Monday, February 20, 2012

Twigs and Cabbage: A St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

This rustic Irish tablescape was inspired by a pot of cabbage soup that was bubbling in the kitchen. I used grapevine wreaths as chargers and began layering the dishes.

I collect green pottery--cabbages, artichokes, leaves--
and I crammed as many pieces as I could onto the table.
Vintage green glassware became mini-vases, and I added raffia ribbons to each stem.

The sun blasted into the breakfast room, a welcome change after a cloudy weekend.

I baked cupcakes, but I didn't have green sugar sprinkles.
So I made my own.
(Check back tomorrow for a short tutorial.)

St. Patrick's Day will be here soon, so I will be sharing more tablescapes, along with Irish cooking. I hope you'll join me.

Menu for an Irish Supper
Cabbage soup
Potato bread (bread machine)
Touch o' Green Jell-O salad
Tea with a hint of lime

A Tablescape Thursday contribution.

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  1. Lovely table as always! Green is my favorite color any time of year and it is lovely on your table and in your decor. I would love green dishes.

    Mary L

  2. As usual, its just beautiful. I love all the textures. I am gathering wreaths to use as chargers for my Easter table. The ones I am finding are too thick, so I think I am going to venture out to my Dad's farm and cut some grapevine and make my own. :) I love all of your vintage stemware. I would love to go "shopping" in your home. Hope you are well. Blessings, Barb

  3. Gorgeous table as always. Love using the wreaths as chargers, have been searching for some for the same use! Love the green glassware, another thing I ahve been searching for. Have glasses but want STEMS! XO, Pinky

  4. Your tables are always so lovely and well put together. You make it look effortless which is a true talent! Simply Splendid! I love coming here!
    devoted follower
    XO Cindy

  5. Love the twig chargers! The whole table is perfect and so is the menu!

  6. Very Pretty! I like all the different textures mixed. My table is always to cluttered to set.
    Did you get any of the snow yesterday?

  7. I am loving all the green you have done lately! Beautiful table...

  8. Mmmm, yummy! And beautiful, as always!

  9. Green is your thing! and you do it beautifully! You had me at twigs. Great table.

  10. That is an awesome tablescape!

    How great would that exact table be under a giant shady oak tree with slight dappled light shining through?

    It looks magical. LOVE it.

  11. Oh I'm loving your table with that gorgeous light dancing across the tablecloth & dishes! Your mossy grapevine chargers are wonderful with your cabbages & artichokes :)

  12. What a perfect table for St. Patrick's Day! I have some lovely cabbage plates I should dig out and use before it comes and goes! I love the twig "chargers" and of course your wonderful cupcakes go perfectly. Wish I had one to sink my teeth into now!

  13. Love your green glasses! They are so vibrant and a pleasing color of green. The cabbage centerpiece was a neat idea. But my favorite would be the flowers on the plates!

  14. Wow, you are whipping up these tables quickly. Love the chargers. The whole table is beautiful, and your pictures are wonderful!

  15. Wow, you are whipping up these tables quickly. Love the chargers. The whole table is beautiful, and your pictures are wonderful!

  16. Wow, you are whipping up these tables quickly. Love the chargers. The whole table is beautiful, and your pictures are wonderful!

  17. Is it safe to assume that you are really looking forward to St. Patrick's Day this year? :-) This is a beautiful table. I especially like the grapevine wreath chargers. I haven't used mine yet, so it's nice to see your creation. I love it that you don't feel the need to bow to convention when it comes to setting a table. That's what makes the art of tablescaping an art!

  18. Love the table...spring the tigs are are so talented...

  19. We love St. Patrick's day around here. Our daughter's birthday is March 14th and she always requests corned beef and cabbage....and all the trimmings. I'm going to have to make your wonderful cupcakes! Love the sparkling green upon this festive table.

  20. What a beautiful tablescape this is--I love the vintage green glassware and the dishes layered in particular!