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Foodie Friday -- August 1, 2014

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 Every morning in June, Bandwidth drove to McDonalds for breakfast. He came home with two sacks, each one filled with a billion lukewarm calories. I devoured the muffins without hesitation.
Everything changed when Ulysses Press sent a copy of Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches, a fantastic new cookbook by Jessica Harlan, a popular food writer and recipe developer. 
Each recipe was a winner. 
 I bought an inexpensive sandwich maker and began making Ms. Harlan's simple, lip-smacking recipes, such as Egg and Cheese Muffins, Ham and Brie Croissant-wiches, Benedict-to-Go, and "the Elvis," which involves the King's holy trinity: bacon, peanut butter, and white bread. 
But the awesome recipe line-up doesn't stop at breakfast. The book includes ideas for lunch and dessert. 
A favorite at our house is Ms. Harlan's Ham and Cheese Melt. In the preface to the recipe, she writes:
"There's nothing like an old-fashioned ham and cheese sandwich, and my version takes a nod
from cuban medianoche pressed sandwiches. The name means "midnight" in Spanish, a nod to this sandwich's popularity as a late-night snack. Make one for a quick lunch; it can even be wrapped in foil to eat on the go."

Ham and Cheese Melt
Makes 1 sandwich

2 thick slices of crusty white bread, such as ciabatta
1 T. butter, softened
1 T. mustard
2 slices Swiss cheese
2 slices deli ham

Spread butter on one side of the bread, mustard on the other. You can find the technique for making this sandwich in the book. For Foodie Friday, I grilled the sandwich in a skillet. My husband followed me outside and waited while I took pictures. The moment I was finished, the melt disappeared.
 Kiss fast food goodbye and say hello to quick, warm, nutritious homemade sandwiches and desserts.
I loved this book for many reasons, mainly because it put an end to Bandwidth's early A.M. excursions to the Golden Arches. 

"Like most people, I rarely have time to make the elaborate morning meals of my dreams," author Jessica Harlan says. "My solution? For a quick, tasty morning meal, I make sandwiches."

Non-breakfasty recipes include Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Tuna Melt, and Pizza. 
For dessert, you can try Black Forest Pancake Torte, Raspberry-Nutella Stack, and Warm Strawberry Shortcake.

Jessica Harlan lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her family. Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches is her fifth cookbook. 

Ulysses Press
Author's Facebook Page

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  1. I love breakfast and sandwiches, so this book is right up my alley. That ham and cheese melt looks divine. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. My late beloved hubby and I used to make our own version of egg McMuffins and he'd take them to work and heat them up. The cookbook looks like a winner, Michael Lee, and I'm sure you'll be fixing lots of recipes from it. Thank you for hosting and sharing with us. xo

  3. Eggy, Cheesy, Toasty, Yummy and the waffle sandwich on the cover looks like it would be divine! Your Ham & Cheese Melt looks oh so good, especially with your garden bouquet! Thanks for sharing the book :)

  4. I have to check this book out. My body no longer tolerates fast food since it is full of soy, both in the ingredients and the frying oil. It will be nice to have a go-to reference. Gourmet fast food. :)

    Thank you for hosting.


  5. I love the egg McMuffins, I'm hungry right now and wish I had one! Wish I could get that book, looks awesome Michael!
    Thanks for the great yummy party. I too have a recipe for Italian Anisette Cookies in my post.

  6. What a fun cookbook and great breakfast sandwiches! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for the party!
    Miz Helen

  7. Thanks ML, if I can have a breakfast sandwich, I am good for the day! Thanks for the always delicious party~

  8. A healthy breakfast is a better breakfast. Yummy looking sandwich!

  9. These look delicious! I want to have breakfast at your place! Pretty flowers too. Are they from your garden?
    Happy Weekend!

  10. You know, I never think to make breakfast sandwiches, but it's a really good idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Patricia @

  11. Everything looks delicious. Where do you start. That ham and cheese melt is as good a place as any i suppose. Thanks for hosting Michael. I'd love to join the Consuming Passions Board if at all possible.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Hello cute lady! Thank you for hosting. I love stopping by your fabulous party. Please come and party with us. We would love to have you! HTTP://LOULOUGIRLS.BLOGSPOT.COM/
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  13. Oh yes, hope the breakfast sandwiches fill that morning craving instead of the drive-through! Also hope you like the zucchini pizza, I really enjoyed it with pasta:@)

  14. looks like a great cookbook and breakfast is my favorite meal, although, if eating fast food, I go to Hardees. Marie makes the biscuits there and hers are almost as good as mine. LOL

  15. Thanks so much for sharing all your delicious foodie fun! Two thumbs up for breakfast sandwiches!!!