Thursday, October 10, 2013

Foodie Friday -- October 10th

 Welcome to the October 11th Foodie Friday, where good food is always on the menu.
We've had human and canine medical issues this week, so I'm posting just a little early tonight.
The human has a herniated C-3 disc and has an appointment with a neurosurgeon. The disc is pressing on the spinal cord, so surgery is likely.  A bad fall or car crash could cause the cord to snap.
 "Please don't write about me on your blog!" the human said.
So you didn't hear it from me.
As for the other emergency, my diabetic Yorkie, Zap, spent 30 hours at the emergency vet hospital--a bout of vomiting sent Z into very early DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), which is life-threatening.
Since the DKA was in the very early stages, the treatment (fluids, fluids, and more fluids) was successful. An infection often kicks off DKA, but the vets couldn't find *anything*.
This is Z's second episode of DKA, the first incident occurred a few years ago, when he was diagnosed. The vet told me that sometimes there just isn't a reason for DKA.
If you have a diabetic dog, the early stages of DKA are ketones in the urine and "acetone breath."
Zap only had a small amount. He was active and afebrile.
I'm a registered nurse, but I didn't feel competent to treat him at home by pushing fluids. Also, Zap had a rapid heartbeat. Dr. Will (my husband) said that a rapid heart rate can be due to dehydration. Since Zap had begun vomiting in the middle of the night, we felt very helpless. At 8 am, we rushed him to our local vet. The doc did blood work, and he was worried that Zap's kidneys might be in the early stages of failure. He sent us straight to an emergency vet hospital--that was the longest 1 hour drive in my life. It turned out that Zap's BUN and creatin levels were due to vomiting/dehydration. His kidneys are fine, thank goodness.
He was sent home with antibiotics (the vets were pretty sure that Z had a covert infection...somewhere) and anti-nausea pills.
We picked up Zap late this afternoon, and he didn't really perk up until he was home.
He probably didn't eat very well at the hospital, which can affect blood glucose levels. Food and insulin must be matched.
I'll give updates right here, tonight and tomorrow.
Update 1: Zap's blood glucose dipped low tonight, and I rubbed Karo Syrup on his gums. He's okay now.
Before the health crises, I had barbecued two pork tenderloins and served them with grilled garlic toast. The tenderloins were marinated with Jack Daniels and honey. You can find premixed marinades in bags at the grocery. I added grated apples to the marinade.
Very easy and tasty.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the emergencies this week Michael, I hope everyone is better very soon! The tenderloins sound great, I was just thinking today that I haven't made one in a while... Gotta correct that:@)

    1. I found the marinating bags at Publix. I've used them for chicken, too, which was even better!

  2. Oh no...poor Zap and the poor human! Hoping surgery isn't required :( and wishing your household a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh what a cute Little guy and looking so cozy. I hope he feels better, por thing with diabetes! Thanks for this great food party Michael, I am hungry already, lol!

  4. Sorry to hear of all the medical woes both human and canine. Hope things turn out great for both, will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    Blessings and Prayers,
    Mary L

  5. Little Zap you hang in there buddy, you always remind me of our Andre'. To the human: our prayers for a speedy recovery. Hope you have a restful weekend and take care of the human and Zap. Thanks for hosting!
    Miz Helen

    1. Zap is curled up next to me. I bet he didn't get much sleep at the hospital. Thanks for vizitin!

  6. Oh no. Wishing both puppy and human a speedy recovery! Thanks for another lovely party!

  7. Prayers for a speedy recovery for both. Both situations sound scary. I echo the words of Miz Helen above, I hope you have a restful weekend and take care of both patients. Your pork tenderloins sound like the perfect comfort dinner. Anything with Jack Daniels has to be good. Thanks for hosting with all that is going on.

  8. Oh goodness, gracious Michael Lee, I'm so sorry to hear about all the health issues for both your poor hubby and your puppy. I pray that all will be well soon. xxoo

  9. oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about all of your sweet ones suffering~nothing like a little JD marinated pork to keep up your strength! I will be thinking of your family and praying for the best~

  10. Prayers for you and yours. My family freaks if I make any reference to them. You did not hear that from me.

    1. My family would rather eat dirt than be on my blog. He Who Cannot Be Named is also on a 1800 calorie diet to lose weight. He thinks the diet is worse than the disc problem. lol

  11. A fast and happy recovery for all...My goodness....when it rains, it pours.
    Your steak looks amazing....
    Thanks for being such a loyal hostess with the mostest...:))
    xo bj

  12. Thank you for hosting! Hope your little fellow gets better soon.

  13. The pork loins look fantastic. They are one of my favorites.
    Sorry about the health concerns, hope everything and everyone improves quickly, although an appointment with the neurosurgeon doesn't sound like anything quick. Hugs!

