Saturday, March 2, 2013

Renovation Diary

Design decisions are never easy.
However, I didn't hesitate when I ordered the mirror (pictured above) or the console (also pictured above) for the powder room.

The lighting decisions have been harder.
The mirror is round, the sink is square (and white), and the plumbing fixtures are nickel (and vintage).
Ideally, I need a light fixture that's both round and rectangular--and the style, whatever that is, should be consistent.

 I've almost decided to go with a Hudson Valley fixture. The finish is nickel, the shape forms a nice rectangle, and the glass shades are white and round. What do you think?

Then again, I might try something soft yet angular.
Love the glass balls!
Aside from lighting, I'm still grappling with Color Angst. As some of you may know, the powder room was painted SW Intellectual  Gray. In person, it's too dark. And it doesn't photograph well.
When Bandwidth held up the mirror,
it almost blended into the wall.
I checked my SW fan deck and picked one shade lighter, Amazing Gray. A skimpy sample was put up (over the freshly painted wall...sigh).   


You can see how my camera flattered Intellectual Gray and washed out Amazing. It's not this way in person! In this tiny, windowless room, Intellectual is too dark. And Amazing is pale, pale gray.

Here, the tricky camera shows yet another shade, a silvery gray.

A third shot warped the color.
Now, Intellectual Gray looks gold.

I looked for more grays in my fan decks, but heaven knows how they'll look in this small, dark space. And my husband has requested that I stop buying sample pots.

Design decisions are maddening, aren't they?
The wrong choice can be expensive, chipping away at the budget.
So I hopped over to Houzz
and found several examples of Amazing Gray.
Here's one.

It's exactly what I want.
But will it work in my powder room? 
I'm taking a wild leap of faith.

I'm repainting the powder room with pale, washed-out Amazing Gray.
Fingers crossed!


  1. Good luck with amazing gray! Have you visited the blog "Dustjacket Attic" - I saw a bathroom on one of their posts that made me think of you. I love the lights that it used. I'll see if I can find the post.

    1. I checked out Dustjacket Attic but wasn't sure which bathroom you meant. Wow, that blog is gorgeous! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It snowed today (didn't stick), and it's soooo cold on this hilltop! Stay warm.

  2. We have a soft gray in our living room. Don't recall what it is because it was painted so long ago. Long before I started blogging and paying attention to things like paint names and brands. '-) It's a soft gray of downy feathers.......almost white. So I think you'll be happy with the softer, lighter shade of gray. As for the light fixtures, my vote is on the last images with the shades and glass ball accents. I like the soft feel of this one, especially for a powder room. It's has a bit of sass to it! I like it!
    Good luck with the paint color..............Sarah

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Just when I think I've understood paint, it surprises me. I don't understand how Amazing Gray can be the right shade in a large, sunny room, and totaly anemic in a cramped, windowless space. It boggles the brain! I'm eager to repaint to see what happens. I think you're right about the sassy light fixture. Sassy is wonderfully fun in a powder room.

  3. We painted our living room grey about a year ago using SW Repose Gray and love it. Love your faucet, who makes that one? And last, my vote goes for the light fixture with the glass accents. Very pretty! Have fun with the decisions.

  4. I like both of those choices in terms of the lights. I was leaning toward the one with the white glass shades, till I saw the last one. I think the last one is more interesting.

    A color that I keep seeing from "House Beautiful" described as the perfect shade of gray is something called Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I've seen bloggers recommend it, too. Before you make a final decision, you might want to check it out and see. I can really identify with this paint choice issue. I have a color in our sunroom that I love. It's the most beautiful shade of mocha I've ever seen (a friend who was an artist picked it out), and I cannot recall what color it was. When it first went up, I wasn't sure, but when the furniture went in, I loved it. I painted this room about 20 years ago, and it still looks current and wonderful. It's that type of color, and the other day, I looked at a fabric I had for another room in there, and I was just stunned at how great it looked. It's a wonderful color that I would use in every house if I could. I have tried to recreate it upstairs in an office, and I'm close. But it took some doing. The wall looked like Joseph's Coat when I started out because I was trying to pull a color out of a fabric, but I knew I wanted something close to this color which didn't match anything on the paint decks of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams which lead me to believe that my painter took one and matched it at the other paint store. The can is, unfortunately, long gone. Well, after looking and trying different paint pots, I pulled the trigger on a good color, but because of the lighting in there, I eventually painted again and got closer to what was downstairs in different light. It doesn't hurt to try. Some rooms are harder than others. You will find the perfect color, and then you will be thrilled with the bathroom. I know it. I have all confidence in your taste, and when you do find it, you will know. Take your time and walk away from it to get a fresh perspective. I love that sink, and I have that same mirror or one similar in our family room and enjoy it so much.