Thursday, June 20, 2013

Foodie Friday: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tarts -- 6/21/13

Welcome to the June 21st Foodie Friday,
where good cooks gather each week to talk about our favorite topic: food.

This week I've been fighting tick bites and peculiar weather. I hope it's sunny, not too hot,
and bug-free in your neck of the woods.
I can't wait to tell you about an easy dessert that I made today.
It takes minutes, can be made ahead, and is a crowd pleaser.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tarts
1 package puff pastry shells (frozen)
Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt  (squares--on the grocery's candy aisle)
Drizzled chocolate (Smucker's Special Recipe Dark Chocolate Sauce)
Star cookie cutter
whipped cream
Before baking puff pastry shells, press a small star cookie cutter into the top (and center) of each shell. Bake the pastry according to directions.  Remove from oven. When pastries are cool,
pop out star centers and set aside. Cut Godiva chocolate into pieces and place into shells.
Bake about 3 to 5 minutes or until chocolate has melted.
Remove from oven and cool.
Add whipped cream. Drizzle with chocolate sauce or melted chocolate. I'm fond of store-bought
chocolate sauce for a quick topping. I zapped the jar in the microwave for 20 seconds, then used a fork to add tiny squiggles over the cream and pastry.
Place "star" pastry cut-out on top of the whipped cream.
Dab a little whipped cream on the bottom of a raspberry and place on top of star.
You can add shaved chocolate, if desired, or raspberry jam.
The variations are endless, and all are easy!
Each bite is layered with the crunch of pastry and bittersweet chocolate, with a whisper of sea salt.
The fluffy, cloud-like cream rounds out the texture, adding a just-right softness.
A PRINTABLE RECIPE is available.

Who can resist chocolate, pastry, and cream?
(And why even try?)
(Will and I have eaten the leftover salty chocolate squares all afternoon.)

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Have a great, food-filled weekend.
Mlee and Bandwidth 



  1. Your dessert is very pretty Michael! Love the little RW&B fanned food pics too:@)

    1. I just looked at your wonderful R-W-B recipes. Also, I'm going to make your cilantro salt for my brother.

  2. Thank you for the party Michelle :)
    These chocolate tarts are heavenly looking!!

  3. I am sending Jacob to the store for puff pastry today!!

    1. If Jacob is like Bandwidth, he will love the bread and chocolate combo.

  4. Yum! I will take 2 - no make it 3 and I will just skip dinner. :-D
    Right there with you - it is hot, humid and mosquitoes are swarming. Good ole Summer time!:/
    Enjoy your evening!

    1. I saw a pocket of rain in your part of the state the other day and wondered if the mosquitoes were attacking. I am looking for a soothing bug balm on Pinterest.

  5. Hi Michael Lee, those festive star tarts are so adorable! I want one now and I want to make them. I already have the shells in the freezer...woo hoo! Your pics are wonderful and so patriotic.

  6. Not even 30 minutes ago, I bought puff pastry sheets for apple butter turnovers. I'm now doing a
    U-turn to get puff pasty shells! I have company coming next weekend, so this will be perfect. Thanks for hosting our party each week!

    1. :-) Let me know how they turn out. The Chocolate Sea Salt Godiva is to die for! It might be better than the tarts!

  7. I love the easy pastry recipe - they look awesome!

  8. Hi Michael,
    Your Star Tarts are just adorable and perfect for the season. Hope you are having a good week and thanks for hosting.
    Miz Helen

    1. We love your recipes, Miz Helen. Thanks for including them at FF!

  9. Such a pretty presentation! Thank you for hosting!

  10. Just lovely. Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! Hope you have great weather this weekend!

  11. Hi guys, My favorite party of the week! I love that it's all about food and no random "how to wash your dog in the shower" type posts! I admire how you are always updating and improving your blog Michelle, I don't know how you keep up with everything! I would love an invite to pin to the Consuming Passions group board, not like I need to be spending any more time on Pinterest...thanks for great recipes, and ever inspiring~

    1. I look forward to your recipes every week! I sent you an invitation to the board a little while ago. So glad you're joining us!

  12. Why even try to resist indeed~ love the perfectly patriotic RW&B picks and the stars! Hope the tick bites aren't on you! Thanks so much for featuring my Cowgirl Couscous Salad. Looking forward to a week of fun :)

    1. I am "tick bitten," for sure but taking antibiotics. Going to make your couscous salad this weekend!

  13. Those tarts look amazing!
    Thank you so much for hosting the great party :)

    1. I'm drooling over your key lime pancakes--so divine!

  14. What a great dessert and the star cutout is a clever 4th of July addition!

  15. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for hosting one of my favorite parties and for featuring my Country Shrimp Boil Party. Have a nice week!
    ~Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain~

  16. Thank you so much for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  17. Hi Michael, those tarts are making me want to lick the screen! oh goodness...they look delicious and the drizzle of chocolate, well...perfection! Thank You for hosting the party!
    You and your family have a great weekend!, Lizy

  18. I have such a weakness for whip cream and chocolate so i would not be able to resist your tarts! I'm glad to participate this week with a post about one of the unusual places where I celebrated a special birthday!

  19. Thanks so much for hosting. I see some delicious things here that I need to check out.

  20. Those dark chocolate tarts look like something that my husband would just love and they look fairly easy to make too. Thanks for some gorgeous photos and a great recipe. I'm on my way to look for that salt chocolate!!

  21. Your tarts are so my kind of dessert. I'm drooling just thinking of the first bite. Many thanks for this recipe.

  22. Thank you so much for hosting, those Dark Chocolate Sea Tarts look delicious! I wanted to let you know if you are interested in owning your own grain mill stop by my blog, I'm doing a giveaway for one! On The Home Front

  23. Hi Michael Lee! Thanks for hosting the yummiest linky in blogland!!! The NOVEL BAKERS are a fabulous group!!!! I must not miss one of your fun posts!!! You have really teamed up with a two great gals!!!

  24. oh my that is mouth watering... they look like cream puffs from heaven with the chocolate drizzling down mounds of fluffy fun... the star is a dazzling toppper too, its not nice to salivate before the sun even rises, i can tell my sweet tooth won't be happy until i cave~

  25. I just discovered how amazing sea salt chocolate is. These tarts are so beautiful and festive...gorgeous picture.

    And fabulous linkup!


  26. What beautiful desserts!! They look like a little work of art!
    I must put "Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt" on my shopping list. I've never tasted it before...imagine that. :-p

    Thank you for doing FF again this week. Sorry to hear about the creepy crawlies...makes me shudder just to think about it. ~~ugh~~


  27. Oh wow, your tarts look incredible and so tasty :) I agree with what a quiet life said, they look like cream puffs from heaven :) So glad to have come across your lovely blog - I am now following along and I am excited to visit again.