Thursday, April 8, 2010

Foodie Friday Survival

I don't know about you, but I've gained weight since Foodie Friday began. Just viewing the delicious recipes sends me waddling to the kitchen for instant gratification: potato chips, cheddar goldfish, cookies, even Little Debbie Hostess Cakes.
This week, I decided to arm myself with low-calorie nibbles. Grapes are 100% out because they're toxic to dogs. Kettle Popcorn has small 100 calorie bags--not bad (but it's a little sweet, which can be good if you are in the mood for that).
My mother, who is very thin, says that vegetables are always a safe bet.

So I settled on hummus (70 calories per 2 tablespoons) and cut-up vegetables.

Bandwidth hates hummus (that's okay, more for moi) but he kindly posed.

I'm a little behind this week. My husband just got out of the hospital today (we thought he had appendicitis but it wasn't--yay!). The winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow.
If you are participating in this week's Foodie Friday, Mr. Linky awaits your permalink.


  1. You always have such gorgeous pics of your food- kudos to you eating your veggies!!! Would be so fun to eat without worrying about those pesky pounds.

  2. oh thats so pretty and fresh and green... i am right in from the garden and filthy, debating how to get in a shower when its up more stairs... and dinner? forget it, i bet i have cocoa crispies and sulk tonight... lucky you, FRESH PRETTY FOOD!

  3. Oh Michael! I am so sorry! Hope all is well with Dr. G. Hummus is a staple here and my rail- thin boys LIVE on cut up veggies. I have strange children :) Gorgeous pics as always
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Michael Lee, Your were taught right by a very smart Mama! And I know what you mean about putting on weight. Since I've been blogging it has gotten very ugly. I joined WW on Wednesday. So your veggies and hummus come just in time. The pictures make them look so delicious!
    Thanks for hosting- and your rustic upside-down cake came out fabulous. The girls in my bible study group loved it! Thanks!

  5. There's just something about spring that makes you want to eat lighter....of course it could be the thought of the shorts and bathing suits coming up. :) In any case, these look delicious and paired with the humus....gotta work it into the menus!

  6. Just to make you feel better, we eat salads almost every night during the week so we can splurge on the weekend. A little protein but mostly salad! Sadly, I have almost no metabolism these days.

    I love hummus and make it almost weekly! Better idea to dip veggies instead of pita chips ;)

    I didn't realize about your husband! What a scare - I do hope he's alright. Sending good thoughts your way.

  7. Michael, you can make even ordinary vegetables look GOOD! Since I don't have any hummus, I think I grab a bag of popcorn. You've made me hungry. :)

  8. We are trying to watch the food intake around here as well. Love your idea with the hummus. Hope all is well with your husband!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  9. I've never tried hummus, it looks yummy though.
    Glad your hubby is okay!
    Thanks for hosting!

    btw - did you get my email with my info for the photo contest?

  10. Your beautiful photography even makes the low cal stuff look delicious!

  11. You make these veggies look delicious!

  12. Something I have been doing lately is substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream in dips...for veggie dipping

  13. Liz--yes, I got it, thanks!

    Dr. Bigness thanks everyone for the well wishes. He hasn't been this sick in years, but he's so much better tonight. He's eating mashed potatoes and watching CSI.

  14. LOL at Bandy! So sweet of him to "pose" for you! The pictures are beautiful and the Hummus looks wonderful! I adore it! Thanks for everything!!

  15. I love hummus. It usually doesn't stick around too long at our house, we all devour it. Your pics are beautiful.

    Hope all is well with your hubby.

  16. I hope your husband is feeling better!

    Hummus is a favorite at our house, even my 3 yo likes it, but he wants to dip "wheat things" in it instead of veggies.

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous and now I am starving. I love Hummus and veggies. I also make a lot of Greek yogurt dip with veggies. I'm glad there was no appendicitis . I took Oliver to the emergency room a few months ago we thought thats what he had, luckily everything was ok.
    He is on my blog today, his busy schedule didn't allow anytime this week for blogging :) but he'll be back next week I hope!
    Have a nice evening

  18. Your hummus looks wonderful. Hummus was my son's best friend while he was vegan. Thankfully that's behind us. I'm glad Dr. G is out of the hospital.

  19. First you, now your dh! I hope everyone feels better soon!
    Get yourself some of those sugar free Jello double choc puddings..make sure it's the double..with a little dab of cool whip lite, or even the stuff in the is full of air..:)
    It is pretty good and satisfies that need for a little sweet..
    I'll pass on the hummus too!
    Gollums, get well!

