Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Side-Dish: Herb-Roasted Tomatoes

Tomato season is almost here. And I have the perfect low-calorie side dish. It's one of those no-fuss recipes that pays you back a thousand times in flavor: herb-roasted tomatoes.

It looks like a peaceful setting.
You'd never know that this tablescape had been attacked by five pygmy goats.
Here they are, watching. And waiting.
The minute my back was turned, the goats ran off with two long tomato vines and a loaf of bread.
Once, the table was overturned.
Needless to say, it was an adventure, one that ended with Advil (for me) and tomatoes (for everyone else, goats included).


I found this recipe in Better Homes and Gardens Low Calorie magazine. Each serving (2 halves) has 75 calories. I added more herbs and Tabasco (I'm a Louisiana native, and all cooks must use Tabasco--a state culinary law).

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  1. It's a beautiful table and the tomatoes look delish. We both had a good laugh about the goats.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Vicky! I hope you enjoy them.

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe and funny story about the goats. I love the tablecloth, btw.

  4. I don't eat tomatoes, but this is a delicious looking post! Your images are gorgeous. Glad you got the shots before the little critters ran off with the props. '-)

  5. You sound SO calm about it. I would have chased them down..I mean to the ends of the earth! Grrrrr! Your table looks wonderful and so do those tomatoes. I love tomatoes...
    Darn goats!!

  6. They look and sound yummy, and your table setting is so pretty!!!! Sounds like you stayed calmer than I would have with the goats. :D

  7. Oh it just looks so delish!!! And your garden flowers are amazing, the tomatoes mmmmmmmmm and your pygmy goats? LOL I laughed and laughed!

    Thank you for this idea with tomatoes, I intend on trying it once our or either of my daughters' gardens produce tomatoes - they'll most likely have better luck, as we have a problem with deer.

  8. The tomatoes sound wonderful and I'm lovin' that great vintage tablecloth:@)

  9. Gorgeous dish, beautifully staged and photographed!

  10. Lovely table in a beautiful setting. Recipe sounds delicious and so tempting. I just pinned to refer to later.

    Not everyone has a goat story and we will remember this post in its colorful style and sensory beauty as well.

  11. Oh, perusing this post has made me hungry for stuffed the photo of the tomatoes and basil. That vintage tablecloth is is the setting with the lush green background.

  12. ahh, so much nicer to see the pics big! i am sorry you were injured when filming this, but i would love to see the goats live and in action giving you fits. hows my southern writing sounding to ya?

    so many beautiful shots, the arrangement is gorgeous, is that purple dipped babies breath? i remember seeing the prettiest red wine sunflower, i looked high and low for the seeds, asked growers, i was wild to find it, finally i asked the florist what was the name of that special sunflower, she said i hand dip them myself ... :-(

    your recipe is looking mighty good to me, and i am jealous even at your presentation. such perfect recipe cards for us! i just had company and gorged on shrimp boats and triple threat pie i need to let that all settle down and make me some pretty tomatoes tomorrow~

    and i want the chicken recipe too!

  13. Shame on those goats. But you have to admit they are clever and have good taste in tomatoes. table.

    Love these. They are very similar to Tomatoes Provencal, which is one of our family favorites.

  14. What a beautiful vignette of tomatoes!! Love the colorful tablecloth and flowers! Bad old billy goats!! They have good taste!! I want to try this recipe as I adore tomatoes...especially the early girl variety!
    Miss Bloomers

  15. My mouth is watering reading this post - what a delicious recipe and amazing photos. Pinned :)

  16. It's a good thing goats are so cute!

  17. What a delicious sounding recipe, and luscious looking table setting. And then come the goats ... lol. I hope the Advil worked and you had a good laugh afterwards ...


  18. You have an amazing talent for creating stunning photograhic images and setting beautiful tables.