Friday, February 17, 2012

Decorating With Vegetables

I'm fond of decorating with vegetables.
When my husband brought me an orchid bouquet, I immediately put the fragrant stems into a vase with brussels sprouts. He wasn't surprised. After 33 years of marriage, he knows how I am.
 Contrasts are pleasing to my eye--playful polka-dotted plates, regal, pinkish-purple orchids, and lowly root vegetables.

I've used asparagus, new potatoes, peppers, cranberries, crab apples and celery in floral arrangments.
But today, I turned limes into small vases.

Lime Vases
4 limes

Slice off the top of each lime. Poke stem-sized holes into the pulp. To keep your vase from rolling off the table, slice off the bottom of the lime. Add flowers.

Edible accessories are popular at Rattlebridge Farm. True, they aren't everlasting (except they do seem to stick around forever on my hips), but who can resist a petit four?
They add a sweet, beguiling touch, don't they?

When I was a little girl, my mother would stack her dishes on the sideboard. I loved the interesting edges...and I still do. It's like playing dress up, but with dishes.

For this tablescape, I paired Spode dishes with vintage white pottery and Rachael Ray salad plates.

Aren't they fun? Layers upon a ruffled ballgown.

The table is set. The sun is shining.
It's time to eat.
Chickpea Salad (from the Publix deli) is all dressed up in a nest of purple cabbage.

Won't you join me for lunch?

Light Luncheon Menu

Chickpea Salad
Pita Squares
Deviled Bacon Eggs
Sliced Tomatoes
Lemon Iced Tea
Petit fours and espresso

This is a Pink Saturday and a Metamorphosis Monday contribution.

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  1. I'd love to join you for lunch. Your table is a delight. I'd like to sit in the sunshine and look at the lovely orchids and Brussels Sprouts!

  2. What a beautiful setting. I was instantly drawn in with the green (my favorite color). Brussel sprouts, limes and fresh the combination. Have a great weekend.

  3. Such beautiful vignettes! My husband would rather Brussels Sprouts as a decoration than a food any day :)

  4. Such a fresh and beautiful setting! I love decorating with fruits and veggies. They last longer too! Have a wonderful weekend.
    XO Cindy

  5. Absolutely beautiful; the orchids and sprouts are stunning: who knew?

  6. Oh those colors are just so springy and lovely! I just love your style. I have to do something with the chicken thawing in the fridge, but you've inspired me to do something really pretty with the table.

  7. Love, love, love the idea of using Brussels sprouts in your vase. Must do that sometime!! Hope you have a great weekend.


  8. Such a beautiful table,fabulous ideas, and the menu, oh my. I adore chickpeas. Always have a can or two in the pantry. I love them in a salad. xo

  9. How Pretty - Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Lunch sounds yummy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. This is one of the best uses of green I have seen yet! Gorgeous table...

  11. Lovely! and the menu sounds wonderful!

  12. Your table looks delicious!! The lime green dishes and lime vases are just gorgeous together!! Great look and I love the orchids with brussels sprouts!!
    Miss Bloomers

  13. I LOVE this. The colors are gorgeous, who would have thought that orchids and brussel sprouts would make such lovely companions! AND you have a Publix near you! My SIL is a plant manager at their dairy products plant in Lakeland. I haven't been able to talk them into locating some of their stores in SW MS.:)

  14. I'd be delighted to join you for lunch at this gorgeous sunlit table. The mix of orchids and brussel sprouts is perfect, as are the petit lime vases. Like you, I like to stack the pates and admire the different textures of the edges. Never thought of it as layers of a ball gown. Great analogy! I'll be revisiting this one often. ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend. Rainy here, but that's a good thing in TX. ~ sarah

  15. What a fabulous table setting, just love how you've used those sprouts! (An idea I may be forced to copy...)

  16. Hi! I love fresh brussell sprouts so I am not sure they would make it into an arrangement with me! Ha Ha! You have some beautiful treasures here. I am happy to visit and wish you a HPS! Anne

  17. I love the contrasts! The GORGEOUS chargers and the more simpler plates with the stunning orchids. PLEASE tell me where you got the chargers, I am in love! Stacking dishes makes any table SO elegant to me. Wish I had been there to share lunch, sounds wonderful. XO, Pinky

  18. Green is my favorite color, the table is gorgeous. Be right there~~~`

    Mary L

  19. Lee,

    You gave such and eye for color and composition. I love this table. And the afoot looks like I can eat it off the screen.

  20. I'm still collecting pieces to use in Tablescapes. Lee's are beautiful. I love green too.

  21. I'm still collecting pieces to use in Tablescapes. Lee's are beautiful. I love green too.

  22. love the orchids - my sister's house has a huge collection of of my fav flowers, so delicate and feminine.

    i love the lime idea - so adorable...!! love it !!

  23. Oh those brussels sprouts with your orchid stems~ and your lime vases provide the perfect little punch of color! I love your green & white table with the sunlight streaming in, especially delightful & cheery on a rainy, dreary day :)

  24. I would love to lunch on that beautiful table! You did a wonderful job mixing the greens and all of your tableware is fabulous!!

  25. What a gorgeous table! The centerpiece is lovely and all your layers of dishes. I would be so happy to lunch on such elegant and pretty table. Hugs,

  26. I wish I could have joined you for lunch. Everything looks lovely - and delicious.

    And, I can never resist a petit four.♥

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  27. This is the most beautiful tablescape--I love all the flowers in February, and the limes used to hold flowers--very clever! Love your gorgeous selection of dishes.