  14. Oh, Michael Lee, I'm sad to hear that there is more stress with health issues for your family. Glad Zap is recovering and certainly hope that surgery isn't necessary for the human. Speedy recovery for all!

  15. I hope that your husband and pup are feeling better. Have a good weekend

  16. Hi, I recently found your blog, and this is my first time linking up. I have to say your linking tutorial was perfect and helped me finally get it right. I'm so sorry to hear about your family's health troubles and hope everything turns out great for all of you. Thanks for hosting, and take care! Dee :)

  17. I had to read the of your story first, and thank G-od you little dog is ok now :)
    When it comes to animals they're always number 1 for us
    Thanks you for the party Michelle and have a good weekend

  18. Michael, I sure hope everyone is better very soon! What a sweet photo of the pup. The tenderloins sound great! I'm sure you've been busy with apples ;o)

  19. So sorry to hear your human and canine loves are not feeling well and hope they are better soon. I had a diabetic cat for years and did go through an emergency (in the middle of the night of course) due to ketoacidosis. Very scary! But, all was well and he was with me for a long time afterward. We finally realized we could use diet to control it.

    Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


  20. So glad your sweet pooch is OK and I hope human gets better too. Have a relaxing weekend and thank you for the party.

  21. Oh my goodness, what a week. So glad Zap is doing better, and I hope your human is too!

  22. I'm not doing a whole lot of cooking these days, however...we visited a wonderful little wine cellar last week and had lunch. Food and wine from the back porch this week.

    So sorry to hear about the health issues, human and canine. Sending good thoughts your way!

  23. Oh my! You have had your hands full. Glad Zap is doing better. Hoping for a fast and full recovery for the human.

  24. Those tenderloins look amazing! Hope all the medical problems improve! It's always something!

    Thanks for hosting, ML!

  25. Dear Michael Lee --
    Your pork tenderloins look absolutely delicious and I especially like adding some apple to the marinade. I hope your family -- both human and canine -- are better fast! Z is adorable! Thanks so much for your lovely posts here.

  26. gosh so sorry to read about your mystery human and poor zap. thank heavens one has so far sailed through, fingers crossed for number 2!

    food looks delish, but i am sure your mind is eleswhere~

  27. Wow you had a rough week. Prayers going up for you right now!
    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  28. Wow, you had a rough week. Prayers going up for you right now!
    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  29. I'm sorry to hear about Z.....I have a Yorkie and two Westie's and they rule the entire house also! Z is so adorable, my heart is sad that he is not feeling well.....Elvis, Oliver & Duncan send a big Hug and a quick "Get Well Pal" to Z......
    PS the tenderloins are on this weekend's menu! you take care of yourself too...and the human with the herniated disc? take care of that - who ever you are!
    Lois@pineridge hills

  30. Good Grief...when it rains, it pours, huh? I feel so bad for BOTH of you guys...and YOU, too, ML! It is so hard to watch our loved ones suffer...both the 2 & 4 legged ones.
    I hope each of them will be feeling much better very soon. It is sooo stressful to have to deal with such medical issues & it doesn't sound like either of them are going to resolve easily.

    I just recently tried a new bottled basil marinade on a chuck roast & it was wonderful I shall look for one for pork & I think your idea of adding the apple was brilliant. We always have applesauce on the side when I make pork.

    Thanks for hosting FF again amid all your turmoil at your house. I've contributed a gluten free white wine cake that is rave reviews at the quilt guild & at our family reunion recently. I used your sprinkles on the top to make it "autumnal" looking. :-)

    Hugs to the entire household!

  31. Holy Cow, you've had your share lately. My best for an easy time of it for your very much loved human family member, and also for dear Zap, glad to hear you got to the root of the problem. I know both in great, capable RN hands. Hope you all have a restful (and uneventful) weekend. BTW, those pork tenderloins look awesome!!

  32. Thank you very much for hosting and sharing.I brought my Kocina De Pinay's Coffee Cake. Have a great week ahead.