Thursday, May 22, 2014

Foodie Friday -- Memorial Day Edition, May 22 -26

 Welcome to the Memorial Day edition of Foodie Friday!

The week sped by, filled with gardening, cooking, and catching up with old friends.
We enjoyed old fashioned tea biscuits with a special egg salad.

I found the recipe in the 2012 edition of Phyllis Hoffman's gorgeous Celebrate magazine. I like to keep things stress-free and simple, if possible, so I loved the notion of using frozen mini-biscuits. 


These itty bitty appetizers are so good, they will disappear in a flash. I began with twenty-four, and when I turned around, four biscuits were missing.

The recipe is incredibly easy. It's perfect for the busy hostess. I put my own spin on it with the holy trio: bacon, Tabasco, and Hungarian paprika.
The chopped and mashed avocados add texture and help the salad mixture hold its shape.

In the garden with Mister, better known as The Governor. 
I bought the pet stroller for Zap, but he prefers to be right by my side. Mister, however, leaped into the stroller and claimed it. Here, he's making goo-goo eyes at Bandwidth, who was jumping up and down, trying to get Mister to pose for the camera. 

Are you familiar with the MYSTERY INGREDIENT CLUB?
Here's how it works: A secret ingredient is assigned to members, and they incorporate it into a recipe (sweet or savory). 

The next club meeting will be held Monday, June 2, 2014

** Participating members can host the party. This means that you don't have to follow any rules or do any "hosty" things. You'll be mailed the Inlinkz thumbnail code prior to the event, which you can add to your post. This is totally optional

**The MIC is very "niche," and will stay small and cozy, so I thought it would be super great if the MIC posts/thumbnails appeared on 10 blogs as opposed to the one host blog.  This will be great exposure for your recipe.

**As a host, you don't have to do any host duties. You don't have to do mandatory comments/visits. If a link messes up or a visitor/reader has a problem, I will take care of it from my end. I don't want this to be a headache for y'all!!! Just fun. The collection can also be "closed" to accept only the posts from members.

**If you have a Wordpress blog and are worried about the javascript, here is what Inlinkz says about WP and sharing blog hop link ups:
If you want other bloggers to display your collection (what is known as a “blog-hop”), now there is an easy way to let them grab the suitable code for their site and needs. Click on the link to get your code as usual Click on the tab to go to the “Get script” page On the page where you get the script, you will notice a last options that provide a small HTML snippet to add a link to the script page You can also find other methods with which you can share your code. Copy this HTML snippet and put it on your blog for others to click on it and grab the code. What the users will see is this: get the InLinkz code Clicking on it, they will be transfered to the get script page (minus the code-sharing textbox) from where they can grab the code that suits their needs Your readers will see this code page to select their blog code The link contains a unique key without which, no one can access this page. You can even email the link containing the key to other bloggers so they can access this page - See more at:

** Other than using the secret ingredient in a recipe, there are no rules. 

** If you'd like to play with us, just leave a comment below (or email me at and type MYSTERY CLUB in the subject header. 

** The secret ingredient will be mailed to you. If you haven't received your email, let me know.

** If you'd like to host the party on your blog, you'll be mailed the Inlinkz thumbnail code prior to the event.

**This isn't a weekly meme. The MIC meetings happen mysteriously!

Come on and join us. We'll have a great time!

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It's pretty simple: there are NO RULES.

You don't need to "like" our Facebook page or be a follower of this blog to participate. Nor do you need to include a backlink or Foodie Friday button in your post. Add as many recipes as you wish, old or new.
If you'd like to share your food photos--or photos of other FF participants on Pinterest, join the Pinterest foodie board, Consuming Passions. Leave a message on the most recent "pin" if you'd like your name added to the list.

Every Friday, we are joined at this big, virtual table--thank you for stopping by today. I'm grateful to all of you who spend your days cooking. I'm grateful to old and new friends who contribute recipes every week. I'm grateful to friends who leave a comment. I'm grateful for the silent folks, because you are brought here by your love of all things culinary.

We are food people. And that's a marvelous thing.

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Have a happy, safe Memorial Weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the party! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. I love the picture of Mister. What a cutie! Thanks for hosting and have a great Memorial Day!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Your Avocado Bacon Egg Salad sounds delicious! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  4. Aren't pets funny. They seem to gravitate towards others toys. Your biscuits are perfect for this relaxed weekend. Hope you have a good one and thanks for hosting.

  5. Oh no, it seems that every 4th entry in the submissions gets covered up with the photo links on the right hand side of the blog, My entry #12 of Jezebel Sauce, along with every 4th entry above, is among those. Well at least that's how it shows on my screen, but perhaps not on all screens. Blogger can be so frustrating......

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I reduced the columns to three. Hope that helped!

  6. All my favorite things in that egg salad and lovin' the pup in the stroller! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Michael-enjoy:@)

  7. Hi Michael,
    What a precious photo of Mister and glad that Zap can be outdoors right now. I love your quilt and the Tea Biscuits look delicious. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and thanks so much for the party!
    Miz Helen

  8. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  9. Those 4 biscuits that are missing are the ones I ate, I hoped no one would notice! They look oh so good...especially served with sunflowers and on your pretty quilt. Your biscuits look like Mary B's tea biscuits, who needs the stress of baking when they're so good? Mister looks like he rules the roost :)

  10. What a cute photo that Bandwidth captured of Mister. Maybe Zap will oblige next time?
    Your tea biscuits look wonderful and have two of my favorite ingredients-- eggs and avocados! Thanks for hosting and Happy Memorial Day, Michael Lee. xo

  11. those are the cutest little tea biscuits! i have never tried eggs and avocado like that, they sure look darling! not nearly as cute as mister though... i already had uploaded this pic and pinned it the other day, i will pin this one too so "they" can meet his mama's home. i LOVE that shot, pure happiness!

  12. Thanks for hosting! Your tea biscuits are wonderful!

  13. I added Mister's darling photo to my "Makes Me Smile" Pinterest Board. Too cute!
    The idea of mixing the avocado and bacon into the egg salad sounds like a perfect combination. Pinning this recipe too!
    Also printing it out with that darling quilted accent. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  14. Hi, Gollum...all the links look so delicious as does your sweet biscuit snacks...
    hugs, bj
    OOO, and I would LOVE to belong to your Mystery Club, if you have another opening. :)

  15. Love the sunflowers!!!!! thanks for hosting. Please come and party with us. We would love to have you.
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls