Thursday, May 1, 2014

Foodie Friday -- May 2nd

Rattlebridge Farm has been smoking up a storm this week.

Our trusty smoker is big and bulky. It resides at one end of the front porch and looks like something from NASA, a mini space station. For sure, it's unusual porch decor, but that's fine with me. I love what smoke does to food. I even smoked peaches, which were unbelievably delicious, savory yet sweet, and they were snapped up before I could take a photo. 

With Bandwidth's expert assistance, I prepared Smoked Rainbow Trout, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with crabmeat.
Click HERE  for the recipe.

For Easter, we enjoyed a lip-smacking Smoked Standing Rib Roast.
Click HERE for the recipe.

Featured Recipes from Last Week's Foodie Friday.

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The recipe that readers loved the most was Wives with Knives' delicious old fashioned ham salad sandwiches.

Readers also loved Candidly Kate's vibrant and  Easy Minestrone Salad.

Carolina Heart Strings  combined two classic Southern foods--red velvet and Moon Pies,
creating  Red Velvet Moon Pies.

Are you familiar with the MYSTERY INGREDIENT CLUB?
Here's how it works: A secret ingredient is assigned to members, and they incorporate it in a recipe (sweet or savory). 

The next club meeting will be held Monday, June 2, 2014

** Participating members can host the party, if desired. 
** Other than using the secret ingredient in a recipe, there are no rules. 
** If you'd like to play with us, just leave a comment (or email me at and type MYSTERY CLUB in the subject header. 
** The secret ingredient will be unveiled via email.
** If you'd like to host the party on your blog, you'll be mailed the Inlinkz thumbnail code prior to the event.



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Every Friday, we are joined at this big, virtual table--thank you for stopping by today. I'm grateful to all of you who spend your days cooking. I'm grateful to old and new friends who contribute recipes every week. I'm grateful to friends who leave a comment. I'm grateful for the silent folks, because you are brought here by your love of all things culinary.
We are food people. And that's a marvelous thing.
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 Have a wonderful, food-filled weekend!


  1. Michael - your photos just keep getting better and better! As always, thank you for being our faithful FF Host each week!

  2. What a treat to have your own smoker, even if it does look like something from NASA!!
    The smoked trout really has my interest; of course the beef looks good too! Delicious!!!
    Blessings, Catherine xo

    1. I always approach a fish dish with misgivings (the itty bones! Argh). Smoking is slowly bringing me around. Have a great weekend!

  3. oy,its one of those days where i am too hungry to be looking round here... see the dentist this afternoon so being lean of mouth, but i have to say your roast is killing me... we are going out to dinner after the visit, i think its gonna have to be a steak house now, i don't eat beef very often, but dang now i am CRAVING IT! do you got yorkshire pudding hanging around with au jus on another post to just push me off the cliff???

    1. Shame on me, I have never made Yorkshire pudding (but I ate some near York--does that count? :-0). Must remedy this--I'll have to borrow your recipe.

  4. Some 'smoking great' r├ęcipes dear Michael....yummy, yummy! Thank you for hosting sweet lady. I'm posting a delish brioche bread I made from a bloggy friend! Thanks for hosting this terrific party!
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  5. Both main courses look amazing but the Trout is just exceptional. pinned both. Thanks so much for hosting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Thank you for hosting again! Seems I was just here, this week flew!

  7. I'll bet the smoker is so wonderful to have, by the looks of your trout and roast!! Thank you so much for hosting, Michael Lee. xo

  8. Lovin' that ham salad feature Michael! Have a great weekend:@)

    1. I've been craving ham salad ever since I saw Cathy's post!

  9. Thanks for hosting, Michael Lee. Have a great weekend!

  10. wow, that is one serious trout! And the ham salad is so retro, have you noticed all the retro recipes that seem to be making a comeback? know I'd love to play with the Mystery Ingredient...Thanks for the party and the fun!

    1. You're right. I have seen quite a few retro recipes at Pinterest, and they are fun. Thrilled that you'll be playing with the mystery club! I'll email the details.

  11. Hooray for the return of the MIC! We need to branch out with our smoker, we only fire it up for a Boston butt. Your bacon wrapped and crab stuffed trout sounds divine and your standing rib roast is a thing of beauty!

    Hope everyone and every creature is well at Rattlebridge Farm and you survived the storms! We were lucky, all the tornadic activity and flooding missed us :)

  12. That smoked trout looks mouth watering! Love the recipe and all the flavors you used.

  13. You guys have been really smokin' over there with that fantastic trout and the yummy roast. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  14. Very impressive trout. Did Bandwidth catch it? Thanks for the party Michael.

  15. Hello! I got to participate in your party today. Thank you for hosting. I shared a falafel salad.

  16. Thanks for hosting! Wow, that smoked trout looks fabulous. What a great idea.

  17. OMG! I want that trout. I'm really not that far from you

  18. Love the blog! Thanks so much for hosting. I would love it if you would stop by our party and share one of your amazing creations.
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  19. Hello Lovely Lady! Hope your Spring is going well. I am so glad it's finally here.
    Always a treat to stop by your blog and visit.

    I hope you try my Prairie Kitchen Maple Cream Pie. I loved it!

    Blessings to you,
    d from the Kansas Flint Hills on the Prairie

  20. Thanks for hosting! I shared my super fresh “can’t wait for summer” gazpacho smoothie—a savory swap out for fruity smoothies.