  20. Hello there dear Micael Lee,

    Thanks so much for your sweet words when you visited my blog for last week's 'Foodie Friday'..,

    I love your emphasis this week on healthy food; I adore hummus and fresh veges! You've inspired me; also your food presentation is fabulous!~ What lively, vibrant colours those beautiful veges have and are!

    I have used several fresh lemons in my tablescape vignette this week as I adore the colour, the look, texture and shape of the citrus fruit. I also enjoy the scent, taste and culinary aspects of fresh lemon! Fresh lemons are also great as a cleaner to freshen the hands when, after and during cooking and prep of various foods incertain instances..,

    I'm glad that the good doctor, your husband is fine after all!!

    Please feel most welcome to visit my blog whenever you are able Micael!..,

    Cheers from Wanad Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  21. Happy Friday! My favorite meme and day of the week. Love the way you did up the humus. Now that's more enticing!

  22. I've never tried hummus either. Looks good! Your photos are superb. You must have a great macro lens.

  23. It's gorgeous Michael! DH isn't wild about hummus, but our son and I adore it. Thank you for the reminder that I haven't made it in a while. Your presentation is so vibrant and fresh...yum!

    In the meantime, I'm also eyeing your drool-worthy Nectarine & Berry Upside Down Cake just below.
    Oooh that looks SOO good as well. xo

  24. I'm still eating leftover cookies, but the veggies are on my "to do" list....again...sigh :) Glad the appendicitis was a false alarm! Hope he feels better. Great pics!

  25. Your hummus looks wonderful. Hope hubby is feeling better...Pat H

  26. I love your blog and it makes me feel more sophisticated to link to it each week! Thanks so much for hosting us!

  27. Mr. Sweet and I eat a lot of veggies. I like them best raw or roasted...but if they are roasted, I like olive oil, salt, pepper..the works so I guess they aren't all that good for you roasted. OK, back to raw...
    WONDERFUL photos...
    and so glad Dr. Big is ok.

  28. The comment from "luke" is just me--:) Grown children checking their email :)

  29. Sending good wishes to your dear husband. I love hummus and your photographs are terrific!

  30. I am so glad to hear that your dear Hubby is OK. I hope that you both use the weekend to relax and heal.

    Thanks so much for having me again this week and for sharing these great pictures. I just love close up of the broccoli!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  31. Such willpower! It does look pretty, but I'll stand with Bandwith on this one. Give me the Little Debbie cupcakes that you have left over - I'm afraid I've given up! (So glad it wasn't appendicitis) laurie

  32. Now you wave some hummus at me, and I am THERE. A favorite at That Old House! I'm too lazy to make my own anymore, so I buy it by the bucket at Trader Joe's. Good, and cheap.
    Happy FF!

  33. ACK! Forgot to say -- I'm glad your husband is home from the hospital, glad it wasn't appendicitis -- and that whatever it was is GONE and won't come back!
    Stay well... Cass

  34. I've only eat hummus with bread. I haven't tried it with vegetable. I love veges dip. Looks wonderful and yummy!

  35. Hi, this is my first time and I hope I have done everything correctly! Some of the nicest people who visit my blogs seem to come here on Fridays so here I am. Would love to have more friends like them! It is a wonderful idea, thank you for having me. Julieta

  36. We love veggies and dip - thanks for the inspiration! And thank you for hosting!

  37. That hummus looks yummy...I love your lighting on your pics! Glad your hubby is doing well & is home~
    Thanks for hosting :-)

  38. Michael...I am 10lbs up from last year at this time !!!
    It's definitely BLOG weight! I'm working on trimming down too! The humus looks AH-MAZ_ing!
    All Things Heart and Home

  39. Kudos to you! I need to jump on this bandwagon - and I do love hummus.

    Thank you for hosting. I'm glad your husband is okay.

  40. I am glad your hubby's out of the hospital, Michael.I hope he is ok. Your food photos are so beautiful, so appetizing. That's what I should eat too cause I keep gaining weight.....Christine

  41. I am trying to get off 3 lbs. because I cook stuff like this pasta recipe with heavy cream etc.

    All the food looks wonderful.

