Monday, December 10, 2012

Renovation Diary--Black Garage Doors Plus Vote on a Light Fixture

Source: Houzz
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To paint or not to paint--isn't that always the question?
Have you thought about painting your garage doors? 
I thought ours would stay white until I saw black doors on Houzz (see above).
They're so glossy, almost like lacquer.

Garage doors at Rattlebridge
I'm taking a big, brave plunge and painting all of the doors Urbane Bronze (below). It's a dark, dark gray.
And if the color is semi-awful, I'll live with it until spring, then I'll buy white paint. If the doors are pure-dee awfulness, I'll buy paint soon, like, tomorrow. 
It's funny.
I can mess up a recipe; I can make a horrible personal decision; but mistakes with paint are quickly and utterly reversible. Also, painting a garage door isn't as daunting as, say, painting a ceiling.
 So, what do you think?
Should I go for it?

More black doors from Houzz.

I'm not calm and philosophical about exterior lighting.
So I'm asking for your help. Will you help me choose outdoor fixtures? I've numbered the items--please vote for the fixture that you like best this house.
I just don't know!!

Trivia: No. 1 doesn't offer post lighting. No 2 isn't returnable.

Here are the results so far:
#1 --12 votes
#2 --1 vote
#3-- 5 votes
#4 -- 10 votes
#5 -- 2 votes
Fixtures: Minka Lavery, 2nd Avenue, Framburg, Troy
Stay tuned for updated interior photos tomorrow!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love the dark doors. Go for it! I like the 4th light fixture best.

  3. Tracey, thank you so much for voting! I'll post photos of the doors.

  4. I absolutely would pant the garage doors and I think they will look amazing! I also like #2 light:) XO, Pinky

  5. ML, I love the idea of dark doors with the white brick. I vote for #3. I like the shape and the fact that you don't see the individual lights inside the fixture. Good luck with all these decisions. ;-)

  6. Good for you - definately paint your garage doors. I painted m y front door black and could have kicked myself for taking so long, it looks SO much better than white!

    As for your dark grey and not black, though, trying to figure that out - you seem to like the stark crisp black, so why not GO black????

    And for my choice on fixtures, #1 is my choice. Simple, clean, bold and awesome.

    Good luck!! : - )

  7. Loving the result here. Voting in for number four! :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  8. I vote for PAINT and no. 4!!

  9. Go for the black doors for the garage. It looks look very chic and so popular today. I see black doors everywhere on designer blogs that I read.

    I like the first light fixture. Sleek lines and very Colonial, which would look lovely with the style of your home. Besides, I like bulbs that resemble gas lights.

    Your home is beautiful. It will look great whatever you choose.

  10. Yes! on the black doors and #1 for the lights.

  11. I would paint the garage doors! They would look fabulous.

    I love lantern number 1 and 3

  12. I also think #1 is the best for complementing the architecture of the house - beautiful, simple and just right!

  13. Absolutely go for it. I LOVE the dark doors they look so rich and so much warmer.

  14. I think the dark doors as well as fixture #4 would be awesome!

  15. The dark doors would look fabulous! I vote for #3.

  16. Go for the black doors! I vote for #3.

  17. I love black doors, they make a nice statement. I vote for light number 1.

    Can't wait to see the house finished, it is going to be lovely.

    Merry Christmas!
    Mary L

  18. If it were my choice I would DEFINITELY go with the black dramatic. The #1 light is my choice. Its going to be fantastic, ML.

  19. The doors will look fabulous black. I vote for the #1 light.

  20. I like lantern #1. As for the garage doors, I say go for it. I just ordered our garage doors, I went after much trepidation with carriage house style doors with black strapping and hinges, no windows...too much maintenance! They will be white, but my other choice, which lost out was to paint the existing doors, much like yours, Willow, by Benjamin Moore.A dark black brown colour...
    My new louvred shutters will be Willow, and the rest , everything else is white, windows, front door, columns,fascia and eaves. Hope it all works, I will be posting it as soon as finished...good luck. Isn't renovating fun??
    Not really! N.xo

  21. an aside, I am painting the entire exterior of the carriage house Willow, except for the window frames...thought I would mention that, thx, N.

  22. I can't find Willow on my BM fandeck. It sounds beautiful!

  23. Absolutely .. go for the unique color on those doors ... exotic! I love all of the light fixtures, make Tyler choose!!!

  24. Definitely paint the garage doors. It will look beautiful.
    Fixture #1.
    This fun, so easy to make decisions for someone else.

  25. I like the dark doors against the light colored brick and I like # 3 light fixture. : ) Best of luck with decisions.

  26. Michael Lee, Merry Christmas!

    I am in blog exile, but I hope to actually be blogging again after the new year. I'm so glad I got to see the pictures of your progress with your beautiful home. It looks wonderful in the befores and afters. And I love the direction you are going with the doors. The Urbane Bronze sounds perfect. Go for it!

    As to the lanterns, my first reaction was #1. And I do love the simplicity and handsomeness of it. Your house is handsome, too. You can't go wrong with it.

    Here's hoping you and your family have a wonderful holiday and all the best with your home renovations.



  27. Michael Lee, I went back again and also like #4. Those two are very similar. It would depend on the scale. For the most part, I like overscaled pieces. So the larger the better. But if there's any way to get them and hold them up, that's what I would do. Or if there's any way to add them in through some picture program on the internet and do it to scale, that would be good, too.



  28. Hey Lady, I am going to respond to your email shortly. But voting publicly for #4. Second choice is #1. (This assuming #4 is the taller of the two, if not switch my votes!)


  29. The dark doors are magnificent...and I love #1...

  30. My vote goes to 5, with 1 being a very close 2nd. I like the black doors, which makes me think that might look good w/ the brown brick on our home. My only question is will it fade in a year or so of southern sun because I'm not a fan of constant upkeep? Hope your holidays are happy!

  31. Number 4 looks like it belongs on a stately Southern mansion.

  32. These are all lovely garage doors. One can simply opt for sheds for sale too then put on one of those doors. Thank you for the inspiration.