Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Choppy Decorating

If you've followed my renovating journey, you are aware of The Bathroom That Can't Be Named and my quest to bend it into a quasi-Renovation Hardware en suite.
Lovely inspiration photos, to be sure.
I bought the sconces and the mirror. I painted the vanity.
But I ignored the floor. Early into the remodeling, I was baffled by an orange cast in the tile. Somehow that went away, heaven knows how, and now the black tile inserts are competing with the woodsy, beige Restoration Hardware look.

 If I continue on this path, ignoring the black inserts, the decor will  will fall prey to
choppy decorating.

In a recent post, Anonymous left a comment, suggesting that I paint the cabinets black. 

It looks good!
Though I'd need to paint or glaze the mirror and sconces to prevent a new kind of choppiness. 

Here's an example from Houzz.
The walls are beige, the vanity is black, the counters are dark.


Shelia from Note Songs suggested a black granite counter.
It might be the perfect solution to tie the room together, and I wouldn't have to paint my mirror.
Here's another beige and black bathroom.
It's very handsome and pulled-together.
What's your opinion?
A. Paint the cabinet and mirror black.
B. Get a black countertop.
Just a little reminder about Foodie Friday.
See you tomorrow night!


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  1. I am thinking painting the cabinet/mirror would work.

  2. Don't paint that mirror! :) A black countertop would pull out the black tile accents.

  3. Can't wait to see what you decide to do. I would be nervous about either decision. Personally I would have to think long and hard about how much those black tiles in the floor bothered me before I made a major decision as to paint the new mirror and cabinet or change the counter to black. It's probably easier to make a decision actually standing in the room...sending good luck vibes your way.

    1. I'll put black paper over the counter and see how it looks. You're right: the room looks different in person. The tile floor does look much calmer (no orange), and that's good.

  4. Paint the cabinets but don't touch the mirror.

  5. I'm confused, have I missed something along the way? Did you put the black inserts into the tile or were they already there? Isn't the painting of the vanity taking a whole different direction? Is it at the south pole away from the north pole Restoration Hardware image you were going for? Did you take a turn and I missed a post? Yepper I am confused. I'm wondering are you living there during all the remodeling? Guess I'm just full of questions today huh?
    hugs ~lynne~

    1. The black inserts were always there.

    2. I'm wondering if the inserts could be taken out to and something else installed for a cleaner look?
      hugs ~lynne ~

  6. I love the RH lamps & they're first thing my eye notices and keeps going back to. I think painting the cabinet black will be overpowering, making your eye go immediately to that. The RH inspiration picture is so harmonious because of the subtle colors, whereas, a large black cabinet or counter top will give the room a very contrasty vs. a neutral harmonious RH look. That's what the black tile is doing in first place, is it not? If it were me, I would try balancing out the black in very subtle ways when you accessorize the room. For instance, neutral towels with either a narrow black band above hem or a black monogram. A couple clear jars with those cute homemade labels I've seen from other DIYers - lettering printed in black of course :) In other words I think just a tad of black will go a long way. I assume you'll be using a couple of throw rugs which is great way to add some texture which is something I personally like in every room for visual interest. The idea being to keep your eye moving around & not have just one thing stick out like a sore thumb. ok that's my 2 cents lol....good luck, can't wait to see whatever you decide!


  7. The answer is not A or even B. It's C. Just paint the little black tiles to match the floor. Easy and effective.
    Judy M.

  8. I vote for painting the cabinets black. Maybe pull in a few accessories pieces or artwork to tie everything together.

  9. i agree with lynne. although the cabinet would look great is taking an entirely different turn from your inspirations photos. i am certainly not an expert, but they have so many amazing products on the market....isn't there a glaze ore something to change the color of the black inserts. if your going with a white counter....white inserts etc. i actually just discovered on houzz a stainless steel paint that can cover countertops, appliances and so on. who knew? i have all stainless appliances and need a new countertop. we plan on redoing the kitchen within the next year or so...until i do i'm going to try painting the counter the stainless!

  10. I'm with Ms Kelly....I would find a way to change the inserts by painting...I've seen metallic paint in bronze and sure would be cheaper and easy to test...just paint a square of paper and see how it looks!

  11. I love black painted cabinets, and have some in my kitchen, but I think that would take away from your Restoration Hardware inspiration photos (which I love and have decided to do when I re do my bathrooms). I would take the advice of either subtly playing up the black inserts with accessories with a tiny amount of black, or the other suggestion of looking into painting the black inserts another , more neutral color. I would not change the color of the vanity, nor the mirror - they look beautiful just as they are now !

  12. The finish on the mirror from RH is beautiful and goes so well with the sconces...I would place some black paper or a black piece of cloth over the counter...step back and see how the black looks...and go from there...

  13. paint the cabinet black and get black counter. i would use honed if you glaze the cabinet. keep the mirror as is.

  14. My vote is to paint the tile inserts a color that works with everything already in the space. If that is not an option for you, I would change the countertop to black granite. I would not touch the mirror and sconces with paint! They are fantastic the way they are.

  15. No question, I would add a black counter top.

  16. I would keep the black the accent color, and have an awesome black vase on the countertop and a few other showy pieces jet black. I think that would be just the right touch.....but I prefer just pops of color usually.

    I'm sure you'll pick just the right way to add the black for your taste. Best wishes!

  17. Michael, I love the way the cabinets and mirror look. Please don't paint them. That is going against what you wanted to do with the room which is to have that lighter RH look, and you are well on your way to that.

    You can add a black countertop if you want to, but I like what one of the ealier posters said. Try to pick out some good accent pieces that are black. Neutral towels with snazzy black monograms. Some good looking accessories. And they also said to use rugs. I agree. And I would find rugs that are rectangular in shape.

    You might want to experiment with the tile and see if you can paint the little squares. Did you ever do anything to the navy blue on the tub?

    I think the black is sophisticated, but I don't know if I would want it to overwhelm the room. And it can. In our kitchen, the previous owner put in black granite counters, and I don't like them. If I could, I would take them out and put in white marble. The cabinets are white, and there is a cute Thibaut wallpaper, but those counters are overwhelming in terms of the darkness of them. Now, I love black. I wear black. My front door is black. I love it for accents, but a BIG space like in my kitchen is too much.

    Just some food for thought.



  18. Definitely Option B - black counter top. The wall sconces are amazing!