Thursday, October 31, 2013

Foodie Friday

 Happy Halloween!
This Foodie Friday finds me under the weather.
Which means it's time for chicken noodle soup.
 Which means Bandwidth is in the kitchen again.

Not much has happened in the food department lately.
Here's an edited peek at the home renovation saga.
The photo on the left is a "before" picture. On the right is an "in progress."

The Kitchen Clock Project.
The magnificent Jimmy took my clock (and inspiration photo) to his workshop.

We love the Timberlane shutters. Bandwidth couldn't wait to close/open them.

Upcoming Projects:
Footing for the potting shed

A remodeled entry courtyard
Steps at one end ... leading to a someday garden.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal. Little wonder you have a headache! Still that chicken noodle soup looks great, and sure to fix anything.

    I've linked a salad of Roasted Beetroot, Leeks & Walnuts with Tamarind Dressing & Pomegranate - a wonderful "gutsy" salad that would be great any time of year, with plenty of flavour and great texture. Thanks so much for hosting.


  2. oh you are having a living halloween endless scary story, but heck, we already knew the devils in the details! you are so much more patient then i could ever dream of being, i would be ballistic with every bad cut, either you drink heavily and sedate yourself daily, or you southern belles are just sweet to the bone!

    soup looks delish, i can't beleive you even make a rue for chicken soup, i love the part if too dark, start over!

    happy halloween to your household, may you all be well and measure twice before they even dream of cutting once!

  3. It's no wonder you are ailing, so many house problems to deal with can make a person sick. I just know it is all going to come together beautifully in the end and you can look back at it all with no regrets. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow.


  4. It's no wonder that your head hurts! I sure hope you are feeling perky again soon. Sorry about the nightmare with the cuts. Take a deep breath and forge ahead. They'll get it right. Going to be fabulously beautiful!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Hi Michelle,
    That Chicken Soup will make you better real soon, just enjoy your son taking care of you. The house project is coming along nicely. Get rest and recover soon and thanks for the party!
    Miz Helen

  6. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds so good. I would probably be drinking a lot with all the problems you are having with the clock and front porch. I would have a terrible headache. Hope you feel better and hopefully everything will work out great.
    Happy Halloween.

  7. That chicken soup looks delicious! Thank you for hosting.

  8. I'm under the weather and I sure need that soup...yummy! Thank you for the party sweet lady. Have a fun Halloween.

  9. Soup sounds yummy. At what point was the chicken added?
    Sure hope you feel better soon. You have had a lot going on for some time now.

    1. Glenda, I revised the recipe. The chicken and fresh lo mein noodles are added last (after the broth). I found fresh noodles in Publix's produce section.

  10. Bandwidth to the rescue. I hope the soup helps you feel better soon. What an ordeal with the remodeling. I think I would do what the Victorian ladies did, retire to my bed :)

    Happy Halloween and thanks for hosting.

  11. So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, I think it must be Carpenter Flu! Good gracious, what they are putting you through! Your home is gorgeous, don't sweat the details, in 6 months it won't even bother you~thanks for always throwing a delicious party,

  12. The Chicken Soup looks delicious. Feel Better Soon!

  13. Sorry to hear you're under the weather Michael-Lee. Hope you're better soon.

    Anne xx

  14. Michael, I feel your pain. I am going to pray, for you that this works out. I think your GC needs to stand over those carpenters. I always say men with tools = danger. Am trusting it will all work out to your satisfaction! xoxoxo

  15. Hope the soup helps fast it looks delicious and comforting!!
    Thank you for hosting the gathering!

  16. Oh you poor baby, Michael Lee! I hope you get better soon and that the chicken soup does the trick. You've had your share of issues with the renovations, but it sure looks wonderful. Get well soon. xxoo

  17. It's a good thing to have someone cook you some delicious chicken soup when you're feeling poorly! I hope you're back to normal again soon so you can straighten out those workmen :-)

  18. I hope you feel better--the soup sounds delicious! Thanks for hosting when you've got so much else happening! Dee :)

  19. I would think the stress of all these renovations would mess with anyone's immune system!!! Hope you feel better and also hope that clock carpenters stop messing everything up!!!

  20. Chicken soup is the cure… hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the party.

  21. Thanks for hosting and good luck getting through those renovations!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  22. Feel better soon and thank you for the party.

  23. I'm am so very sorry to hear you're under the weather again! I think all this stress about redoing the house is lowering your immune system. {{HUGS}} I know it took me a full 2 weeks to get over my cold & I was drained the whole time. I hope you feel better MUCH sooner!
    Thanks for doing FF, even when you don't feel well. Tell Bandy I've never had wontons on my chicken soup but I surely will try them next time.

  24. I certainly understand how you could be exhausted. What a project you have taken on, but it will be awesome once it is finished. Chicken soup is good for the soul, and I sure hope you feel better soon. Thanks for hosting.