Thursday, June 6, 2013

Foodie Friday: Easy Blueberry Tart

Welcome to Foodie Friday.
Easy blueberry tart is on the menu today at Rattlebridge Farm.
It really is easy--so easy, you can make it with one hand. I talked on the phone to a dear editor friend while I was making this tart.



I garnished the tart with sugared mint leaves.
This required two hands, I might add.
How to Make Sugared Mint Leaves
1 egg white, whisked
granulated white sugar
Demerara Sugar (optional)
mint leaves
baking rack
Dip a small paintbrush (or, if you dare, a clean finger) into the egg white
and paint mint leaves (one at a time). Think happy thoughts. Let your inner child emerge.
Sprinkle sugars over the leaf and place leaf on a drying rack. The sugar will dissolve. Do not despair. Be patient. Apply more sugar as needed.

Click HERE for a printable recipe.



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Have a great, food-filled weekend.


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  1. Your Blueberry Tart looks great Michael! Love your pretty pics too:@)

  2. Beautiful Pictures! Looking forward to trying your tart recipe.-looks delicious.

  3. Blueberries are a favorite of mine, and your tart looks delicious! You inspired me to add butterflies to a cake. They loved it!

  4. Your lovely simple tart looks divine, and the sugared mint leaves are quite the special touch!

  5. I love your tart Michael! It looks so fresh and delicious! Pretty photos too....

  6. Your sugared mint leaves are the perfect touch on that gorgeous blueberry tart. Stunning photos!

  7. Oh, sugared mint leaves is a must try! The blueberry tart in all it's gorgeous surroundings is almost too pretty to eat. Serving Mexican Food at Hyacinths but no recipes. I wasn't the cook on this one. Hope you'll stop by for a visit. ~ Sarah

  8. Thank You so much for the party Michael! The tart sure looks Yummylicious! Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Wow Michael Lee, the tart is gorgeous and I'm loving those sugared mint leaves. The draped table is the perfect backdrop! Thanks for hosting your party.

  10. Your Blueberry tart looks fantastic. Thanks so much for hosting!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! I'm not sure which I want more - the tart or that stunning table cloth. Lovely!

  12. That is such a beautiful set up! The tart looks great too :)
    Thanks for hosting your party!

  13. you are terrifying me... i am fearful of the nbs when i see stuff like this... its so gorgeous, i mean you even have a gargoyle watching over your blueberries... i am so worried about this trio shaming me when you can crank out pretty posts like this. beautiful setting, photos, tablescape and the sugared mint is brilliant, why have i never even thought of that? its picture perfect in my eyes, and then you go and add whip cream reaching to the heavens. can i get an amen? i feel my goose is cooked with y'all...

  14. That looks absolutely delicious AND easy. Pinned it!

  15. Wow..its such a fantastic view..I wish I was there in person.Thanks for sharing and hosting.As always your presentation is magical.Have a great weekend.

  16. Thank you for hosting and letting me join in. I have visited and pinned per your request, and now I am pinning your blueberry tart. This looks like a great recipe for when company is coming. Presentation gets a A+.

  17. Your photos are so gorgeous Michael! The Blueberry Tart looks incredible.
    I shared my recipe for Banana Cake this week. This recipe is gluten free, but it can be made with "regular" flour if you don't have an issue with gluten.

    Thanks for hosting!

  18. OMG that is mouth-watering! I think I just found tomorrow night's desert :). I love the presentation in the photos as well. Thanks for sharing, Michael!

  19. Looove those photos you posted, gorgeous!

  20. WOW. Honestly I think I stared at your blueberry tart for like 30 minutes. Those pictures are gorgeous! And it looks so delicious! Thanks for another awesome party! I hope you're having a great week!

    Jen @ Yummy Healthy Easy

  21. I adore blue, and your tablescapes are stunning! Not to mention that gorgeous (and gorgeously easy) blueberry tart! This week I'm sharing a Mocha Cake with a Twist :) Thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend :)

  22. Gorgeous! Your blueberry tart looks too pretty to eat and I love the touch of the sugared mint leaves! The tablecloth, bowl of whipped cream and flowers are a feast the the eyes! Wishing you a delicious weekend :)

  23. I am sooo glad it's blueberry season. Love your tart and the sugared mint leaves. And the presentation is outstanding. Thanks for hosting each week and hope you have a lovely weekend.

  24. Everything looks so nice. Thanks for the party Andi

  25. Michael I can't believe how beautiful and easy your tart is... plus your tablecloth is to die for. I would love to join your pin group. I just became a follower of it. Thanks for the party.

  26. What a gorgeous setting for such a delicious looking tart, ML! Very, very pretty!!!
    Our blueberries won't be ripe for months yet but I'm tucking this recipe away for when they are ready.

    What is up with #49?? putting a "toilet bowl cleaner" into Foodie Friday? YUCK!! Turns my stomach just to see it there. i'm NOT clicking on that one, but I'll go check out as many of the other entrants as I can.

    Thanks for hosting FF again & again.

  27. I should never come to this site when I am hungry!!!! You rock... Michael Lee! What great recipe! I love the sugared mint leaves. Can't wait to try these!!!! Have a great weekend!

  28. That first photo is just amazing Michael Lee. Just gorgeous. Thanks for hosting. It feels like forever since I was here last.

    Anne xx

  29. Love the food but really, really love your photoshoot styling! It all looks so tempting... I'm new to this link party thingy and yours is the first one I've joined. (I think I've joined, anyway!) Thanks for having me and I look forward to joining many more, the recipes are all so inspiring! :) b_t x

  30. Michael,
    One photo is more exquisite than the next. Love the colors, the flowers , the setting and the tart.. So so beautiful!

  31. O.M.G! Those pictures are GORGEOUS! Great job, and thanks for hosting!

  32. This tart looks wonderful as do all these participants!!!

  33. Thank you so much for hosting! Your pictures are out of this world amazing!

  34. Thanks for hosting!
    Your blueberry tart is beautiful!

  35. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for hosting a great party.

    Pursuit Of Functional Home.