Saturday, March 30, 2013

Highlights from Foodie Friday and the Rattlebridge Renovation

 I hope everyone is having a peaceful Saturday.
Are you still looking for recipes?  Or do you just want to relax for a few minutes?
Come on in, and I'll show you what's been going on this week.
We'll start with highlights from the home renovation
and end with a sampling of Foodie Friday links.

Here's a peek at our new window.
It's so much bigger than the small laundry room window. Bandwith is coming up with some solutions.
I can't wait to dig in the herb garden!

I love the wider opening between the kitchen and family room.

I haven't shown the upstairs bedrooms in a while.
This is a guest room. Love the color, so I won't be repainting. However, the ceiling fixture will probably get an update.

Bandwidth's room has been repainted.
His room faces the pond.
(We're not sure who made the bed--but thanks!)

Bandy, who loves to blow out walls, thinks this
is the solution for two tiny bedrooms. So, we'd
end up with one large room (or a Bandy Room).

We finalized the kitchen layout with Jimmy, my
wonderful cabinet maker.

As you can see, the footprint is a bit tight, and
it can't be changed. The old stove hood wasn't aligned with the new beams (the vent itself was aligned, though). To create symmetry with the beams and vent, we were going to move the range several inches to the left. But we decided this
would make this wall seem lopsided.
How to balance this wall?
A 48" inch cooktop would fit perfectly.
No matter what, we agreed that the cabinet on the left needs to go, along with the microwave and wall oven. A drawer microwave will be installed below the counter.
Also, we'll have room for two pull-out spice drawers on either side of the cooktop (or range). Jimmy made drawers for my present kitchen, and I just love them. Use them every single day.
A look at the opposite wall.
A 48" refrigerator will go here.
(You may remember that the right wall was removed?)

I'd love to have two wall ovens.
So Jimmy and Mike (our contractor)
came up with an idea to place the ovens on the staircase wall (we'll lose one pantry door).
I was a bit worried about function. I tried to imagine myself opening an oven door, my squishy self backed up against the wall. I
asked Bandwidth to try it. He thought it felt tight, too. But a kitchen counter will replace the present "oven wall," and I could imagine taking a pan from the oven and placing it on the new counter. 
Mike said we'll be losing a bit of the cabinet wall.
It will be pushed back to the beam.
The ovens can be set back into the pantry wall, too.
Mike whipped out his tape measure, and then Bandy and I pretended to open the door.
Yes, this will work.

Dr. Will said, "What's going on this wall?" (see below). We'll have to brainstorm.

I wanted to show you part of the garage.
It has a wonderfully functional area--the sink is perfect for washing up after gardening. Around the corner are coat hooks and an intercom box.

I would love to bring my garden cabinet to Rattlebridge. Jimmy designed and made it for me in 2005.

If you've followed the renovation diary,
you know about the master bath makeover.
I'm going for a quasi-Renovation Hardware look,
but I didn't want to replace the cabinets.
The wall color is SW Macadamia, so we went a few shades deeper,
Thatch Brown.
It was almost in the "Goldilocks Zone."
Glaze wouldn't be dark enough, and the next color on the paint strip,
Umber, could be too dark.
I tried a small sample of Umber.

One thin coat gave an "antiqued" effect.

I'm ready for Easter food.
How about you? 

Let's take a look at some Foodie Friday links.
Butteryum showed us how to color Easter eggs the natural way.
Don't you love this pretty color?

The Lady Behind the Curtain made French Toast Cupcakes with bananas and nuts.

Sweet Nothings made an Easter arrangement (and she's in the process of moving!) by shopping her house. She offers a step-by-step for creating a compote. I love her cupcakes, too!

Susannah's Kitchen has so many goodies, it's
hard to pick a favorite. I love the bright colors
of these cake pops.
Annie's Noms made Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes. They look delicious!
Don't forget to look at the
Home Is Where the Boat Is  made carrot soup,
garnished with pansies ...
And just look at this pretty table.
Mountain Breaths made lemon brownies. Don't they look delicious?
I love visiting Yvonne at Stone Gable. You'll love her herbed chicken salad in puff pastry cups.  
Happy Easter!

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  1. Hi Michael Lee! Oh your new home is looking gorgeous! I can't believe your beautiful kitchen! I'm so happy for you. Oh, guess what? I made your 5 minute cheaters cake. I couldn't find a round pound cake so I bought an angel food cake and chopped it and used the Cool Whip icing and coconut. Now we're going to wait until tomorrow to eat it but it's so cute! Thank you for a recipe I know I'll use again and again.
    Happy Easter again, from me to you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Wow it's really coming along. I love the ceiling in your kitchen!

  3. All so exciting and spectacular. So fun to see the progress of your renovation.

    Happy Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Love the new header Michael.
    The renovations are going at full tilt by the looks of. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the 'Brainstorm Wall'
    I always enjoy reading all your updates and recipes. I'm off to look at the recipe for those yummy looking Lemon Brownies and the French Toast Cupcakes.
    Have a fantastic Easter.

  5. All this is exciting. Love to see snippets of your progress. Thanks for the gorgeous food images. I'd like one of those lemon brownies about right now.
    Hope your day is filled with JOY! ~ Sarah

  6. Oh your kitchen renovation looks exciting~ love the ceiling with the beams and beadboard! Thanks so much for sharing my carrot soup and table! The Banana Nut French Toast Cupcakes look amazing! Hope your Easter holiday is delicious :)

  7. I didn't get to seeing the kitchen until right now, but there is an option to saving space that I've not heard anyone mention and you wouldn't lose the pantry space. When we remodeled the family home, we didn't really want to change the footprint of the kitchen and had a similar problem about space. Our solution was to put the two separate ovens, side-by-side, underneath the stove top. It was a superb idea thought up by our contractor. We put the microwave above the stove that's made to do this and has a fan underneath. A cabinet about that gives us additional cabinet space and is built around the fan flue (which you don't know is there at all). We've actually got more space than in the original kitchen and it's efficient to cook (when I do) and has left us with plenty of room when friends want to "help".

    The house is just coming along beautifully and perhaps by the end of summer you'll all be able to actually live in it! MMR

  8. O, Gollum...your house is beyond beautiful...just breathtaking and I can hardly wait to see it all completed.
    Thank you so much for featuring my cupcakes...I am honored. :)
    Going to check out the other features....
    xo bj

  9. The house renovations are well thought out, and I know you must be so excited to move in.
    Thank you so much for featuring my Lemon Brownies.
    I will be checking out the other features.

  10. Love your kitchen and the ceiling is incredible!

  11. first, i love love love your new header, very clever with bookend salads, one of my favorite pics to begin with. and then you had to toss in iris and lavender... all you need is lemons and i would be over the moon ;-)

    things are looking wonderful, but i have to say your kitchen just sends me, i adore it... i know the practical placements are giving you fits, but the window and ceiling can ease a lotta pain~

    you picked so many pretties to star, i am always extra smitten with everything mary does, spring becomes her... yes fill any whatever season or day of the month, they all apply to her~

  12. What a beautiful home and that kitchen with the high wood ceiling and beams is wonderful. How fun to renovate this home.
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I was a regular reader of your blog before I ever started mine.