Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baked Tacos

If you're preparing for an Easter feast, you 
might feel a bit frayed, even exhausted. A mile long "to-do" list sits on your desk. You're gathering flatware, dishes, goblets, napkins. Spring-like recipes fill your head. 

But what's for dinner tonight?
Surely not baked tacos.

This is my go-to dish before the holidays. It feeds the multitudes, even those picky eaters, and gives you extra time to plan menus and centerpieces. 

                                                 Yields: 20 tacos

What You Need:
2- 3 pounds ground round
2 boxes Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit: "Stand 'n Stuff"
8 oz Publix brand "Four-cheese" shredded Mexican blend(mixture of Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Asadero, and Quesadilla cheeses) 
2 chopped tomatoes
2 chopped avocados
5 chopped green onions
shredded lettuce
flat-leaf parsley (garnish)
sour cream
(add any toppings--or fillings--that you love.)
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. 
Brown and drain the meat. Add taco seasoning (follow directions on package). 
Place empty taco shells in 2 - 9 x 12 baking pans. The "stand 'n stuff" shells will stand up nicely, making them easy to fill. If you use regular shells, fit them tightly together into the pan. Spoon meat into each shell. Add shredded cheese. Bake 8 to 10 minutes, or until
cheese has melted. Meanwhile, chop tomatoes, green onions, and avocados. 
Remove tacos from oven. 
Garnish. Add taco sauce, if desired.

You can assemble the toppings in bowls, so
friends and family can add what they like (we're skipping sour cream to save a few calories). I prefer the "kits" because everything is included, even the sauce and seasoning packets. If time allows,  homemade is even better.

Baked tacos get me in the mood for traditional fare, such as baked ham and scalloped potatoes. It's a great recipe after the feast, too, when you are tired of leftovers and need to clear your palate. 

What's your favorite "after the holiday" recipe?

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  1. Hi Michael Lee! Love me some tacos and these look divine! Wish I had the stuff to make these NOW! I'll try this.
    Hope all is well with you and I'm wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Good God this makes me hungry! I LOVE Tacos!!! Your presentation is fantastic! I will have to try these soon! I haven't made Tacos in month of Sundays!

    1. You make me feel so much better, Donna! I lost about 75 photos while transferring them to my laptop (not just the tacos, but house photos). They went :::poof!::: Photo recovery program couldn't find them. Argh. But at least the second batch of photos came through! Hey, I joined Ancestry. Thanks!

  3. They look so cute all standing so proud like that, been working in the garden all day and just sat down on the deck to take in the sea, I wish someone would bring me a platter and a strawberry daqauri this very minute!

  4. AFTER the holidays, I love a whole lot of leftovers. In fact, I make way too much on purpose. The night before, I always have that great American classic...takeout Chinese food.

  5. Wow, what a lovely dish for something so easy! Thanks.

    1. The first time I made them, I baked everything except the avocados. Not bad. But we prefer the warm meat/cheese and cold, crisp veggies.

  6. My favorite after holiday meal is any leftovers from the holiday ;). Love the idea of stand and stuff taco shells - I don't think I've noticed them because I always grab my usual brand. Will make a point to get them next time.

    1. It's like having an extra pair of hands (something all cooks need!).

  7. Those look so yummy good...I know not everyone likes cilantro, but I would use that instead of parsley!

    1. Cilantro would be great--and sour cream, too.

  8. I make baked tacos twice a month. We crave them! To reduce calories, I put a small quantity of meat in the bottom of
    each taco shell and enough cheese to cover the meat. After baking, I pile on the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and other toppings with some sauce. It's like a small taco salad.

  9. Those look so good! I love a good taco.
    Don't know about you, but I am tired of this cold weather - I need sunshine and warm temps.

  10. Everyone here loved tacos, but I love the idea of baking them all snug in a pan. I usually put all the ingrediaents out to "make your own", but there's always a smidge left over in each dish! I'd rather have it all put together and used up!

  11. Wow, I am always frying my shells but this looks terrific and I will be following your recipe the next time I make Tacos. Which will be soon. I will also be having bakes ham and scalloped potatoes with all the Southern trimmings
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  12. Yep! Tacos are my go to favorite for an easy, satisfying dinner. I just recently started baking them and I am hooked! They are so good this way! Your photos are gorgeous with all those beautiful veggies!

  13. I love tacos and these stand up shells look so easy!
    hugs, Linda

  14. These look delicious and beautiful standing in your dish! I can skip the sour cream to save calories but it's hard for me to skip the margarita :) Wishing you & your family Happy Easter!