Sunday, January 27, 2013

Renovation Diary: A New Kitchen Window

Remodeling a house is like drawing a picture in the dark. You can't know how it will work out.
For the kitchen make-over, I used an inspiration photo from Houzz. The kitchen was laid out like mine, but it had a higher ceiling, and a large focal point window. So we blew out our ceiling. I'd had disappointing results with the window in the entry hall, so I decided to use Marvin Windows. 

Shortly before Christmas, their rep came out to the house and showed me several ideas. I'd planned to use a round top window like the one in the inspiration picture.

But I'd always loved Gothic arches. I wasn't sure how it would look, but I made a leap of faith. The rep and I decided on the height of the side windows, and I placed the order.
The window arrived, and I just love it. The kitchen had been dark, but even at dusk, the room was bright. (And I'm all about sunlight.)

Here's an exterior peek.

Now, work will begin on the cabinets and trim.
A new foyer window was ordered in early January--and double front doors. The glass will be edged with simple, beveled glass. I'll use the old front door on the glassed-in porch or in the garage make-over. So now, Gothic will rule at Rattlebridge!

Let me know what you think!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! Great decision to open up this space and add more natural light. Can't wait to see the kitchen when it is completed.

    Mary l

  2. What do I think? I think I love it! Can I come and live with you? Can't wait to see the end results.

  3. Wow! That is stunning! perfect choice, I think!


  4. Wow! Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!! Love the window. xo

  5. Oh, it's going to be so beautiful! I love the window.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I can't imagine remodeling You are a brave lady! Good luck. I know it's going to turn out great.

  7. Oh, be still my ♥!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Gothic arches in your gorgeous new window, ML!

    I was just taking some photos of the snow on the gazebo roof through my big arch in the family room. It is my favorite window in the whole house & I know this one will be yours. BRAVO on being BRAVE & going for what you love.

    Warm Hugs,

  8. The window is just fabulous. I'm loving the blogs you write on this renovation.

  9. Oh be still My heart. Do I love your window. I have a windowless kitchen and I am so jealous. It is a stunner! Enjoy.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. Your window is stunning. I'm all about sunlight, too, and that window will bring you so much joy (and sunlight) :D

  11. Your window is beautiful!! We were doing the same thing you are this last year. Even tho it can get kinda stressful it is so worth it. Actually right now it is hard to even remember the stress!! Ha!

  12. I think it's fabulous! Your kitchen is going to be amazing!!!!!

  13. One word....jealous! ;) I *LOVE* that window, what a beauty, and a fabulous focal point! xo ~Liz

  14. It is beautiful! We took out an entire kitchen down to the studs in our last house. What a project it is...I still remember having the crockpot cooking in a bathroom. It is so much fun when it is all done and so worth it!

  15. Wow, what a great window. And you captured it during the blue hour! Your kitchen will be in magazines! Love it!!!

  16. This is beautiful! I called J over to see the window, too.

  17. so close to your insperation picture, I love it!

  18. I love it!!!! Now you are going to have to figure out some gorgeous landscaping on the outside to match that window!!

  19. Can you be in love with a window?
    I think I am. You chose correctly, just like when you chose the paint color for the garage doors.
    OOOOOH it's going to be beautiful!!

  20. Love the window!
    Would love to know what the view is from here. I would love this view onto my horses paddock. You are so lucky to be able to work on so many projects at once. Happy Renovating!

  21. Ohh, that is going to be beautiful!