Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Farmhouse Valentine Table

Winter is like a mean-spirited visitor who hates your cooking yet eats every last crumb. Winter is a guest who has given too little and stayed too long. For the first time in weeks, I awoke to blazing sunlight and knew for sure that spring wasn't far away.

Sometimes I begin a tablesetting with dishes, but today I put a red coverlet over the table. Then I gathered the Bird House pottery.

I'm not always successful with themes, but I tried to stay faithful to the rooster motiff. I bought the white ceramic rooster at a discount store. He was sitting in the window--but the store was closed. I went by every single day to check on him. Then, one morning while my husband and I were running errands, we noticed the store was open. I dashed in, bought Mr. Rooster, and carried him home on my lap!

Tulips came from Publix. The napkins are from K-Mart (Christmassy, but perfect for Valentine's, too).
The salad and dinner plates have the same design.
Don't you love the details? If you look closely, you will see a sign that says
 "Keep Off the Grass!"

The "Birdhouse" dishes are a discontinued pattern by Thomson Pottery.

How is your weather today?
Wherever you are, I hope it's sunny.


  1. So pretty. One of these days, I'm going to set a pretty table.

  2. Love the white rooster on the table. Check out my new blog, you may eventually see a real rooster there. You will definitely see lots of cows.

  3. It IS sunny and going up to 50! Not bad for Feb in NY. Perfect day for the Giants Parade.
    Your table is lovely, I love the hint of plaid. The plates are adorable and definitely summon thoughts of Spring! But I must banish those thoughts lest I be surprised by a February blizzard!
    Winter has been a good guest this year. Hardly know it is here!
    Enjoy the sun, I will!

  4. Good morning, ladies! So happy to see y'all this morning! Coming to visit you right now before. The day presses in. I wish it would just NOT do that. Lol

  5. Very Pretty!
    Sunny and 46 right now. I need to do a little clean up outside, but need it to warm up a little more.
    Enjoy the sunshine. :D

  6. It's a beautiful day here in Chapel Hill, N.C. The temps are pleasant..a light sweater kind of day!..Your table is gorgeous as ever...The rooster so proudly reins over the table. I love the dishes..they are so cheerful and sets the tone for Spring. I also love those white pitchers..the flowers are perfect in them! Enjoy your day!!

  7. Hi
    Just want to say I love your new look! Your blog is my go-to blog everyday. Thanks for the beauty you bring to my world.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  8. Love your sweet birdhouse dishes! It was SUNNY here today and a welcome sight! I love it streaming in~ making patterns on your red table! ♥

  9. I'm so glad your posting tablescapes and all that fun stuff again. Welcome back!

  10. Michael, this is sooo pretty! I love your rooster...he was a great find! Love all the red!