Thursday, November 21, 2013

Foodie Friday

Welcome to Foodie Friday.
He Who Shall Not Be Named and I just got home from
a routine doctor's visit in Nashville. 
Now HWSNBN is happily curled up with a cup of hot cocoa.
A view of Nashville's skyline.
For those who have been following the kitchen reno,
here's the latest. The top layer of trim was removed from the cabs,
corbels were removed, the clock was moved back, and a faux chimney hood was built to
make the hood seem faux functional. I incorporated many of the great ideas that you all have given. Thanks so much!
I'll post updates on Saturday.
Do you want to know which recipes are trending on Foodie Friday? Tonight and tomorrow, I will give updates about the most popular dishes on Facebook and Twitter.
Without further ado, here is your Foodie Friday! 
Note: Since next Thursday is Foodie Friday, I will post the link Wednesday, November 20th, at 7 pm central time.
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For a complete guide to this linky party, click HERE.
** Would you like to add your recipes to the "Consuming Passions" group board at Pinterest?
It can be found HERE.  Foodie Friday folks and pinners are always welcome to "pin" with us and chat about food. Just leave a comment on one of my recent "pins," so I'll be sure to see it, and I will send you an invitation. Or you can email me.

 Thanks for stopping by the party. Have a great weekend.


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  1. Hi there. So sorry that you have family health issues - wishing HWSNBN a speedy recovery. I'm enjoying participating in Foodie Friday, and I've linked some delicious Prawn & Coriander Pot-Sticker Dumplings. This would make a great little pass-around for the party season. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Hot Cocoa is practically a cure-all, hope HWSNBN got good news. Thanks for having me this week :)

  3. Hope you are feeling ok, have with with your cocoa!
    Thank you for hosting your party :)

  4. I too wish HWSNBN a speedy recovery and so glad the renovations are moving along in the kitchen. Thanks for hosting and I'll be sure to be here next week on Wednesday to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Hoping for a wonderful Thanksgiving week for you and your family -- and quick healing for anyone who needs it!

  6. Hope you have a great holiday and thank you again for hosting. I think I will go make some hot cocoa now.

  7. hope HWSNBN can sip lots of restorative cocoa~the kitchen is making me crazy, I can't wait to see it done, you must have the patience of a saint! I hope you can relax and enjoy some family time next week. Thanks for hosting,

  8. O, I want whatever that is in your first looks mighty good.:)
    Thanks so much, dear friend, for being such a loyal host each and every single week.
    Have a blessed holiday...

  9. Hope the Nashville visit resulted in positive news for the patient. Have a nice weekend………Sarah

  10. Love your foodie photo and the pedestal! Dear friend, I hope things settle down for you and your hubby. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

  11. Your kitchen is progressing beautifully! I have a very modest little kitchen with very little room to move around in. But I tell you what, I can certainly dream of being the mistress of a big, beautiful kitchen. And from what I have seen so far, your kitchen will be the inspiration for my dream kitchen. I need to get to those yummy looking recipes to gather up inspiration for the week. Thank you for hosting. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and I am so glad HWSNBN is on the road to recovery .... Candy

  12. This kitchen reno seems like it's been going on forever - I'm sure it feels even longer for you!!

  13. Thank you so much for hosting :) I am sharing my Creamy Dreamy Chocolate “Milkshake”. It has pumpkin puree, cucumber, banana and more…

  14. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Hi Michael, I bought turkey shaped dinner rolls for the party.