Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Downton Abbey Party--With Cupcakes

 The third season of  PBS's drama, "Downton Abbey," premiers tonight, and I'm bringing cupcakes to a party. Aren't these cuppies deliciously over-the-top?

As many of you know, I was a huge fan of the HBO hit series, "The Tudors," and when it ended, I gleefully latched onto PBS's "Downton Abbey," a period drama that unfolds in the green countryside of Hampshire in the UK. The series focuses on the wonderfully fun conflicts of the inhabitants of "Downton Abbey," and the episodes are actually filmed in a real castle, Highclere, which is located in Hampshire. This character-driven series zeroes in on the (slightly impoverished) Earl of Grantham,  his wealthy American wife, and their children.
The well-written series opens in the Edwardian period, and World War I is breaking out. More troubles engulf the family when the Abbey is turned hospital. Naturally this opens up a bag of other delightful troubles--upstairs and downstairs. We're treated to over-the-topness in a grand way, from food to emotional angst to twisty love affairs. The kitchen alone is a delight. Actress Shirley MacLaine joins the series tonight, and she's bound to be a hoot! But can she top Maggie?

You might wish to read about the real Highclere Castle 
and view their online galleries.
Here's a photo of the White Border Path. 
If you're a newcomer to this series,
here's a short video that will bring you up to speed.

                               A look at the real Downtown Abbey.

Fans will enjoy a "behind the scenes" look at the filming of Downtown Abbey.

I love the series so much, I even made a Pinterest board.
Tonight, at 7 p.m. central time, PBS will air "Secrets of Highclere Castle, and "Masterpiece Classic" will follow at 8 p.m.with Season 3 of Downton Abbey."
See you soon!

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  1. Believe it or not, I had not seen one episode of Downton Abbey until right before Christmas and I was hooked but had no idea of what had happened on the first two seasons. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and ordered season 1 and 2 and watched every one of them!! How much fun was that???
    I am so excited about tonight's episode and keeping up with season 3. Only 30 minutes to go!!!
    I have been out of town so no time to bake cupcakes but I am on board for a D.A. party!!!

  2. What beautiful cupcakes! Perfectly elegant for a Downton Party!

  3. Beautiful (and delicious looking!) cupcakes!!! I'm a HUGE Downton Abbey fan too!

  4. I so wish I had one of those cupcakes to watch the series premiere with...yummo! I watched season 1 but missed 2...I can't decide if I should start season 3 without watching season 2... might have to take the day off tomorrow and catch up :)

  5. Excuse me - Off to change the channel now. :-D

  6. Love the series! I am actually try to get caught up on Season II since I was a late comer. The whole thing is gorgeous..the costuming is the thing that has me the most mesmerized and of course the house and ground. Beautiful!

  7. I'm a fan! Wish I had one of your cup cakes.......Sarah

  8. These cupcakes are so beautiful, I would serve them at an Oscar Party, too. I never watched this, I am a reality junkie and a couple of my faves are on Sundays. I will check out your video clips. xo

  9. Oh, your cupcakes look wonderful!! I'll bet they were a hit!!
    I made chocolate cookies tonight. Three sticks of butter....
    I enjoyed watching and baking and eating.
    Can't wait for the next episode!

  10. I just finished watching tonight's show and I loved it. I think those cupcakes look really decadent!

  11. I'm a big Downton Abbey fan too!
    So happy the new season started!,
    Hugs Marilou

  12. Absolutely watched it last night... and even two hours wasn't enough!! Love, love love it!