Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foodie Friday

Thank goodness for summer comfort food.
Nothing calms the soul like a smoked barbecue sandwich, topped with
homemade slaw. Right?

This week, I've been busy writing and troubleshooting at the farm and at the
renovation site.
 A miscommunication with the oven hood taught me a lot. I am a writer by profession, not a designer, and I see the difficulties of trying to plan a complicated space without the help of a kitchen designer.

Lovely workmanship, though. I hope I can repurpose them.

I was filled with regret. If only I hadn't kept the old cabinets. Had I really saved money for realsies? Wouldn't it have been better to start from scratch?
Too late now.
Down came the columns and up went corbels.
 Not sure this works, either.
The upper cabinet on the far right will be reworked, so it won't have
a super high "fivehead."
Everything will be painted white.
Maybe it will look better then.
I never expected so much trim.
It grew by the day.
The trim that ate New Jersey!
Everyone says it will look different when the cabinet doors
are installed.
Here's my inspiration picture that I found on Houzz.
It prompted me to blow out the ceiling and add a large window,
two things that were done beautifully and without blowing the budget.
This photo is taped to the kitchen window for the subs. They're trying hard, and
their work is pretty...the problem is me. I don't have a clear plan.

The photo was a jumping off point, not something to replicate to the letter.
We had less space and needed a smaller window. A second tier of cabinets (upper)
would have meant ripping out the old cabinets. And the existing cabinets
were in great shape. Also, in a previous kitchen, I had double decker upper cabinets and never used the ones on top. They were just too high!
My kitchen has so much trim, I nixed the clock, thinking it would be too busy.
Also, I was trying to be practical: if the clock's battery died, and it eventually would, my sweet husband isn't in shape to climb on a ladder.
I can be messy when I'm cooking--lots of splatters--so I didn't add a spice cabinet next to the range.
I put my spice racks in pull out drawers (lower cabinets).
I kept the old island, too, and extended it at one end to include seating. I also added a prep sink.
On a positive note, two walls were blown out, and this made the kitchen seem bigger, though
the original footprint stayed the same.


A non-weight bearing wall made the kitchen seem smaller.

Gone, baby, gone.

 Okay, enough about design.
Let's eat some comfort food!
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  1. I didn't like the fire hydrants, but I think less is more here, it's feeling a little top hard to tell because once appliances are in place the weight will shift...are you tearing your hair out yet, I think I would's all going to be stunning no matter what you decide~

    1. It's a wonder that I have any hair left! lol

  2. I agree with Jenna, the fire hydrants had to go. Corbels are a much a much better choice, the ceiling is so pretty I would try to draw the eyes upward if possible, somehow?

    It is all going to be lovely and a beautiful space to prepare all that wonderful food. Looking forward to seeing the completion of the entire home. Will you be in it by Christmas?

    1. I bet we won't move for 3 or 4 years, the way things are going.

  3. The space will just be beautiful, I can see a tone on tone white and cream one or two tones down. I have enjoyed watching the process and looking forward to the finish as I am sure you are. Have a great week and thanks for the great party.
    Miz Helen

  4. So many decisions for you to make. Being naturally indecisive, I think I would go absolutely crazy. You seem to be holding it together very well. I totally agree with putting in the corbels. I know it will all be beautiful when it's all done. Have a great weekend!

  5. I hope that delicious looking BBQ sandwich helped settle your frazzled state, but if not, come on over and have a cocktail.
    That kitchen is gorgeous even in the raw. I'm in awe of how you transformed this space. Love the ceiling! I agree the fire hydrants needed to go and don't think the white on white will distract from the exquisite details of the molding. It's going to be incredible!

    1. A cocktail sounds lovely--be right over. :-)

  6. Rattlebridge Farm Mistress,
    You will love it all when she is finished. White will be beautiful and will make quite a statement. Think the corbels are a nice touch. I have to busy myself with other things as I wait for my husband to complete our Kitchen. It's been something else. God bless and will enjoy seeing your place as she pulls together!

    1. Thank you for stopping by tonight, Deanna. Good luck with your kitchen!

  7. I am always a little shocked when subs give you something totally different. Maybe tape the pics to the wall :) and a note saying if you are wondering see photo. :) Very stressful, but I am sure you will have a gorgeous home.

    Thanks for hosting and letting me join in. With all you have going I don't know how you work it all in, but I am thankful.

  8. It will be a beautiful kitchen but personally I think the columns flowed better with the range hood. So many decisions...good luck.

