great news!
    I'm afraid I have a storage problem myself. I'm trying to come up with a clever solution. But I don't want to part with any. :-)

  15. Your tablescape is beautiful & I'm so in love with your bedspread!
    The birdhouse dishes are so precious. Good luck with your Etsy store. I need to either start listing my over-flow of dishes on eBay or Etsy or start donating them. They're taking over all the storage space in the house! ☺

  16. ps... I loved your note about the guard donkey eating spam!

  17. Michael, it's just too sweet. What a meanie Dr. G is!! I think dishes are a very natural and beautiful addition to a library! What IS he thinking? LOL Thank goodness Ray doesn't know what Etsy is-he would think this was a VERY good idea
    xoxo Pattie

  18. I can't believe I see my dishes on your blog. We bought a set of these years ago. I only have a couple of bowls and dessert plates left. They look so pretty on your table.


  19. Your tablescape is wonderful, Michael, so whimsical and spring like. I've got my eye on your sweet egg plate. Dishes take up so much space. I don't have a square inch left in my kitchen.

  20. Gollum, such a darling tablescape. I love the rooster as your centerpiece. He is a beauty. Like you've, we've seen sunshine each day and spring like temperatures. The roads are a muddy mess, but the snow is melting, the birds are singing so all's right with the world. Good luck with your etsy shop. I'm heading over to check it out.. hugs ~lynne~

  21. all your beautiful photos made me simply want to pull out a chair at your table and have a seat! so what's for brunch???

  22. I took out allmy platware today and thought heavily about putting them up on esty.

    Unfortunately, I am kinda lazy and dont think I will.

    Always enjoy your spaces.

    Mr.Goodwill Hunting

  23. Thank you for your nice compliment on my tassels...I really appreciate it! I have been following you for over a year now and your talent is simply amazing! Kristen

  24. Your table is just gorgeous...Love your Rooster!!!!! thanks for sharing..Pat H

  25. One day one of your giveaways should be a luncheon invitation with you! :)

  26. Ooh, I love that you used red... a color usually not associated with spring. Pretty!

    Off to see your shop!

    Justine :o )

  27. Wow! I love this look. The white on the red is always stunning and the weight of the bedspread adds to the casual look of the table. The white rooster looks all haughty & proud strutting his stuff there on the table. Watch he doesn't stir things up.
    Oh Yes. Love that copper pan.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  28. Change is always great when it helps you to be more organized and empowered!!!! Beautiful job.
    Thanks for your made me smile!
    Happy Spring!

  29. Hi Michael!

    What a fun and cheery table! And I can completely understand jut "having" to do a tablescape to celebrate the sun! Everything looks wonderful!