Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foodie Friday: Kitchen Elements

San Jose Res 2 traditional kitchen

Welcome to Foodie Friday.
Great cooks can be found in a kitchen. Great cooks can be self-taught, learn from an experienced friend or family member, or take professional courses. Great cooks are sometimes born, but more likely, it takes time and many experiments.
But what makes a great kitchen?
It goes without saying that good food can be created on a campfire. Bad food can come out of a magazine-quality room,equipped with a Wolf range and Sub-Zero fridge.
What is your ideal kitchen?
What are your must-have elements?
Equipment? Design? Natural light? Storage?
Old world elegance meets todays todays contemporary space requirements traditional kitchen

A clean, crisp room? White cabinets? Uncluttered counters?
Plush seating?
A Cooks Paradise traditional kitchen

Do you need cookbooks, a view, or colorful pottery?
A gentle reminder to "relax?"
Kathleen Burke Design traditional home office
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  1. Can't wait to see pictures of your new kitchen at Rattlebridge Farm. I just know it is going to be fabulous.

    Mary L

  2. Yes, for sure natural light and a great view will help set the mood. Plenty of prep space, counters or tables for chopping, folding, etc.

  3. I'm partial to natural light in a kitchen or any room for that matter. Lots of counter space and storage. Guess I want it all.

    Thanks for hosting Foodie Friday. I brought a Mediterranean tuna salad and also I'm having a give-away.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Natural light is #1 on my list. As well as a center island and a walk in pantry. My last couple kitchens have had dark cabinets - next time we build, I'm going all white. Also, I don't think I'd want to be without granite counters, and over the past 7 years I've learned that I absolutely despise tile floors with grout.

  5. My ideal would be a large country kitchen with a huge island and enough counter space to have Ina's big glass flour/sugar etc. jars displayed. Especially since my counter is 2'x2' now:@)

  6. Love the kitchens you posted! I love tone on tone with lots of warmth and a country-French feel! I can't wait to design my dream house and dream kitchen (we're military, so I have a while!).... Anyway, I'm a new follower and so glad to be here....thanks for hosting!

  7. Thank you so much for the party! I was drooling over the kitchen pictures...all I have is a windowless, 5x5 feet kitchen :(

  8. These kitchens are what my dreams are made of. *sigh*

  9. The perfect Kitchen would have all the best design elements especially cabinet space, flooring, countertops,the walls, & of course lighting.
    Thank you for hosting.

  10. Thanks for hosting, Michael Lee. I like lots of counter space, a pantry, and the kitchen has to be functional, but aesthetically pleasing to me. I have new granite counters and I LOVE them with a black granite sink that is wonderful. I don't know what the perfect floor is for a kitchen, but tile gets nicked when things drop. Yikes!!!

  11. Those are some really great kitchens...My next improvement for my kitchen will be to replace the gas cooktop that has a door cabinet underneath with a great Wolf stove...That would be my dream...and then people will think..."hey, she must be a great cook with that gorgeous stove"!!!!....Works every time with my great mixer..."hmm, with a great mixer like that, she must be a fabulous baker!"...

  12. What beautiful kitchens! Such a lot of gorgeous inspiration! Thank you for hosting. This week I have shared my Oatmeal Coconut Crispies, lovely cookies you can store ready to bake in the freezer, so you are never more than 15 minutes away from a fresh, hot cookie!

  13. Loved the first one, for some reason, something about the white and the pale green tile worked for me.
    Deciding what to do is hard. I know your kitchen will be magnificent whichever way you decide to go!

  14. Loved the first one, for some reason, something about the white and the pale green tile worked for me.
    Deciding what to do is hard. I know your kitchen will be magnificent whichever way you decide to go!

  15. Enough counter space and a good cutting area is all I need in a kitchen. Where I live some of the most beautiful looking kitchens are the ones that are never used.

  16. I love white kitchens with black countertops. I love my kitchen, but I wish it was about twice it's size!

  17. Hi, this is my first linky party-- and I've linked to my very first post! I love your blog because I'm an aspiring writer. Thank you so much for hosting!
    My ideal kitchen? I don't need a Sub-Zero fridge or designer oven, but natural light makes all the difference!
    By the way-- beautiful photos! :)

  18. The Traditional Kitchen Design is my favorite!
    A new kitchen is wonderful!
    Excited to see the finished product!!

    Have a sunny day!

  19. I love the 3rd kitchen, but they are all gorgeous! This is my first time linking up here! Thanks for hosting!!

  20. Hi Micheal Lee! Oh, what pretty kitchens. I guess I'm on the band wagon with the third kitchen too! Can't wait to see yours!
    Hope you're doing well. I baked a cake so I wanted to join the foodie party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. I would take either one of those kitchens. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  22. Love all your inspirational kitchen pics. The 2nd pic has my name written all over it!

    Quick reminder about my upcoming annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 8th ~ AND I'm having a great giveaway right now, so come on over and enter!


  23. All beautiful kitchens!

    While I love white cabinets, there is just something impractical about them since any speck of dirt, dust or food splatter would be painfully obvious. And I'd drive myself crazy keeping them clean.


    Good luck on your kitchen...

  24. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! It beats my cramped one all to heck. lol