    1. Unfortunately, two upper cabinet doors could not be installed because the columns blocked them.

  9. It's going to be beautiful, I love the ceiling! Your subs are trim-artisans! Renovations or building a house call for LOTS of carbohydrates :)

  10. Yikes, so many decisions when doing a major remodel such as yours. Frankly my brain would hurt. The corbels are so pretty and really accent the gorgeous new hood.

    Thanks for hosting each week. I don't know how you manage to do all of the things you do. Hope your weekend is lovely.

  11. I think it looks lovely, Michael. I like the trim over the dining room windows as well. I always find that I get discouraged in the middle of a renovation and it all seems to be going wrong, and then suddenly it all comes together. I hope it is that way for you too!

    Thank you for hosting the party. Your sandwiches look delicious! I've shared a Chocolate Banana Bundt cake this week. Thank you for hosting, and hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  12. All I do is pin inspiration, I never actually do anything with it. So, it is so fascinating to see someone work from an inspiration point. I love all the trim, though I would not want to be the one keeping it clean.

    1. It will be a dust magnet. I'll have to buy one of those long pole swiffers at the industrial supply store. LOL

  13. Hi Michael, thank for hosting, party looks great!

  14. Ugh ... subbing work is a never-ending slog toward perfection ... with a kazillion baby steps forward and back. Renovation/restoration work is one of the most stressful homeowner jobs that I ever experienced. You seem like you are a trouper, though! Chow that comfort food and have a cold drink at the end of the day to de-stress! The inspiration pictures and the current work looks like it is going to be a gorgeous space when you've completed the project!

  15. Don't worry if you find me living in your house just so I can gaze that the ceiling in that gorgeous kitchen! Thanks for hosting!

  16. Thanks for hosting Michael. I just love the ceiling in your kitchen. It is amazing! Can't wait to see the final product. It is going to be gorgeous.

  17. I'm loving going through your remodel with you, ML. The woodwork is spectacular and I can't wait to see the appliances you have chosen.

    1. Your blog post about appliances served as my inspiration!!!

  18. Thanks for the party, Michael and have a great weekend!

  19. I used to be a kitchen designer and your pictures are making me really miss those days. Ah well...thank you for hosting such a great link party!

    Raven J. True Blue Baking

  20. oh that was so fun seeing all your pics, i am crazy in love with your new kitchen, that window is fabulous, what do you see out your kitchen window? are you painting the ceiling? i love the natural and white, very calming, but your inspiration photo is charming~ i am amazed at the transformation, the details are superb!

    1. In the distance, the kitchen looks out into the potager garden. Closer up, you can see the herb garden. I will prolly try 1000 paint samples for the ceiling. I do love a blue-green ceiling to summon the sky and nature.

  21. Both my husband and I are enjoying your remodel! Thanks so much for hosting FF. Your urns are looking wonderful. xo

  22. Michael Lee, your kitchen renno takes my breath away! This will be a magnificent space to cook create write and EAT!!!! Thanks for hosting!!!

  23. Oh your kitchen is beautiful! It's really coming along...I can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you for hosting another week of FF! Blessings, Catherine

  24. I love love love your kitchen. Its simply beautiful.

  25. No food to share today, ML...still struggling with the new computer setup...UGH! So many tweeks needed to make it like I had the other one.
    I am in LOVE with your new kitchen & I think you were correct in putting the corbels above the hood. They echo the ones under the island extension & tie it all together beautifully. That gothic window is TO DIE FOR!!

    I totally agree about those upper cabinets. I'm tall & STILL can't reach stuff on the top shelf of mine. There are things in there that were placed by my DD when we moved in 9-10 yrs. ago & I don't think I've ever gotten them down. ~insert rolled eyes~

    Hang in will all be worth it in the end!

  26. Your kitchen is looking quite grand! I love the trim details. Too bad about the door trim details! You need an job boss!
    I had a pulled pork sandwich with barbecue sauce and cole slaw on a pretzel bun just the other day! It was delicious!

  27. I'm linking up quite late this week Michael Lee. Been so busy. Your kitchen looks like its coming along nicely. Have a great weekend!

    Anne xx

  28. Hi Michael Lee! Just found your blog today and even though it's no longer Friday, I liked up to your Foodie Friday party! I also loved reading about your kitchen "miscommunications" and laughed about how you got extra things that you had to remove. Usually the "miscommunications" are when the contractors don't do something or leave something out!
    I am a new follower and look forward to following along with your kitchen progress!