Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tea Time

 Will and I have gained five pounds each since Downton Abbey returned to PBS. Every Sunday evening, we eat thousands of calories while we watch the episodes. Last week, I organized the kitchen and pantry (I would do a before/after, but the before is too horrific), and I ran out of time to make a proper British dessert. I picked up some berry-cream cheese pastries at Publix. 
They were scrumptious.

Today, I went back for more, but the bakery was sold out, along with itty, individual bread bowls that I'd admired. I bought the next-to-the-last loaf of artesian bread, even though I won't need it until Thursday. In this town, a hungry cook has to be quick!

I didn't use too many poisonous flowers this week. Before Will became a doctor, he was a biology major. He gets a kick out of my food gilding, though he's careful.

But I digress. After Downton Abbey ended, I put the flowers in water. They were still fresh tonight, so I gilded an inedible object (for a change).  

Don't you just adore lanterns?

On the homefront, I'm making a little progress with the powder room. The Restoration Hardware mirror arrived, and I've almost  chosen a paint color. 
And the huge, arched window will be installed in the kitchen this week (depending on the weather). I'll post pictures soon.
Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. i too love lanterns, for the holiday i put a dozen under my tree and lit them with the tree every night. you flowers look wonderful, along with all your photos~

  2. Wow, your photography is eye candy! I love that mirror, and I look forward to seeing your completed projects.


  3. Your pictures are to die for!..you should write a book on how to take amazing pictures...and oh the lantern..beautiful! Have a great week!

  4. Oh, what a beautiful tower of goodies. ;-) Tea time at Rattlebridge Farm is very special!

  5. Bobby and I are huge Downton Abby fans! Our food of choice is popcorn... but since I have changed my lifestyle and am eating lo-carbs popcorn is only a once-in-awhile treat.

    The mirror you chose is really beautiful!!!

  6. That's funny that you mentioned Downton Abbey and eating goodies. Ever since it started up again I have started to have tea in the afternoon and goodies too.
    : ))

  7. I certainly do not need the calories but I love the idea of Downton Abbey viewing tea parties....

  8. Beautiful pictures...they always make me smile ♥

  9. OMG, you have a husband who will watch Downton Abby with you?

  10. Simply amazing photos!!...My hubby gave me a great Nikon macro lens for Christmas and I really need to try it out..love the flowers, especially in the lantern!!!

  11. How PRETTY!! What a lovely colored bouquet & what a neat idea to tuck them into your lantern.

    I'm enjoying your decorating musings & learning a great deal as you move along. It is going to be GORGEOUS!!

    Warm Hugs from FREEEEEEZING Ohio,

  12. I can sympathize with your Downton Abbey foodie woes. Downton is an indulgement all it's own...but to watch it while eating some wonderful little goodie is perfection!! ;)

  13. We are currently trying to catch up with Downton Abbey........trying to watch both season 1 & 2 on Netflix so we can start watching this season. We succumbed because we are the only people not watching it.

  14. I need scrumptious British desserts while watching Downton Abbey!!!

  15. Oh my goodness, I love the flowers in the lantern! I am telling you in advance that I will be copying that! Also the blooms on the tiered stand look so pretty too. Alas, I am so behind on Downton Abbey, don't seem to ever have time to properly enjoy it! As with a big cupcake!

  16. Love the look of the flowers in the lanterns.

    - The Tablescaper