  42. Morning Michael,
    sorry to hear about your hubby being in the hospital, but so glad to hear he didn't have to have an appendectomy!! That humus looks so good with the scallions and peppers on top, very appetizing. Your mom is so right about the veggies. My scales had gone up a few pounds from all the desserts I ate my birthday week, so I started it on Monday eating more fruits and veggies, and I am back to the low end of my normal range as of yesterday, so it only took 4 days.
    I eat cucumber and onion sandwiches on wholegrain bread with laughing cow swiss cheese spread cause it is a delicious way
    to eat some veggies. I like that Roasted red pepper hummus too. In fact, after seeing yours with the veggies on top, I want some!! lol
    It really is so good for you!
    Make sure to eat fruit too, because that will curb your sweet tooth!!
    Have missed your news I know why since hubby was in the hospital. Course, I am sure it takes a lot to put it together and some times are more busy than others that is for sure.
    Have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  43. Sorry to hear your hubby was in hospital, Michael.
    J had his appendix out about 4 years ago (he was 60). At the time, he was told by our physician and a couple of other doctors, he saw at the hospital, Appendicitis is a young person's ailment. He bragged about having that particular surgery to everyone! Of course, he always told folks the "young" part of the story.

    The hummus looks delish...this is just the kind of meal I truly enjoy!

  44. Sorry your husband ended up in the hospital, and glad he is doing better. I like a good hummus, but my problem is that I don't know when to stop eating it when I get started. I also blame my weight gain on seeing all the great looking food out there. :-)

  45. Hi Michael Lee!
    I LOVE hummus! I put it on everything!
    (Have you had it on warm pasta? of course, then it's not low cal...but Mmmm so good!}

    I like how you 'dressed it up.' It usually disappears too fast for me to dress it... but I'll try to keep them away while I add those goodies!
    * * *
    Glad your husband is well! Have a restful weekend!
    Thank you for all you do for us 'out here.'

  46. More beautiful fresh food! Veggies you say? No wonder your mom is thin. LOL I need to do more of the veggie snacking and less of the popcorn.
    Hope DR is doing well. We have to keep the men in our lives healthy. :-)

  47. We love hummus and veggies, I just need to eat more of that and less of the TWD sweets. I hope your husband has a speedy recovery.

  48. I could exist on hummus .... exist! Fresh tomatoes, pita bread, a little olive oil ~ heaven! Best get well wishes to Dr. G!

  49. Hope Mr. Big is doing ok now.
    Vegetables I love all of them.
    Have a great week-end.

  50. Glad I found your blog. I love how you photograph your recipes. Just scrumptious looking. I'm a new follower. Glad you posted veggies today. I'm going that route too. Deb

  51. I am so drooling! The hummus looks SO good! I love anything to do with hummus, thanks!

  52. I could gain weight just by looking at these gorgeous pictures!

    So glad your hubby is ok!

  53. Now you've got me craving both Kettle Corn & veggies!! LOL
    Beautiful photos, as always, Michael.

    I'm so glad to know it wasn't anything serious affecting Dr. Big. Doctors make the worst patients...ask me how I know! ~insert rolled eyes~

  54. Found this by accident and coincidentally posted a recipe today...Yay!
    I now will never be able to say I can't think of what to make for dinner!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies from Pinkpixieforest

  55. So happy to have found your blog! It's beautiful. Thanks for hosting this great party. I'll be back - I'm your newest follower :)

  56. I love hummus. I have to make my own because I don't really eat much garlic and generally the restaurant/store varieties are loaded with it. I may have to eat nothing but when I get home from my parent's house. My mom is out of the hospital, but I'm staying a few weeks. She has only been hungry for restaurant food, not real food. I can't imagine how many calories I've eaten...hopefully, the stress is taking care of some of them:)


  57. I'm glad to hear your husband's okay. My family loves humus - yours looks fantastic.

  58. Love hummus... so good and filling and so small a calorie count.

  59. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I read your informative and well-written blog. Look foraward to following you here. Have a great day! Cheers!

  60. So sorry to hear you husband has been in the hospital. Me too, on the weight thing. It's a curse to love food so much! Hummus is a great choice and I love the one with sundried tomatoes in olive oil...which takes away the low calorie status! It's so hard to lose the weight yet so easy to gain:(

  61. You could make a bowl of gruel look mouth how you dress up your food! I can't wait to get my cake pan...neither can hubby...says I don't bake for him enough!

  62. I am truly sorry that your husband had to be in the hospital, but am VERY glad that he's out now!

    I am soooo loving hummus and veggies right now, too!

    And I'm on the weight loss bandwagon...I can't stand that I am as it seems so cliche....but I have MASSIVE hypothyroid/pituitary problems right now with the metabolism of a 109 year old woman (that's a quote from my Dr.) so I HAVE to eat well!

    As always, your photos are AMAZING!!

    Have a blessed day and continued recovery prayers/wishes for your husband,

  63. What amazing photography! And I want to let you know I have gained weight since I started doing blogging afternoon teas - gotta make all the savories and scones, and well, you can't let them go to waste (so instead they go to waist)!

  64. Awesome photos of a great looking hummus! A nice healthy foodie friday. Hope your husband is recovering quickly.