Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Picnic Week

Picnic Week continues with the Novel Bakers!

My Yorkie isn't well, so I'm just sharing images today.

Join the Novel Bakers as they swing into autumn with picnic week.
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  1. Michael Lee, is Zap ill again? Sad to read this news! Sending positive thoughts and prayers that he will feel better soon.
    Your spread of picnic books looks interesting. I love a picnic, but don't have any picnic related books on my shelves or in my picnic basket. '-)
    Take care of that sweet Yorkie!..Hugs ~ Sarah

  2. Michael, I just prayed for your baby. Prayers going out to his sweet mama, too!



  3. Oh no...poor Zap :( Chloe, Gracie and I are sending get well wishes his way. Keeping our fingers & paws crossed that the insulin works its magic. Your images are plenty to feast on and what a handsome basket and beautiful quilt! I'm always mad for plaid and happy to start my day with a glass of Zin & chocolate covered strawberry. Get well quick Zap ♥

  4. I love your traditional, formal picnic basket~and wine with chocolate truffles is all I would need for a perfect picnic! I hope your pooch feels better asap~

  5. how gorgeous is your lush garden, being a drought state it is very apparent to me as those greens and colors flood my senses... on such a pretty blanket too! how funny we have the identical picnic basket, mine is a fabric and i have had it for decades, but to see my twin is remarkable.

    such beautiful floral shots with a private moment to sip and ponder the day...

    oh i just read about your dog, emailing you now :-(

  6. Michael Lee, Your images are enticing, just a hint of a picnic to come and good times to remember. I hope your little furry friend recovers soon. Linda

  7. Oh, I hope Zap gets to feeling better! Sending love and hugs.

  8. What a delightful picnic! and lovely collection of books :)

  9. Hope your sweet Yorkie gets better!
    I love your basket. It makes me long for a beautiful one that we had and I got rid of (before I started blogging of course!) and would so dearly love to have back. The picnic is so lovely on your beautiful porch!

  10. Thank you so much, ladies, for your sweet comments about Zap. He keeps having urinary tract infections (common with diabetes), and it's so hard for him to bounce back. But he's doing better. We bought a little more time. I nursed him with round-the-clock antibiotics and IV fluids, and he's eating and blood glucose has dropped to a normal level. We're grateful for the prayers!