Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Renovation Update

 The old-new kitchen has a beadboard ceiling.



Now let's move outside.
Last week I was contemplating a bold change with the garage doors. After perusing some inspiration photos at Houzz,
I got the hair-brained idea to paint the doors a dark,
almost-black gray.
 Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
Many of you left comments and told me to go for it.
So I did.
**Note: The middle door is dented**

A small idea becomes a big change.
 And I really like it.
However, another "Urbane Bronze" project was a washout.
I'd considered painting the bathroom cabinets this color;
just to be safe, I did a sample:
I didn't think the paint would be such a horrid clash
with the black tile inserts, but it was.
Thank goodness I tested a sample area.
We tried SW's "Creamy" on the walls, too, as the current color
is too yellow. I've used "Creamy" in the foyer/dining room
and loved it. However, it looked sterile in the bathroom:
Next, I'll try SW's Moderate White on the walls, 
a color that my friend Allison used in her home.
It's a soft, adaptable creamy beige
and looks great with the bathroom tile.
 SW's Moderate White

As an example, this room has been painted "Moderate White."

For the cabinets, I'll try a swatch of SW's "Caviar."

 Another look at the bathroom.

I'm already having doubts. 
Caviar might be overwhelming,
and the granite counters might get lost.
Or it could be beautiful.
That's the mystique of paint: you have to try and try again.
And, in my zeal to create calm, neutral spaces,
I shouldn't forget about the lovely, timeless virtues of color.
 photo courtesy of Houzz

 Photo courtesy of Houzz
I'll see you later with a progress report.


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  1. I said today that I might have to break down and bake my own darn cookie cause there has been NO SIGN of the cookie fairy around here:) I am going to just go buy some cupcakes tomorrow....and some flowers!!! The kitchen is going to be gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE the garage doors and hope you find a color you like for the bathroom. XO, Pinky

  2. HA!!! Just read your post to the spammers!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


  3. The beadboard on the kitchen ceiling looks great!! I love the color you chose for the garage doors too. It is such fun to watch the progress as your renovation takes place, thanks for sharing it with us, I look forward to the next installment.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Mary L

  4. ML, I'm in awe of the kitchen you are creating. It was brilliant to raise the ceiling. Can't wait to see the final result. Love the garage door color. ;-)
    Thanks for the cake! ~ Sarah

  5. I can't imagine having all of the renovations going on during December! You are a brave soul, Michael Lee! But you're also multi-talented, so it's probably a snap for you. Thanks for sharing your photos, and I love the cupcake idea, too!

  6. It is so fun watching the transformation! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I look forward to each new update!

  7. I do like the doors painted that color. I like the moderate white - may consider that when I get around to getting some painting done - someday.:/

  8. The overhead doors and the kitchen are looking beautiful. You must be so excited! I know I would be.

  9. Things are looking fabulous...love your updates! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!