Thursday, September 25, 2014

Foodie Friday -- September 26th

Are you in the mood for a hearty Autumn menu?

Baked ziti is one of our favorite dishes. It's one of those recipes that feeds the soul, and, best of all, it's a one pot meal. 

Crockpot "Q" Sliders  are always welcome on busy days when you're raking leaves 
or visiting the local pumpkin patch.

Pork Roast with Dark Cherry Balsamic Sauce is technically a two-pot meal, since you'll need a sauce pan to make the glaze; but after you place all ingredients into a baking dish, your oven will take over, and dinner will be ready in two hours. 

I've had several emails concerning the remodeling project. 
Here's a recent comment:
Dear Mlee,
I think I have asked you this before but have I missed something? I try to follow you regularly but I see nothing about the new house and the renovations. Is that over, are you done, are you actually going to move into it or stay where you are? All questions that have me baffled. I thought I would be seeing decorated rooms by now......:)


Dear Baffled,
I haven't mentioned the renovation because it was just too hard to write about. I was waiting for the right moment, but it never arrived. Shortly after my husband's surgery, we decided to sell the house. It about broke my heart -- and Bandwidth's, too -- but as my grandmother would say, "There's nothing for it." That was her way of saying that things happen for a reason, even if it isn't to our liking. My Mimi believed that the Lord didn't shut one door without opening another one...or at least cracking open a window. 
As it happened, a door did open, and we ended up with a 70s ranch house, one that made my husband's heart sing. My mother loves it to pieces, and so do I. Bandwidth is crazy about it, too.

When things settle down, I'll tell y'all all about it. For now, here's a peek at the screened porch.

All best,

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Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thanks for the update on your house renovation. It's wonderful news that everyone loves your new house and I can't wait to hear more about it. In the end things always work out for the best. Thanks for hosting each week. Now I'm off to check out that dark cherry sauce.

  2. Your grandmother is a very smart woman...thank you Michael Lee~

  3. Thanks so much for hosting such a great party. I hope you and your family are all well.

  4. I remember that wonderful pork with the dark cherry sauce. Thank you for hosting, and hope all is well.

  5. Your Mimi had some wise words of wisdom, MLee! Isn't it wonderful that everyone is thrilled with the 70's ranch. I look forward to hearing more about it. Thanks so much for hosting with all that you have going on.
    p.s. We did a taste test with the hot sauces.

  6. I was wondering about this also, I know that everything DOES happen for reason, In Ecclesiastes 3: 1-15. There is a time for everything....I do love reading your blog (as well as your books). I can't wait to see photo's of the Ranch House. I'm excited for you all that everyone "likes".... Thank you for hosting, I linked up recipes that we have tried from other blogs/web. Hope it is ok, I linked back to each one for their recipes/blogs/web-sites....I hope no blog "etiquette" has been violated, If so let me know., I sure hope not cause I have "pinned" a gazillion that I want to prepare.

  7. oh I meant to ask about the farm animals:goats,horses,donkey's,geese,ducks,etc....will they get to move to the Ranch House????

    1. No, we're winding down on farm life. My husband just can't manage anymore, and our helper has been ill as well.

    2. I understand completely, hope who ever buy's RattleBridge Farm loves all the farm animals and takes real good care of them.....We here on LoblollyLane have had to make some hugh changes as well, sweet husband battled cancer the entire year of 2013, but we made the decision to go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa Ok. and everything is looking a whole lots better...we are blessed and I know Mr Gollum and you, Bandy, Annabelle, your mama will be blessed in this new adventure in your lives. Can't wait to see what you all do with the Ranch House...hugs and prayers, have a great weekend.

  8. Hi MLee,
    I have had quiet the house journey myself and can't wait to hear about your new venture. Your presentation of fall food looks amazing, especially that roast which I intend to try. Hope you have a lovely evening and thanks so much for the party.
    Miz Helen

  9. I need to make the sliders for company, but the cherry sauce for me.

    Thank you for hosting.


  10. You mean there's not going to be a Rattlebridge Farm any more.?

  11. Thanks so much for the party. That pork roast looks amazing! :)

  12. Baked Ziti is a favorite in our house too! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

  13. Oh, I can't wait to see renovations, I hear! Thanks for hosting sweet lady. I'm so happy to be here with a recipe of a real good pumpkin cake.
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  14. Gosh, I was wondering about the reno too - wow, didn't expect to learn that you sold it. But you have the right attitude... here's to the new place.

    Patricia @

  15. Your fall recipes look delicious, Michael! I am definitely ready for some hearty, fall comfort food. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I'm sorry to hear that you had to move again, but as you say, things happen for a reason, and it's wonderful that everyone likes the new house.

    Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. That Baked Ziti looks amazing, Michael, as do your other fall recipes! It's been a while since I've been able to link up - things got really busy there for a while with the relaunch of my website. I'm sorry to hear about the other house you were renovating and that your husband had to have surgery but I'm glad you are all settled in your lovely new home. This week I've shared some delicious Recipes to Use Up Leftover Bananas. It's great to be back! Thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend

  17. I hope your 70s ranch makes for delicious and easy living! I would hate to give up your wonderful kitchen renovation but your Mimi is right. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Keep Calm & Write On :)

  18. I agree with your grandmother. Have you read the book "The Nesting Place" - it's all about this woman who kept waiting for the perfect home, but finally realized that the perfect home was the one she was living in right now (she lives in rentals). It's so true. If the home you are in now makes your husband's heart sing, I imagine that you will soon have worked your wonderful magic on it too!

  19. It sounds like you are simplify your lives and that can be a very lightening uplifting thing to do. Enjoy your new home. Thanks always for the party.

  20. Forgot to say you can count me in as being excited about the 70's ranch. That is in our plans also.

  21. Thanks for hosting! This is one of the best hops, I always gets lots of visitors from it!

    Trisha @ Home Sweet Homemade

  22. That Roast Pork looks devine. I love the crispy crackling. Sorry to hear about the farm but best of luck with the next chapter of your journey.

    Thanks for hosting. Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Hello cute lady! It is always a pleasure to stop and party with you. I hope you get a chance to swing by our party. We would love to have you!
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  24. Best Wishes to you, and your family, in your new home. Thank you for hosting this each week. It is so much fun to look through all of these wonderful recipes.

  25. Thank you so much for hosting and always look forward to the party. Blessing to you and your family in your new home.


  26. Dear MLee, Popping in. I had no idea about the selling of your place. I bared my soul to an elderly lady once because I had sold a really nice house, relocated from one state to another due to my hubby being laid off work. I told her that I had sold my home and she stopped me in my tracks and told me that I didn't sell my home, I sold my house. My home was where ever I hung my hat. This spoke volumes to me and I realized she was right. That was over 22 years ago and the ride has been real. God has a plan for you and it will be really good. Blessings, d