Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foodie Friday

Photo: Bacon chutney from Rattlebridge's kitchen.
It's been a wild week here at Bald Hill Farm. I'm the head nurse in the Yorkie Hospital, and I'm doing my best to help Zap with his blood glucose, which has been on a roller coaster ride for the past few weeks. My husband accidentally stabbed his finger with the insulin needle, and on impulse, we checked his blood sugar. It was almost as high as Zap's.
(I won't mention Dr. G's weight. Or mine.)
So we started an ADA diet today. I had to take away the poor guy's sugar, Reeses Cups, sweet tea, and Little Debbie Hostess cakes. And he hates Splenda. But I'm confident that we'll get his weight and glucose down.
Tonight I prepared chicken salad and low-cal dressing.

I suppose this is somewhat food related because my granddaughter found Acquainted With the Night, my latest novel, in a North Carolina Harris Teeter. What a cutie! Her parents report that Annabel is a great junior publicist--she even sold a copy!
I've been on a virtual book tour, and I've enjoyed writing guest posts about the science of vampirism. It's not food related, but if you're interested, you can read Jude Barrett's research journal (it isn't in the novel, by the way)online. Just click on The Science of Vampirism. To be sure, I put my RN degree to good use while I figured out the physiology of a vampire.

I've also blogged about the European settings, writing habits, and how Daphne Du Maurier's Manderley influenced the homes (and one vampire mansion) in my fiction.
If you'd like your funny bone tickled, check out the tongue-in-cheek post at Rabid Reads about how to shop for a vampire. Hint: a hot item at Toys-R-US is a talking Dracula doll, who says such phrases as, "Bring me a bat, Renfield" and "Miss Lucy is smokin' hot!"
This review gives good insight into AWTN without giving away any spoilers (after all, it's a thriller and a mystery).

Today my editor at St. Martin's, the divine Jen Enderlin, told me that Gone With a Handsomer Man was selected as one of the best cozy mystery novels of 2011 by Suspense Magazine in their annual round-up. The GWAHM paperback will arrive in stores on Valentine's Day 2012, followed by the sequel, A Teeny Bit of Trouble in April. Here's a peek at the cover--love the white kitchen:

They used a white kitchen for the photo shoot. Isn't that cool?


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  1. Thanks for hosting another delicious party! :) Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Hi Michael...I ordered a few of your older books from Amazon today...not willing to give into the electronic readers yet...theres just something about holding a book in your hands.
    Regards, Susan

  3. Just an FYI regarding the blood sugar issues you have going on. At my DH's physical last year his blood sugar was high. A year of exercise (mainly walking and carrying on the golf course)and adding cinnamon with chromium to his diet and his numbers were very much improved at his physical this past week. I'm sure your husband knows this - but it does work!

    Love your adorable book seller ;)

  4. Love the cover of the white kitchen and teeny bit of trouble. Your chicken salad is my kind of meal.

    Thank you for hosting another wonderful Foodie Friday. You might want to skip the cranberry maple syrup I brought to the party today if anyone is on a diet...but it's great for a special holiday breakfast, especially with cornmeal pancakes.

  5. Hi,
    I shared my amazing grain-free carrot cake and my holiday butternut squash.

  6. That salad looks delish! Also, I found I really like Truvia sweetener, it doesn't have that weird after taste and it doesn't mess with your brain functions. Anyway... give it a try. Have you seen my other blog about tasty recipes for weight loss? If you want the link, msg. me on Facebook and I'll send you the link...
    Take care there

  7. What a delicious looking salad here. Instead of splenda, try stevia. I like the whole foods liquid and use stevia in the raw for baking. Happy blood sugars!

  8. Congratulations on your award from Suspense Magazine! Gone with a Handsomer Man is one of my favourite books from this year (I'm working on a review of it now) so I'm really pleased for you. Looking forward to the new book!

    Thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend. Hope Zap's blood sugar stabilises soon!

  9. I have your book on my list for books this year... one of these days I'll get the time to read a book that's not about food!!! Good luck with the blood sugar... love Susan's rec about cinnamon, who knew???

  10. What a cutie indeed :) I love that she sold a copy! I hope your husband gets his sugar under control, there is a new sweetener called Fibrelle that tastes like sugar and doesn't leave an after taste. I hope Zap is doing well too. Have a wonderful weekend...oh and I LOVE the cover of the new book! I can't wait for it be released :)

  11. That salad looks so good! I love the combo of greens w/ grilled meats & a bit of fruit to round it out. Your grandgirl is so adorable! She should hang around the book section more often. LOL

    Sorry about Dr G. There's a product called Sun Crystals that's half stevia and half sugar. It's not as bad as d/c'ing sugar cold turkey.

    Thanks again for hosting! Hope you have a joyous, peaceful weekend! (Hugs to Zap, too!)

  12. Sorry to hear about your stressful times there with Dr. G and Zap. If it's any consolation, I stab myself every time we do inoculations here at our farm and haven't caught anything yet from our goats, llamas, etc. I always tell myself that I am helping to boost my immune system! :) Anyway... I shared a Parga beef sliders recipe, a moist and delicious fruit cake recipe, and a sauerkraut recipe today. Thank you for hosting us again and have a great week!

  13. Good Morning. I am sharing a fun muffin recipe using raw millet. Not only is the texture a delightful surprise but these muffins are actually super nutritious.

  14. I'm late again but glad to be here at your wonderful linky ... Pat

  15. Hi. Your photography is always gorgeous! I shared a pecan tassies recipe today. Thank you for hosting us again and have a great week!

  16. What a gorgeous salad!!! Hope those blood sugars get stabilized...

  17. Congratulations on your award. Your grandaughter is getting so big what a doll. Can't wait for thenew book....have a great week Pat H

  18. the chicken salad looks so good, I love the apples peaking out. Yummy,yum, yum! Richard from My Old Historic House.