Saturday, July 27, 2013

Homemaking With Lavender: 3 Recipes

Welcome to the next-to-the-last day of Lavender Week.
In addition to having a joyous time, I've learned a few things.
My husband has enjoyed it, too. He looked up the Latin word for lavender:
The word rolls softly on the tongue, doesn't it?
It means "to bathe or to wash."  Since lavender is renowned for its
relaxing qualities, I wanted to find non-edible ways to use this herb in my home.
First, I made lavender bath salts.

2 cups Epsom salts
1 cup coarse sea salt
4 to 6 Tablespoons baking soda
16 drops lavender essential oil
lavender buds
Mix and pour into jars.
How easy was that?

A family member suffers from peripheral neuropathy, and he
has found relief by soaking his tired feet in lavender salt.

Individual jars make darling gifts.
I found tiny jars at a wedding party favor website, then
added the mixed salts. 

How to Make Lavender Fire Starters
Gather lavender, pine boughs, rosemary, and other herbs.
Tie into bundles and hang upside-down to dry.
During Lavender Week, I used bundles in the grill to add a lavender-scented smoke
to whatever I was cooking. The aroma is magical. These bundles would
be perfect in an outdoor fireplace.
Suggested Reading and Resources:


How to Make Lavender Water
This clean-smelling solution is perfect for ironing clothes, spritzing on pillowcases,
or washing floors. In France, many homemakers mop their floors
with lavender water.
(Be sure to test the water on your fabrics and/or floor before applying it.)

Be sure to use a high quality essential oil.
You can find a tutorial HERE.

Resources for Essential Oils:
You will find a plethora of information and resources
in the index of Sharon Shipley's The Lavender Cookbook.
You'll have fun visiting Mary (Home Is Where the Boat Is), Mari (Once Upon a Plate), Jain (A Quiet Life), and special guest baker Pam (Sidewalk Shoes). 

Lavender Week
July 22 - July 28 
 Several Bakers (me, too!) will have posts for you on Sunday.

 Metamorphosis Monday and  Wow Us Wednesdays  contributions.

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  1. I have sold lavender in my shop for years so the firestarters were what I made with any "Leftover" bunches! Great ideas you have here!

  2. Oh my goodness. What lovely photos and ideas. I noticed you mentioned the bundles for an "outdoor" fire. Can they be used inside, like in a living room fireplace? Just curious. Susan

    1. Here are a few links that discuss this:
      I added a how-to video, too.

  3. oh how good it is to come home to lavender... scott was just asking me for a foot massage, i said only with lavender, which is not here, so i am off the hook, now i much rather take a good soak! did you make those darling little shot glasses of lavender bath salts? that is such a wonderful idea, i will be adding that to my to do list pronto~

    can you imagine how good that fire will smell... i know the rest of the country is in searing temps, but here at the foggiest place in the world, if only i knew THAT before we bought, we could have a fire everyday in the bone chilling wind and fog... just think what scented s'mores would taste like!

    lavender water, i bought some at the festival, i have been spraying it like a mad woman, when i get wound up i just blast some in my face, i swear it lowers my blood pressure and i sleep like a baby...

    ok, where is that table cloth from, i love it!

    well its been a dang fun ride with everyone during lavender week, i have my official last novel baker post tomorrow, then i have a bonus round of lavender recipes right through until foodie Friday, i just couldn't stop myself! i want to thank you so much for all the beauty you shared this week, its truly been magical seeing everyone purples fantasies, thank you for being a novel baker, its been a burst of extra fun this week~

  4. Yes, I bought little jars from a wedding favor website. They came with burlap "toppers." Epsom salt is a gardener's bestie, isn't it? I managed to get herbicide spray in my face somehow. Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  5. Michael Lee, Lavender Week has been glorious! I don't want it to end. I've been baking with lemons and blueberries, but I'm about to add lavender to my list. I checked my supply and still have some in my tin. '-)
    Thanks again for hosting Lavender Week. I look forward to your post tomorrow! These ideas are great. I want to make some lavender salt to soak my feet. ~ Sarah

  6. Your lavender bundles as fire starters and as a fragrant and delicious smoke to the grill are brilliant! I'm a big fan of P. Allen Smith too by the way. And lavender bath salts in those adorable mini glasses are a perfect little shower or hostess gift! Love that it's so easy and a perfect way to use my surplus of lavender. I remember your beautiful lavender water tutorial, it made me want to take up ironing! I'm too lazy to pull out an ironing board, I need to see if I can add lavender my spray method of ironing, adding it to Downy Wrinkle Releaser :)

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful and delicious lavender fun this week! I'm going to pass out now in a blissful lavender coma and hopefully energize myself to cook up your generous gift/mystery ingredient!

  7. Oh I love this! I only have one small lavender plant but I have wanted ideas on what to do with the blooms. I love the smell of lavender. Thanks so much for sharing this...I just had to pin it too!

  8. Enjoyed lavender week and thank you! Have many plants growing here at the beach, right in the sand, and also lots in pots. Have to make some
    lavender water as suggested.

  9. Hi Michael,
    It has been ages since I have been to your blog, so it was nice to run across you again.
    Loved all the info on the lavendar, I made some lavendar spray from your tutorial a few
    years ago and loved it. Nice idea about the firestarters. Enjoyed the whole post.....
    Blessings, Nellie