Saturday, March 23, 2013

Renovation Diary: Odds and Ends

It's been a busy week at Rattlebridge. 
I began with the master bath vanity. It needs to be a deeper color, and I don't think glazing will do the job. The present color is "Thatch Brown," and "Umber" is a shade darker, but I am too skittish to paint the whole thing. 

Surely a small patch will tell me what I need to know.

Next, we installed one of the crystal door knobs.

I love it.

Here's the original powder room.
A functional space, but I had to tinker.

And tinker.

The pedestal sink was removed,
and will be used here (this room flooded):

 Back to the powder room....My husband,
Will, wasn't sure he liked what was going on, and he questioned the color and style. 

I questioned it myself, even after
the console arrived.

Lighting and faucets came next.

Bandwidth kindly held up the mirror.

Before       During

I still don't know if the dainty Restoration
Hardware lighting will stand up to the heavier
mirror and console, or if the walls need to
be lighter to create more contrast with the elements. No matter what, it looks as if the vanity
light needs to be moved up.

The small area next to the sink will
be a great place for art.

Do you remember the wall by the refrigerator?

Boom! It's gone.

You might remember the kitchen

I liked the open, airy look. But to gain more wall space, we closed part of the stairway.  

Dry wall went up.
My carpenter used the old materials and
made a new stair-rail.

Speaking of drywall...
We loved Bandwidth's idea to widen the
doorway between the kitchen and great room.


 Columns and trim were added. 

An "in progress" view:

On the exterior, bricks were "soldiered" around the new accent window (the same way the bricks were soldiered around the front door). 
A bit of trim was added around the window, too.
We love how it turned out.

 We'll eventually paint all of the trim the same color. Here, I went with BM's White Dove on the columns. Since the front door is SW's Urbane Bronze (and looks great with the painted bricks), I'm considering Shoji White for the trim; it's the lightest shade on this paint strip. Indoors, it reads very white (despite the brown undertones), so I'll try a sample to see how it works outdoors.
Though from a distance, White Dove looks nice.
Decisions, decisions.

The Bradford pear is starting to bloom.
And the grass is turning greener by the day.

Finally, I wanted to share something cool and quintessentially Southern that we 
found on the north edge of the farm. 

Can you guess?
(I know you will.)

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  1. Everything looks like it is coming together beautifully. Congrats! Now, did y'all know that there were grave plots when you purchased? Is that kind of thing disclosed or was this a complete surprise? My mom had a headstone right next to her front porch door when she moved into the place. Kinda worried her until she found out the previous owner carved headstones for a living. Turns out he made a mistake on the engraving so had to scrap it; I guess he couldn't really part with such a lovely stone. ;)

    1. No, we didn't know (not that it would have made a difference). That's a great story about your mom!

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    Your home is going to be Beautiful!! Looks like every thing is coming together for you, and the kitchen is Gorgeous. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Easter Tablescape. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.
    XXOO Diane

  3. Such great progress at your house! As for the headstones, I hope you'll consider adding them at It's a wonderful resource for family historians.

  4. This may be a repeat...Having problems leaving comments on blogs lately.
    I can't imagine making all the decisions you have had to make. Your new home is just beautiful!! I am looking forward to seeing when you are able to move in and put all your personal touches every where.
    Another cold, dreary, wet day! Looking forward to sunshine and warm temps!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. We had a little rain. 57 degrees. Hope you have a nice weekend, too. We opened the front door, and two peacocks looked up at us! I wish I'd had my camera.

  5. Your renovation is shaping up beautifully. Your paint colors are really cool. So you have some graves on your property. Best kind of neighbors. xo

  6. Michael Lee, looks like everything is moving along. I admire your level of energy and enthusiasm for making all these changes. This house is going to be transformed! Love the first shot of the pond. Can you see that view from the house? Are their dates on the grave markers? It is a southern thing. There are a few of these family plots right here in the midst of neighborhoods in Austin.
    Hope you have a beautiful Easter. ~ Sarah

  7. I love everything that you are doing. I especially like the width of the door from kitchen into family room. Your home is beautiful.
    I know what that is - an old grave yard - wonder who is there? I'm sure the original owners of the property.
    Have a great Easter.

  8. how sweet your bench by the pond... love the taupe vanity change, i may just copy that i need to redo our master, it looks fabulous! its wonderful the way you share before and afters, side by sides are such a good way to grasp change. how wild to have graves, are they dated?

    1. Two graves (I believe) belong to a husband and wife, and they are marked: Born 1842; one death in 1910, one in 1913 (the mother). Grace, (their infant daughter?) was born and died in 1910. Also, not too far away, dozens and dozens of daffodils were blooming (last week, anyway). That usually marks the place of a homestead. We have a grave on our present farm. When the land was excavated, two funeral sprays (plastic flowers!) were unearthed. But no grave stones.

  9. what a treasure to have that, where i walk our dogs at a park at home high up a hill is a grave from the 1800's. i always stop and ponder their life, imagine what it was like to have hauled their coffin up the steep hill looking out over the valley. singing their hymns... such a different world back then. and to think you have that right at your house is rather shocking. can you google their lineage :-)

  10. An old cemetery! Wow! That is so special. It would be nice to put an iron fence around it to preserve it. We had a cemetery in our pasture growing up, and it had a lot of sunken graves. It was always a bit spooky, but this one is not. It adds character to the farm, an extra layer of history. So many cemeteries are destroyed that it's nice to see this one in place.

    Love everything you've done. It looks WONDERFUL.